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FLP begins selection process, SODELPA to name candidates in June


Tue 13 May 2014

SUVA, Fiji— The Fiji Labour Party (FLP) this week, starts with the interview and selections process for its candidates.

These candidates will be representing the party at the upcoming general elections on September 17.

This was confirmed by the party’s president, Lavinia Padarath, who said the board had considered applications from candidates wishing to contest the elections on the FLP ticket.

The party’s board had sorted out these applications during its meeting last week. It also resolved to write to President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau to register its protest against the Attorney- General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, continuing as the Minister Responsible for Elections.

FLP and the National Federation Party have called on Sayed- Khaiyum to resign from the ministerial post after he was listed as the proposed general secretary for the proposed FijiFirst party saying it has become a conflict of interest on his part.

The FLP has yet to decide who will be next leader following the conviction and sentencing of Mahendra Chaudhry a fortnight ago.

Another political party contesting the September elections in Fiji, the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) says it will release its list of candidates next month.

Secretary Pio Tabaiwalu said that they were in their final process of selecting their candidates for the September 17 general elections.

He said it would be taken up to the management first before being released to the general assembly on 06 June.

72 thoughts on “FLP begins selection process, SODELPA to name candidates in June

  1. Mahen Chaudhy’s in-law sachida nand sharma became FLP senator by the backdoor. Good chance he will be a candidate in a party that has set new standards on nepotism. A party that is owned by the Chaudhry family.

  2. Brilliant idea for FLP to write to the president. He is such a sober, intelligent, impartial and honest man that he will most certainly make sure that the Honourable Khaiyum resigns and the forthcoming elections are held on a level playing field. I suggest that FLP also writes to Croz Walsh on the same issue.

  3. Ratu She idiot.

    Is this what you want for Fiji?

    Read this: http://www.fijileaks.com/2/post/2014/05/14-may-1879-once-a-coolie-always-a-coolie-as-descendants-of-the-girmitiyas-celebrate-135-years-in-fiji-the-old-suspicions-still-follow-them-tupeni-babas-frank-e-mail-appraisal-provokes-indignant-disbelief.html

    A Country( that has the potential to become much better and stronger in so many ways) to continue divided by race?

    Do you still agree that we further make this worse and divide this great country by religion?

    Come on …………….. stop being blind and join Fiji First for a united stand where we will respect one another.

  4. Go Nabua Prick and Fiji Foist…Papa Pig your man …the most arrogant liar, and corrupted PM in animal Farm.

  5. For once Ratu She answer the QUESTION?

    You have a duty to this country and to those whom you have influenced wrongly in ensuring that we of this generation did our part in setting the course of our journey into the right direction.

    Now answer the Question so people like Tomasi cannot continue to be misled.

    Or are you now ashamed for you can now see what you couldn’t see?

    Come out of your dark hole Ratu She.

    Come out of that vicious cycle of hatred and mistrust for your fellowman.

    It is now time for a new Fiji.

    A Fiji that cares and respects all.

    Only Fiji First is offering this. Come and join Fiji First.

  6. Prickhead from Nabua

    Its now time for a new Fiji…animal farm style democracy where the Pig is more equal than other animals.

  7. Hehehehehehe …………………….. Ratu She the idiot! Still opting to be blind.

    From your comments one can easily see that you just can’t accept my man VB.

    OK that is your right. Everyone respects that!

    Now my man VB is not a saint – if you think I see him that way. We at this side never said he was so. We see him as Fiji’s courageous and best ever PM who changed the course of our journey for the better for all.

    My man VB and the RFMF may have done certain things which you don’t agree with. Of course some actions may have not gone down well with some people. But my man and the RFMF have their reasons for doing certain things the way they did.

    However all his and the RFMF’s reasons of course centers around the security of this great nation at a time when enforcing it was needed. It was required to ensure order in our country and Fiji peacefully and orderly move in the right direction.

    Alot of people now can see the light and wants Fiji to move forward to a better future.

    A better future for all.

    There’s no other party out there that can deliver or knows how to deliver if Fiji was still living in the ways of the past.

    Only Fiji First has provided the answer and can deliver to the people a better future with the new Constitution.

    So Ratu She come out of your dark vicious hole. It is time for a new and better Fiji for all.

    Come and join Fiji First.

    As for you other ‘antis’ out there – come and join too! Don’t be left out. Or else you are one of the ones who wants to keep dividing us.

  8. Nabua Prick

    I dunno who is blind but I can see clearly that Bai is a serial liar, corrupt and megalomaniac who is where he is by illegal means.

    You can’t actually see that because you too per-occupied with massaging his balls.

  9. Hehehehehe …………………… Ratu She the idiot.

    For you antis out there.

    Live in the present circumstances BUT think far to the future.

    The new Fiji can be achieved and there’s no other better party that can steer Fiji in this juncture of our journey.

    So join the party that put Fiji First!!! Other parties will continue to divide us.

  10. It is important that credible elections are being held in Fiji and that election results are accepted by the stakeholders. Minor leaguers such as Beddoes and Chaudhry made all the noises you’d expect from desperate opponents trying to dislodge a power-drunk giant. The opposition claims that Bainimrama has consistently lied about all sorts of things including election dates, the role of the military after the coup and the exclusion of members of his interim regime from standing in elections. But it is not a matter of what is true that counts, but what is perceived to be true. Bainimarama held a very firm grip on the media and controlled the narrative about his rule very effectively, using international advise from professional spin doctors such as Qorvis. It is safe to assume that the perception of the public about the truth is in his favor.

    But it will be the economy stupid that matters at the end. And however hard he tries to shrug off Western opprobrium, Mr. Bainimarama is not immune to the damage being done to his reputation and more importantly to the Fijian economy. Even modest unrest after dubious election results will be provoking capital flight, choking foreign investment and slowing an economy that has flat lined between 2007 and 2012 and just begins to see some sign of growth. Laden with considerable debt service, Fiji would struggle to stay afloat if the modest growth reported for the last year cannot be sustained. To count only on the Chinese to step into the breach is very risky indeed. As many African nations have learned, the Chinese are not the benign development partner who seeks a fair deal with a developing nation. They are pernicious predators trying to get heir hands on natural resources and geopolitical leverage. My advise for Bainimarama would be to try an accommodating and conciliatory approach, stop barking orders and start to act as a good politician, something that he may despise. But the fact is he has become one a couple of years ago, albeit not a good one.

  11. Nabua Dickhead
    I will not vote for a person who got into power via treason using guns and also murder human rights abuses & then later pretend to be a goody goody leader and using we the tax payer funds to bribe people, mislead the population to forget his crimes and vote him.
    A crim is still a crim. A traitor is still a traitor.
    You such a moron u cant see the truth

  12. Nabua Prick is so obsessed with what Bai is doing to his rear that t he cannot distinguish right from wrong.

  13. Nabua Prick has been declared champion sucker of all time with a sore rear (curtsey of admiral rear ret.) to boot hahahahaaaa.

  14. I am against censoring people on blogs, but folks could you pls refrain from replying to Nabua Prince. The moment she enters the debate, the intellectual level drops to Bainimarama standards and this is really a bit tedious.

  15. There will be no elections.
    There is not enough time to prepare for the elections.
    The Electoral Commission is not independent.
    The Supervisor of Elections is a government crony and was not the most suitable applicant.
    Foreign-funded NGOs should be able to carry out voter education.
    Some information on the registered voter card can be misused by the authorities.
    The political parties should be given a printout of registered voters
    It is not a level playing field.
    Opposition leaders knee-capped. Chaudhry and Qarase convictions politically motivated.
    Bainimarama is breaking regulations – campaigning before registration, choice of party colour and emblem.
    Unfair media coverage, especially by Fiji Sun and Fiji Broadcasting.
    Media Industry Development Agency not independent and its chairman is unsuitable.
    A-G is in charge of elections and in Fiji First: a conflict of interest.
    Voting will take place in an atmosphere of fear. They will not be free, fair and transparent.
    Voting must be overseen by independent observers. There are too many polling stations for observers to cover them all.
    the Election Decree allows phone tapping.
    Officials at polling stations could influence how people vote.
    Voters will not be allowed to bring voting advice and reminder information into the polling station.
    Voters may be body-searched if officials think they are breaking this requirement.
    Many voters will not be able to remember the three digit number of the person they wish to vote for.
    Voters are expected to vote in no more than two minutes.
    All the decrees and regulations passed by government are invalid because they were not elected.

  16. I hadn’t noticed, but at least we have some hope in that it has not yet dropped to the bitchy schoolgirl boredom with a total lack of any intellect from those being walked all over by him.

  17. Please Mr Khayium as Minister of Election look into the appointment of Rajeshwar Singh as the General Secretary of FTUC.
    How can Rajeshwar Singh hold two post. One as FPSA General Secretary and another as General Secretary of FTUC.
    Now this has been well planned by Felix Anthony and FTUC. In case if Felix losses the election he will return as General Secretary of FTUC.
    How effective is the decree on these unionists!
    Rajeshwar Singh should hold only one post!
    This warrants investigation.

  18. FLP is gone.

    Even its lead legal counsel, anand singh calls Convict MPc a bandit or thief.

    Sodelpa will be in a for a surprise as people are saying how can ro temumu kepa sleep with convict MPC, the bains behind the 2006 coup. Off course the appointment of con women Sainana rodrodro will push a lot of women away from So Deaf er!

  19. The Elections Minister (Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum) is claiming that the Decree was put in place to ensure that unionists did not misuse members’ funds, that trade unions have “enormous conflicts of interest when unionists are also politicians”, and that “in the past many trade unionists have used members’ funds for political advancement”.

  20. Hello Nabua Prince. After thinking about all your postings, I am forced to conclude that you:

    are either one or all of the following:

    1. A person paid by the dictator to mislead the people of Fiji and to continue propagating the lies and myths and false hopes of this evil regime.
    2. A person who has no idea at all about moral decency, right and wrong.
    3. A person who knows that the regime you support has done wrong but your tongue is tied and fastened to your pocket and tummy which the regime has filled from its loot.
    4. A person who is not of sound mind and whose moral compass has been seriously set off course by the rewards of being Voreqe;s watchdog.
    5. You were a Christian and have some sense of guilt about what you are doing. But you are obviously trying hard to please your paymaster and find peace for your soul.

    Perhaps you have been wondering who I am all this time. One day soon, you will see me in person and I will be talking to your Prime Monster face to face to confront him about all his prodigal ways. I am one of God’s sentinel in this long night that Fiji has had. I know who I stand for and what I stand for. This is not a game for me, neither an occupation. I feel a sense of duty as Christ’s ambassador to help you and Voreqe and our people walk in the way of light, truth, love and justice.

    Nabua P, you will not find peace until you know God has forgiven you for being part of an evil dictatorship. You really are a lost soul trying to defend the indefensible. There is a time for everything under the sun. Each one of us will answer to God. Please take time to seriously think about what you are doing. You may have sold your soul to the devil.

  21. Tomasi,

    You must be an angel. You know everything.

    Can you pls also do the following:

    Inform mick beddose to pay his outstanding nbf loan of more than 15 years and repent for stealing someone’s elses wife;

    Tell tui cakau that he should have 1 wife and stop his adulterous affairs ;

    Speak with ro kepa and ask her to stop her racist stance and seek forgiveness from the wife of the man he was having an extra marital affair;

    Can you pls advise the majority of the people in jail that stealing, raping is unchristain;

    Can you pls inform all races to live in peace and that god created them equal.

  22. It will be interesting to see the list of people who have outstanding loans from the nbf and/or stole someone’s else’s wife in Viti.

    I fail to see why Mick is so important in these matters. Fiji and the whole world is awash with both i.e people with outstanding loans and those living with the wife or husband of someone else.

  23. What a terrific logic from She

    Because evryone else is doing it, its ok for Mickey to be doing it too !!

    Problem is Mickey is out there in the open, drawing attention to his”holier than thou” personna as a spokesman for a 1 man outfit called UDFF

  24. Anonymous Commented on : shameem sisters do dash – “Hahahahahaha! Aman Ravindra Singh was no one in the PDP and had no chance to become the general secretary of PDP. He used Felix to get rid of good and smart members of the party to clear the way for him to become GS. He had to stabbed so many good people in the back in PDP to rise up to where he is today. In the process he destroyed PDP and lost the respect of Fijian people by stabbing Adi Sivia. His good father who served Lautoka city must be turning in his grave to see the greed of his son who has no standing in the society. He has destroyed PDP and the goodwill of Fijian people who were part of PDP. Woner how Felix didnt get the sense of what Aman was trying to do. Too late. Sa mate na PDP! sa woti…

  25. Khayium must come hard on these unionists. How can Rajeshwar Singh hold two posts.
    This is marriage of convenience and abuse of office.
    Rajeshwar is using union funds, time and resources to campaign for PDP.

  26. @ Tomasi

    Now you are accusing me.

    Hope you’ll not continue judging everyone?

    Have you looked at people in other parties and seen their ‘sins’ and spoke against it? Are you sure you’re against ‘sinful people’ then maybe you’re not of this earth as all down here on earth all are sinners.

    Or are you still being naive and only judging your opponents but forgetting that alot on your side too have lots of dirt on them?

    Now, I belong to the light not to darkness like what you have claimed.

    In the light we see far and respect people for what they are. We hope and we try and love everyone. We see half full is better than none rather than half empty. Although at times it is important to see the half empty part – but there’s a time for everything.

    You see half empty in all your postings – not one was positive to my man VB acknowledging the good things he has done. You seem to only concentrate on the negatives and are being pulled down more into the darkness.

    You seem to have made your own mind up but did not wonder and ask what your great God has decided for Fiji and its leadership. Why are you boxing your big God in a small box? Why are you doubting His decision on Fiji and the journey he has allowed Fiji to take? Why are you doubting your great’s God leadership and guidance on this great nation? Why are you omitting your great God from leading your thoughts?

    So please Tomasi stop mixing up your views. And remember to separate Politics from Religion and the law. Pray alot Tomasi so you can be enlightened.

    As I’ve said my man is not a saint – he’s Fiji courageous PM to change Fiji’s journey for the better. It was not an easy task as alot of pressure was placed on his shoulders. He may have done some things you may not agree with but he had his reasons – and his intentions were in Fiji’s current and future interests.

    Come to the light Tomasi. Don’t be in the darkness like Ratu She the idiot.

  27. @ Tomasi

    Before you comment. Read my initial comment to Ratu She and see if you can answer the question.

    Now will you dare answer this question for Ratu She?

  28. It’s time this Tomasi fella passed on the source of this supposed wisdom he keeps referring to.

    It’s one thing to quote others but until such time as he can give us the address and contact details of the god he refers to he will continue to sound just like yet another conman.

  29. Nabua Prick

    Tomasi can make up his own mind and he does not need to be led like you.

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