Elections supervisor challenges adjudicators

Nasik Swami
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SUPERVISOR of Elections Mohammed Saneem has challenged his adjudicators to ensure that all Fijian voters are moved correctly to their relevant polling venues.

Mr Saneem said the moving of voters would require great attention as they verified each registration detail and identified the proper venue.

“I know that you are more than capable of living up to my expectations and ensuring minimal inconvenience to voters,” he said while speaking at the induction training of adjudicators in Suva recently.

“You are now part of a special team tasked with delivering a successful election that Fijians will never forget. All of you here this morning are an integral part of that process.

“We will not leave any stone unturned in our efforts to maintain the integrity of the electoral process.”

Mr Saneem said all staff members recruited so far by the Elections Office were the best for their designated jobs and would provide the best services expected of them.

He said the integrity of the election staff members were one of the pillars of the Elections Office.

“We have made it clear that staff of the Fijian Elections Office are politically neutral and professionally competent,” Mr Saneem said.

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  1. what a load of horse manure. “We will not leave any stone unturned in our efforts to maintain the integrity of the electoral process.” How bout asking AG to resign as Min for Elections??

  2. Many expatriates and diplomats belittle Bainimarama’s propaganda but miss the bigger picture – Bainimarama and other modern dictators have created an elaborate playbook to probe their opponents’ weak points with a variety of offensive tactics that throw the democratic defense off-guard. Modern dictators use their playbook masterfully, while the world’s democracies hesitate, repeatedly stumble, and let the dictators make their way bit by bit down the field.

    Respect for political and civil rights has declined globally for eight consecutive years, due in large part to the growing sophistication of modern authoritarian rulers and their initiatives to tighten control on power amid rising public demands for political change. They write the narrative of what is going on in their country, delete the evidence that contradicts their stories, and close the space online and on the streets for citizens to have their say.
    Bainimarama is drawing on the modern dictator’s playbook to solidify support at home and neutralize criticism abroad of his aggression against what he calls “old politicians”. He uses his dominance of Fijian media to propagate his grossly distorted portrait of racists trying to take over Fiji. So called journalists repeat his talking points on the state owned television network in glossy formats, and in the subservient print media Fiji Sun and Fiji Times.

    As the pro Bainimarama propaganda saturates the Fijian media and seeps into blogs such as Crosbie Walsh’s outside the country, the Fijian authorities have repeatedly targeted independent journalists such as Michael Field to prevent them from traveling to the country and presenting an accurate picture of the situation in Fiji. Like all modern dictators, Bainimarama seeks to constrain if not wipe out balanced reporting inside Fiji and to influence news coverage about the country abroad. Ashwin Raj, the head of the supposedly independent media development agency and appointee of the regime tries every trick in the book to please the regime he owes his livelihood to. All modern dictators increasingly put foreign correspondents under pressure. The current trial against Al Jazeera English journalists in Egypt is just the most glaring example.

    The Fijian degree that brands groups engaging in “political activity” with foreign support as “foreign agents” similarly is designed to vilify or shutter organizations that defend human rights, monitor elections, or otherwise check government abuses. The range and sophistication of tactics in the modern dictator’s playbook allow authoritarian rulers to take the initiative time and again and push their opponents back. Bainimarama uses various combinations of these tactics as part of his larger strategy to control the political narrative and to undermine his critics. He has a strong playbook, and it is guiding his advance in the upcoming elections. The time has come for Australia, New Zealand and other democracies to update their own playbook.

  3. The Elections process will be fair.

    No one will be interfering as everything is being laid out in the Decree.

    A lot of observers and countries are involved and contributing to its success.

    All independent observers have not mentioned or complained or spoke out against anything in the process so far.

    All we hear from them is good progress had been made.

    Fiji should be thankful to the Elections officials for all the hard work put in so far.

  4. Elections are forgotten in a jiffy and there is no such nonsense: “an election that Fijians will never forget.”

  5. Who does this little dick think he is? “Live up to MY expectations…..

    I guess the expectations of the people means jack shit.

    Saneem represents Khaiyum nepotism and promoting a lackey so far above their station that their fall will be spectacular.

  6. This half-schooled, ill experienced, corruptly appointed election superviser is a mere piglet in the animal farm!!! There’s no point commenting on a stage-managed election programme that is scandalous right from its inception. The rules and how they are enforced are scandalous. The whole programme stinks with corruption, deception and outright illegality! I can already imagine what the ausies and the kiwis supporting this grand election scandal will be saying in the years ahead when Fiji again hits a new rock bottom.

  7. Little man syndrome,

    the name suits you perfectly as you are judging him with prejudice.

    Ask jon apted and he will tell you saneem is an intelligent guy with huge potential.

    You are just plain jealous of his achievement.

  8. Anita New Brain, you are a Moron. Why would I be jealous of a Saneem? I am calling a spade a spade. I agree he is intelligent, but he is immature, power hungry and corrupt past the point of no return. He has no integrity, no regard for the rule of law. BUT,,, he kisses ass like a real pro. Just ask CJ and AG.

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