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An Interesting Letter.

Mr Firkin,

I work in BDO in Suva.

There is a serious office rumor that the amount of money paid to the Prime Minister and  AG has suddenly been reduced.

I suspect that this is to allow them to declare a reduced income for the election without saying what they used to get.

BDO Squarker


12 thoughts on “An Interesting Letter.

  1. This is nonsense! Our practice has been all along to split their salaries: a small share goes to the local ANZ bank in Fiji, 90% go to numbered accounts in Hong Kong and Dubai. Only the Fiji portion is visible and will be declared as income. We are not stupid if it comes to money matters. After the noises that were made when our great leader had his well deserved leave pay out we learnt our lesson.

  2. This is no surprise as the book is being cooked to hide the past and makeover the present to present an acceptable figure. Why was the two thugs pay ever contracted out to private company which has links to iarse. The answer is becoming clearer now. Hide the obscene and overly paid salary and do a makeover to present to the public that it was only less than what the PSs receive. If the payment was made in the normal manner through the Finance ministry than it is credible but with BDO we will believe what we see unless a third party independent credible auditor provides a verification. But knowing these two they will hide what they don’t want the public to see like many other reports such as Natadola, Momi, FNPF etc. Another question to ask is why was the Auditor generals annual reports not released and why was the Public Accounts Committee disbanded in some kind of timely process. This was meant to fit in with the plan to conform to their self made decree of asset and other declaration. They have been having things their way so far with the truth to date barely able to be hidden. So the way to get at them is go after the real truth and reveal it to the people. As they say truth hurts.

  3. Mr Firkin,

    I heard a rumour that mr chaudary is gay.

    Pls post this as its a rumour. I don’t have evidence.

    Or by the way, I heard a rumour at the suva market today that Ms Kepa is not a women but is actually a man. Can you pls post this also.


  4. That was expected all along. that is why the Fiji First Party was formed just a few months before elections so that the PM and his side-kick could enjoy their secret salaries for as long as possible. Now when they finally declare their salaries to the nation, it will be in line with what elected Ministers used to get. So much for transparency and accountability that B-K always croon about!

  5. The author of the letter says, “its a rumour”.

    No evidence and Fiji today Editor things that’s enough evidence to spice things up.

    Get some credibility mate.

    I laughed when I read it.

  6. Anand Singh, Convict Mahen caudhary’s chief legal counsel had told Victor Lal that Mahen is a “daaku”.

    Daaku is a seriel thief or gangster who robs from the poor, weak and his ow,

    I could not agree more.

    M sure, Felix, dutt, Dan urai, agni Deo, veshnoyei, vijay singh, lavenia padarath and others would agree.

  7. Mr. Firkin,

    I heard a rumour that Tamai Miller is having an affair with Ratu Sai. But Radio (Tamai Miller’s ex) kept nagging Tamai Miller to kiss his ass and leave Ratu Sai. Ratu Sai got pissed off and rooted Radio’s ass. Now Radio has a wounded ass and Ratu Sai’s ass is cleaner than ever from Tamai Miller’s extra ordinary cleaning job. (Not to mention the bolw jobs he had been doing now and again).

    Is this true?

  8. Watch while the rats try to clean out their nests before the election – I am sure that there will be lots of late night with the shredders going on in Aunty Nur’s offices…

    I wonder if any ‘copies’ were mysteriously sent out to keep safe for after the regime is thrown out… My guess is that any civil servant with half a brain will know how valuable those would be in getting them a good deal when the Police finally start investigating…

  9. I heard a rumour today that a convicted sex offender just released from prison is back preaching to his flock of followers.

  10. If a PS gets $10, how much does the master get? $15 right. Junior Minister on $250.000.00, senior Minister $300,000.00, Should he get double pay, double or triple job, so $600k or $900k.

  11. Thank you for this interesting letter. Another dot to connect to unravel the grand design and plan of this evil regime. It is a very simple question? How much are you paid? While everybody knows how much they are paid, Voreqe and Khai will have to wait until their First Fiji is registered for them to open their mouths. But this letter simply confirms what we already know. These two people are the scum of Fiji, an embarrassment to our nation, a threat to our future, and an evil and corrupt influence to our next generation.

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