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Statement from Qarase regarding the Minister for Elections and General Secretary of the proposed Fiji First Party


L. QARASE – 9 May 2014


The angry reaction from the Attorney – General, Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum against criticisms on his dual roles as Minister for Elections and General Secretary of the proposed Fiji First Party raises an important issue.

The issue is that of a serious conflict of interest; the people of Fiji have a right to insist that this is not acceptable in a “free and fair” election.

In the Fiji TV news last night (8.5.14) Mr Khaiyum said that his position is no different from what has been the practice in the past. When I was Prime Minister, for example, I was also Leader of the SDL Party. While this information is correct the truth is that I was never Minister for Elections.

In fact, since Independence in 1970, there has never been a Minister for Elections. The reason for this is that both the Electoral Commission and the Office of the Supervisor of Elections must carry out their functions within the laws regulating their operations, with complete independence and without interference from the Government in power.

This golden rule has been broken for the first time by the Bainimarama-Sayed-Khaiyum regime with the appointment of the Attorney- General as Minister responsible for elections. Mr Sayed-Khaiyum exercises the power of this portfolio as a member of a government with no legal or popular mandate, no accountability and no parliamentary oversight. This is the crux of his problem and public concerns about his role.

In a parliamentary democracy, all government agencies must come under a ministerial portfolio. Both the Electoral Commission and the Office of the Supervisor of Elections have always come under the Prime Minister’s portfolio. As Prime Minister from 2000-2006 my role was two-fold in relation to the two agencies. Firstly, I was expected to deal with their submissions for budgetary allocations and, secondly, I had a duty to respond to parliamentary questions as they arose. In no way did I influence or interfere in the work of the Electoral Commission or the Supervisor of Elections. I am aware that the Prime Ministers who preceded me played a similar role.

In contrast to this legal and accountable role of an elected Prime Minister, both the regime’s Prime Minister and Attorney-General have been in complete control of the current election process. This has included the formulation of the onerous Political Parties Decree, the Electoral Decree, with its controversial provisions, the appointment of the members of the Electoral Commission and the appointment of the Supervisor of Elections. They also have control of the media resulting in self-censorship.

The Attorney – General and Minister for Elections, Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum must do the right thing and step down from the position of Minister for Elections. Indeed there should be no Minister for Elections. The general elections must be carried out by a truly independent Electoral Commission and Supervisor of Elections.


Authorized By         L. QARASE

48 thoughts on “Statement from Qarase regarding the Minister for Elections and General Secretary of the proposed Fiji First Party

  1. Professor Wadan Narsey explains the differences, that Rabuka and Qarase were lawfully elected Members of Parliament, Ministers and Prime Ministers while Khaiyum is NOT LEGAL by any stretch of the imagination.

    Kaiyum holds all his ministerial positions courtesy of Rear Admiral [Retired] Bainimarama’s illegal military coup and his unelected military government. This is a major difference between Rabuka and Qarase on the one hand and Khaiyum on the other hand.

    Rabuka’s and Qarase’s governments annually published all the Auditor General Reports on their respective governments’ revenue collection, expenditure and public debt borrowing, said Prof Narsey, thereby showing their willingness to be accountable to the voters (and taxpayers) of Fiji.

  2. The upstart (Aiarse) as always goes shooting his mouth off without considering the validity of the concern being raised. For that matter his status compared to the elected Ministers he referred to.

  3. Ratu She Shithead and Radioactive bum


    Don’t start commenting!!!

    Do your own research and THINK on your own.

    Don’t agree just because LQ is on your side.

    Think you idiots – think for yourselves.

    Otherwise – wait for knowledgeable people to first comment. Esp. those who had done researches on this issue.

    OK ………………. Good boy girls.

    You idiots.

  4. Kaiyum holds all his ministerial positions courtesy of Rear Admiral [Retired] Bainimarama’s illegal military coup and his unelected government. This is a major difference between Rabuka and Qarase on the one hand and Khaiyum on the other hand.

  5. We will NEVER have a free and fair election under the illegal regime.
    The media ( FBC & Fiji Sun) are singing only one song!
    No other political party are given any single coverage.
    The Fiji Times has gone listen with all the media restriction!
    This is how Muslim countries like Syria and Egypt are ruled!
    This is indeed a sad state affairs for the country.
    When will the people rise to have their voice heard without any fear!
    Khayium has committed treason and belongs to Naboro. He has made millions of dollars in salary and accumulated substantial wealth for himself and his family after 2006.
    The must be removed not resign.

  6. You are such a hypocrite AG.On on hand you are telling off so called in your terms old politics while at the same time doing what you said was done in former Governments.While that is correct,remember,they were elected Governments and not Forced ones.You will sow what you reap you bastard

  7. What Qarase does is clearly inciting disaffection with our great leaders. And this is a criminal offence according to many decrees the Honourable Khaiyum has written. So he needs to be prosecuted again and this time he should not get out of jail. What is the matter with this old politicians? Can’t they see that a new era has dawned on Fiji. Fresh, young politicians such as Jiko and particularly Prasad are now the front.

  8. FORMER High Court judge Nazhat Shameem has been appointed Fiji’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Ms Shameem is to depart for her posting later this month.

    However, the Fiji mission in Geneva is expected to be opened and fully operational in June.

    The announcement was made yesterday by the permanent secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Amena Yauvoli.

    Mr Yauvoli did not mention, however, the length of Ms Shameem’s tenure.

    “Ms Shameem’s wide experience in the civil service, her extensive legal background and expertise make her a suitable candidate for the type of work and advocacy required of Fiji’s representative in Geneva,” Mr Yauvoli said.

    In accepting the post, Ms Shameem said she was honoured to represent Fiji abroad.

    She said she was ready for the challenges ahead of her.

    “In the last five years, I have enjoyed working with all sectors of society, including legal practitioners, the business community, the media and judicial officers, to enhance legal skills and to empower non-lawyers by de-mystifying the law,” Ms Shameem said.


  9. The Auditor General’s reports are key to revealing the true extent of Khaiyum and Bainimarama’s large-scale looting and corruption. But the reports are banned from being published and, in addition, the public accounts committee, who oversee public expenditure, was dissolved. This has all been done to hide the truth about Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s illegal appropriation and expenditure of public funds, which includes:
    Bainimarama’s multiple salaries
    Khaiyum’s multiple salaries
    Salaries of Permanent Secretaries
    Payments of Ministers’ salaries to Nur Bano Ali’s accounting firm
    Payment to Nur Bano Ali
    Sale of Rewa Dairy to CJ Patel
    Use of cheap Chinese loans
    plus much more.

  10. Qarase and Chudhry were democratically elected. They represent the people not thug Khyaium. Khayium should resign. He has corruptly build his and his family’s empire through bribes from chinese dealings.Who paid for the land he acquired at Naisoso? He sold his property at Berry Road which he bought in year 2006 for $210,000 and sold to Tappos in year 2009 for $850,000.
    How did Tappos acquire prime land in Lautoka without any tender!
    How much he was paid for the casino project via aunty nur. The money is kept in Hong Kong.
    How much was he paid for mahogany licence!
    How much Chinese paid for the Raiwaqa prime crown land for china town?
    How much he is paid by Vijay Maharaj who has the licence to make movies. He is the link for all Bollywood movies so commission is paid overseas.What experience and network does Vijay Maharaj has in the bollywood! Vijay Maharaj is the middleman!
    This is the tip of the iceberg.
    Declare your salary and asset before 2006 and after.

  11. I think everyone in Fiji agrees; Chaudry and Qarase, for all their faults, were leaders of our nation – elected by the people and with their blessing.

    Noone believes or thinks of Bainikhaiyum in the same way. Everyone knows that they committed their crimes for selfish, greedy reasons.

  12. Qarase was not elected in 2000. He only became an elected PM after elections which took place after more than a year.

    Didn’t he hold the elections in 2001 without Parliament.

    LQ, pls state the facts and not half truths.

  13. I find it amusing that some bloggers are frustrated and blaming AG and all muslims alike.

    While I am no fan of AG, I feel he is a puppet of Frank.

    Nonetheless, I fell the real culprit is Convict Mahend chaudary and FLP cronies that orchestrated the coup against SDL and LQ. Incidently, the FLP cronies were all hindus.

    I look at Victor Lal’s achives and Jokapeci Koroi’s statments, including USA ambassdor, Larry Dinger’s wiki leaks will prove my point.

  14. What proof do you need, I can provide about FLP’s support for the 2006 coup.

    MPC told FB that LQ will bankrupt the country and the economy will be in tatters.

    MPC also told FB that all indians will support the coup as a payback of what Speight did in 2000.

    MPC only told a few FLP senior members about the back door support for FB to do the coup.

  15. Khaiyum is a person of no integrity. It is in his genes. Look anywhere in the world that is totally farked – you will see khaiyums.

  16. Khaiyum, arrogantly refuse to release the Auditor General Reports, showing their utter contempt for the basic principle of accountability of all Ministers (including the Minister for Elections) to tax-payers for the last eight years (two normal terms of government), and also suggesting this government has a lot to hide.”

    This is corruption! But a lot of our people are still falling easy prey to Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s lies, false promises, bribes, free sewing machines and other free gifts. Unless, as Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi wrote, the Fijian silence is not a sign of approval or support. If this is the case then the people are just taking the free gifts because they are just that, free.

  17. Remember that:
    Khaiyum also appointed his own personal choice of a corrupt and unqualified Supervisor of Elections, Saneem
    Both Khaiyum and Bainimarama have yet to make full disclosure of their bank accounts.

  18. Khaiyum is the party’s proposed general secretary but as we know, he registered the domain Fiji First in 2009 and proceeded to create decrees to restrict political parties, NGOs and churches in upcoming elections.We the Methodist will vote for SODELPA.

  19. Sure, the whole world can see through the scheming of the Fiji regime. However, those who believe that the “international community” or Fiji’s direct neighbors Australia and NZ will help those who oppose the dictatorship must be delusional. A look around the world will soon reveal that Fiji’s dictator is pretty safe and his human rights abuses will not trigger any action. Even regimes which commited crimes worse than what Bainimarama and Khaiyum did, get away with impunity. The latest UN report into human rights in North Korea laid out human rights abuses in stomach-turning detail: the torture, the deliberate starvation, the executions committed in a network of secret prison camps. The individual cases break the heart: the seven-year-old girl beaten to death over a few extra grains of food; the boy whose finger was chopped off for accidentally dropping a sewing machine in the factory where he was forced to work; and, most shocking of all, the mother forced to drown her just-born baby in a bowl of water. The report’s lead author, retired Australian judge Michael Kirby clearly hopes that now that the evidence is laid out, action will follow. “Now the international community does know, there will be no excusing a failure of action because we didn’t know. It’s too long now. The suffering and the tears of the people of North Korea demand action.”
    It’s a similar story in Syria. Less than a month has passed since a report laid out comprehensive evidence of the suffering of detainees at the hands of the Assad regime. That report, like the latest one on North Korea, detailed murder through starvation, beatings and torture – complete with photographs of emaciated bodies. The authors noted chilling echoes of the Nazi crimes of the 1940s. Yet did that report spark a worldwide demand for action, with demonstrations outside parliaments and presidential palaces? It did not. The chief response was a global shrug. Maybe this is what it means to live in the post-intervention era. It makes today a good time to be a dictator, a butcher or the torturing head of a brutal regime. The world will let Bainimarama carry on abusing human rights – even when it knows exactly what is happening. So better be prepared to do something yourself rather than begging for help from outside.

  20. The illegal AG has made Fiji more corrupt than ever with:
    No Transparency
    Compromised judiciary
    Military acting outside the law
    Human rights Abuses
    Lowest Economic Growth Ever
    Lowest Private Investment Ever
    Media Restrictions.
    etc etc etc etc
    He must resign.

  21. Khaiyum will “rig” the election results in their favour.

    We are already seeing activities to support rigged and fraudulent elections – This includes:
    No exit polling
    the complex ballot
    minimum time allowed for “other” political parties to campaign
    no media freedom
    no freedom of speech
    the illegal constitution forced onto the people of Fiji
    the illegal electoral decree
    lies and broken promises
    deliberate breaches of their own electoral decree
    the corrupt and puppet electoral commission
    no rule of law
    military officer in senior government positions
    the inexperienced, unqualified and puppet supervisor of elections

  22. Khaiyum, arrogantly refuse to release the Auditor General Reports, showing their utter contempt for the basic principle of accountability of all Ministers (including the Minister for Elections) to tax-payers for the last eight years (two normal terms of government), and also suggesting this government has a lot to hide.”

  23. If sodelpa and FLP sapota’s think that they have the edge in the election as the IG has taken us backward, why are they so worried.

    If the people are with them, how can the election be rigged?

    Unless, they know from their own experience that it can be done as was done by SDL and FLP.

    I agree with one of the post above the FLP rigged the election in 1999 as there is no way more than 100,000 voters would have planned to pass through the NFP booth to vote for FLP. Such deceit is not possible. Such deceit is only possible by criminals or convicts like Mahen chaudary.

  24. Fact: SDL rigged the polls in 2001 and 2005.

    Fact: FLP rigged the 1999 election. This that done by FPSA members who are FLP underware.

  25. Mick Bad Man Beddose,

    Pls pay off your NBF loan which you have not paid for more than 15 years since the collapse of the bank.

    You talk of ethics, good governance but are a real hypocrite.

    Stop your press releases and be the man you pretend.

  26. FF will win. Majority itaukei will vote for Frank as we happy with free education, roads, fair share of lease money and peace.

    Vinaka Frank

  27. lawrance
    Tell Inoke Kubobola the current illegal minister for foreign affairs to pay his $172,000 to NBF.
    Mick does not owe anyone.
    Inoke is global trotting opening embassy everywhere.We have got nothing from these embassy in return. Inoke and Filipe Bola ( over 70 years and cannot talk) was behind every coup in Fiji. This is type of ministers we have in the illegal government.

  28. Who wins the election is not the issue being discussed.

    The concern being raised is conflict of interest i.e. that the Secretary of a political party is also the Minister of Election.

    In previous governments there has never been a any Minister of Election.

  29. “When I was Prime Minister, for example, I was also Leader of the SDL Party. While this information is correct the truth is that “I WAS NEVER MINISTER FOR ELECTIONS”.

    The above are words of a man convicted of corruption, who by his own words had disowned his moral perversion, who I then ask can believe such a person?


    This person is not only morally perverted but also is morally bankrupted coupled with his insatiable appetite for spinning lies.

    The Fijian Gazette 2001 lists Qarase as Minister responsible for elections and again in 2006 so where is the conflict of interest?

    So who in their right mind can believe such vultures?

  30. Rt she if anyone wins this election he will still bow to Franks constitution so why the big hype,Its not about who wins ,but is about who”s going to be the best leader.On Kaiyum he is toothless either as they are independent.Mr Young is there as chairman and they are being observed by Foreigners who will surely report anything malicious.I ask all to stand up with all Fijians and fight Frank with nothing other than your votes

  31. Qarase and Chaudhary, both jailbirds, are big time crooks and they should keep their fukin opinions to themselves.

  32. Bainimarama has stated not so long ago that he wants to win all seats in parliament because opposition parliamentarians would be obstrcutionist and hinder the advance of his “reform”. To me this was a key statement showing that he is not interested in a democratic process and aims for a legitimised autocracy. For Fiji this would be the worst possible outcome as the election process and its outcome would have no credibility whatsoever. Instead of healthy, democratic debate in parliament Bainimarama would continue to bark orders and the opposition would continue sniping from the sidelines. Divisions would be entrenched and the chance of reconciliation would be blown. So what would be desirable is a clear statement by Bainimarama that he welcomes constructive policy debate with everyone. It would be desirable to refrain from bashing “old politicians” and acknowledge that they still may have a meaningful contribution to make. It would be desirable to come out and accept that the rules for Fiji First are the same as for everyone. Declaration of assets would go a long way to convince the electorate that the process is reasonably fair. It would also be desirable to accept public debate with opposition politicians. Bainimarama enters the election contest in a position of strength and from my point of view, he can afford to be much much more accommodating than he has shown in the past. Now, lets have a look what is possible. I have had the opportunity to meet and discuss with Bainimarama and I must say it was a bit of a shock. I sensed a lot of insecurity and a lack of willingness to listen any view that differs from his own let alone consider it. Larry Dinger may have been a bit over the top with his statement that psychologists would have a field day with Bainimarama but I have heard quite a few colleagues expressing similar views after meeting with him. In the cocktail circuit in Suva a very common reaction is a shrug, often accompanied by some racist slur. And the common view held by many diplomats in Suva that the AG is a corrupt sleaze bag does not help either.

    Against this background it is really difficult to say what is possible. in Fiji. Perhaps the opposition should make a serious effort to win votes through convincing policy proposals, enter parliament and hope that after another 4 years of Bainimarama’s rule democracy has a better chance to work.

  33. Anon.

    You and your ilk must not operate in the dark.

    If you intend to share your discourse than do not appear as an apparition, let the nation hear what you have to say, you must own your discourse and in doing so you must put your name to it. You must be unflinching in your resolve do not mask yourself behind the banner of dastardliness. Come out from you cavern and let the sunshine on your face and let the nation see who you are.

    Your mind-numbing prolix left me gasping for air.

    “I have had the opportunity to meet and discuss with Bainimarama”

    What did you discuss with Bainimarama enlighten us?

    “And I must say it was a bit of a shock. I sensed a lot of insecurity and a lack of willingness to listen any view that differs from his own let alone consider it”

    What was a bit of shock, pray tell? What actually did you discuss that caused in your words “insecurity and a lack of willingness to listen” How can anyone consider anything if he does not know what you on about?

    Now Frank can be very arrogant who isn’t?

    Put a name to your discourse than just maybe people would pay some sort of credence but
    I somehow doubt it.

  34. Annon pls ask Mick Beddose and he will have to tell you in confidence that he owes NbF more than quater million dollars.

    If need be, I can give you hard evidence. However, if Mick can confirm he will resign immidiatley from politics once I provide evidence?

  35. Inoke Kubobola the illegal Minister for Foreign Affairs owes $172,000 to NBF. This the credit ability of the regime. Check with NBF Asset management!

  36. Annon I have never said that Rt Inoke doesnot owe NBF.

    The fact that mick owes NBF does not mean he is not guilty of being two faced selfish politican who points fingers to others.

    In fact, Mick owes more than twice what Rt Inoke owed.

    The fiji sun is apt today “shut up Mick” I could not agree more.

    I hope you will agree that Mick is not as clean as he thinks he is?

    More on Mick’s illegal and unethical activities soon.

    Beware Mick.

  37. PDP is more popular than SodeLpa!

    Hooray. No racist party should be encouraged.

    How can a racist party be:
    Democractic and

    All in one?

    M confused and so must be the party leaders

  38. We all know Mick and his extra curricular activities.

    Even my kailoma friends say Mick is like a mice; cunning and a disgrace to the kailoma community.

    Mick will get less than 100 votes this time around.

    SDL should kick him out as he will not bring voters to the party.

  39. Ratu sissy

    Looks like you have been kissing someone arse for so long that all you smell is stink.

  40. Ask myself, my should I vote for Sodelpa?

    Its a fijian patry for the itaukei.

    Its a party that will always put itaukei leadership

    It will give more business to itakukei businesses, even if they are not experts, or it cost the govt more

    It will always sacrifice the poor itaukei for the rich and elite

    It will always encourage civil servants to relax more than work

    It will always take bribe, encourage its leaders to show one face to the public but will not discipline unethical or immoral activities like having affairs outside marriage.

  41. Wow Qarase and MC are lawyers! They know the law better than AG! Wow! They must be very good lawyers.

  42. @ Farmer

    “They know the law better than AG!”

    It is especially ironic when AIYAZ and FRANK write the same laws that they break.

    Don’t forget that the list of crimes the Frank and Aiyaz will be charged with are far greater than anything that they can ever hope to pin on anyone else in Fiji.

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