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Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business, Republika) (9 May 2014)

Ministers for Elections, and Party Officials.

Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business, Republika) (9 May 2014)

Professor Wadan Narsey


Dear Sir,


According to news reports Mr Aiyaz Khaiyum is reported to be justifying his remaining as Minister for Elections while also being General Secretary to the proposed Fiji First Party by claiming that Rabuka in 1999 and Qarase in 2001 and 2006 were also in a similar position.


While it might raise some eyebrows a teensy weensy bit to see Khaiyum justifying his behaviour today by referring to similar behaviour by previously maligned “old politicians”, there are some profound differences, other than age and maturity.


Rabuka and Qarase were lawfully elected Members of Parliament, Ministers and Prime Ministers while Khaiyum holds all his ministerial positions courtesy of Rear Admiral Bainimarama’s illegal military coup and an unelected government.


Rabuka’s and Qarase’s governments annually published all the Auditor General Reports on their respective governments’ revenue collection, expenditure and public debt borrowing, thereby showing their willingness to be accountable to the voters (and taxpayers) of Fiji.


In contrast, Bainimarama and Khaiyum, arrogantly refuse to release the Auditor General Reports, showing their utter contempt for the basic principle of accountability of all Ministers (including the Minister for Elections) to tax-payers for the last eight years (two normal terms of government), and also suggesting to voters with any active brain cells, that this government has a lot to hide.


There is therefore a mountain of difference between an elected accountable Minister of Elections holding a political party position, and an unelected and unaccountable Minister such as Mr Khaiyum.


Even more so when the same Minister for Elections (Khaiyum) is also the source of a totally unreasonable and unpopular Electoral Decree and Constitution, which has been unilaterally imposed on the voters of Fiji, supposedly setting the election rules, but which apparently cannot be applied to Bainimarama’s yet- to-be-registered Party, its yet-to-be-confirmed Party Leader, and yet-to-be-confirmed Secretary General Khaiyum.   Khaiyum also has appointed his own personal choice of Supervisor of Elections who does not have the slightest chance of being called “old” anything.


This is like the manager of a street fighter insisting on being the referee of a boxing match with the opponents having to follow all the Queensberry rules set by the manager himself, with the rules not applying to his own street fighter.


Or perhaps a more colourful analogy splashed with lots of red, this situation is comparable to a smooth and suave Count Dracula insisting on being the General Manager of the Blood Bank.



Professor Wadan Narsey



10 thoughts on “Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business, Republika) (9 May 2014)

  1. Thank you Professor Narsey for all your contribution.I hope the i Taukei can do something for the removal of the illegal AG otherwise the election will not be free and fair.
    The election is just to legalise the illegal regime.
    The election will never be free and fair.
    Political parties must get together and seriously discuss the role of the illegal AG. and his removal is very important.

  2. Wadan, this my last warning to you! Your provocations will no longer be tolerated. How dare you to challenge the Honourable Khaiyum? Why on earth would he not take the opportunity to influence the elections in his favour. Do you expect him to chew his own fingers when he can use them to secure election victory? There is a lot at stake here. Our aim is to monetise iTaukei land at a grand scale which will generate enormous amounts of money. And yes we are willing to share. Our finance minister could use a decent economist as an advisor and you seem to qualify for the job. So please don’t risk re-education at the barracks, persecution and jail when you can come over and make a hell of a lot of money!

  3. Vinaka Professor.
    We will NEVER have a free and fair election under the illegal regime.
    The media ( FBC & Fiji Sun) are singing only one song!
    No other political party are given any single coverage.
    The Fiji Times has gone listen with all the media restriction!
    This is how Muslim countries like Syria and Egypt are ruled!
    This is indeed a sad state affairs for the country.
    When will the people rise to have their voice heard without any fear!
    Khayium has committed treason and belongs to Naboro. He has made millions of dollars in salary and accumulated substantial wealth for himself and his family after 2006.
    The must be removed not resign.

  4. The Auditor General’s reports are key to revealing the true extent of Khaiyum and Bainimarama’s large-scale looting and corruption. But the reports are banned from being published and, in addition, the public accounts committee, who oversee public expenditure, was dissolved. This has all been done to hide the truth about Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s illegal appropriation and expenditure of public funds, which includes:
    Bainimarama’s multiple salaries
    Khaiyum’s multiple salaries
    Salaries of Permanent Secretaries
    Military expenditure
    Payments of Ministers’ salaries to Nur Bano Ali’s accounting firm
    Sale of Rewa Dairy to CJ Patel
    Use of cheap Chinese loans
    plus much more.

  5. Illegal AG must resign as this a major conflict of interest. It is very simple. If he does not resign then it means he will rig the election as he has his cousin Saneem already as SOE.

  6. :Conflict of Interest’ – A “situation where an individual or the entity for which they work, whether a government, business, media outlet or civil society organisation, is confronted with choosing between the duties and demands of their position and their own private interests.”

  7. Warden Narsey…you hit the nail on the head there…EyeArse can argue all he likes but his position is untenable, and the more he wants to justify himself the more he sounds stupid and the more he loses credibility. Best thing for him to do is step down as Warden suggests,,,otherwise he drives home the message to us public that indeed he is not fit to hold any office in any organisation in Fiji, let alone in any Government and he is a GOOD REASON WE SHOULD REJECT THE FIJI FIRST PARTY IN NEXT ELECTION. I AND MY FAMILY ARE NOT VOTING FOR THE FFPARTY.

  8. My dear countrymen! How long are we going to tolerate this evil regime? For more than 7 long years, they have committed all manner of crimes and there is no indication that they will change their evil habits. Fiji is worse off politically, economically and socially as a result of their illegal and criminal activities. We have sufficient evidence ( videos, judgements, witnesses,statements etc etc), to put them behind bars for the rest of their lives.

    We have at least two criminals running this country, making laws, and deciding the future of our whole nation. And the world looks on and waits with interest to see whether we the people will stand up for our rights and fight for our freedoms. The September elections creates false hopes and is simply a well orchestrated scam by the regime. We have all heard how everything about the election is unfair, unjust and unacceptable. How is it that we accept their flagrant disregard for justice and fairness?

    How can we accept that a person standing for election can be the Minister for Elections, the author of electoral decrees, the author of the political registration decree, and the person responsible for making the final decisions associated with the environment, process, conduct and results of our national elections? I can even tell you who will count the votes, who will declare the winners, and who will be the next leaders of Fiji. Please wake up Fiji.

    Khaiyum has evolved over the last seven years to become the most powerful man in Fiji. His influence seems to be all pervasive, from the mundane matters to the most complex and sacred. He controls them all. He knows it all. After all, his minister prime is just a puppet who does the public dances. Khaiyum and his secret cabal are the real powers and authority. Voreqe and his regime derives much of his staying power and political clout from this man. Yes, that’s right. Khaiyum is one of the most dangerous person in Fiji today. Yet, we still allow him to continue dictating our lives as we hope for September to come and bring us glad tidings and a new beginning. Really?

    Great events are the result of little decisions and actions. This is true for good and evil. When we allow little selfish actions to grow, they do become like monsters. As we continue to feed them, they grow so large and powerful that they control us and we become their victims. The BaiKhai monster has grown so large and powerful over the years because of their cunning and our lack of vigilance. We have become used to its evil power and influence. It has a paralysing effect on our minds and renders many of us immobile and zombie-like.

    Voreqe and Khai represent the most dangerous enemies we can have. They are part of us, they are one of us, they are like us. This makes them invisible to us. Even their party name is carefully chosen (stolen) to present the myth that they are here for Fiji’s good and no other party is. How therefore can they be our enemies when they say they exist for Fiji’s sake? After all, how can a prime minister be a murderer, robber, torturer, liar, coward, uneducated etc? No, that can’t be true. Similarly, how can an attorney general be a criminal, money launderer, adulterer, and a stupid immature fool? That is simply impossible. Really?

    Well, now that we have removed their masks, what are we going to do about it? The answer to that may very well determine our economic, political and social life in Fiji over the next five to ten years and more. It is time for smart and decisive action Fiji. This monster must be destroyed or it will destroy us and our nation completely.

  9. what makes you all think that the Auditor Generals report will reveal everything? If these regime can make laws everyday and night then cooking up the books in AG report is just a piece of cake.

  10. Very interesting post by Victor Lal on Fiji leaks about Mahen chor “daaku”.

    Even his lawyer, forger AG Anand Singh believes that Convict Mahen chor is a “daaku” or thief stealing the money destined for the poor farmers.

    FLP is dead.

    I would like to hear from Rajend chor-dary and his partner in crime, rajend tatti falla naidu

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