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Fiji Sun accused of “of casting the racial slur as it were on SODELPA” and considers use of vanua protocol from Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa to be inappropiate.

SODELPA: It’s About Protocol


The Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) has denied claims it is using vanua protocol to garner support from the electorate.
This comes as a party entourage led by its leader, Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa, began visiting villages in the Western Division this week.
Party General Secretary Pio Tabaiwalu denied the claim at Viseisei Village yesterday.
“I think the media is creating the hype here. It is part of our identity as iTaukei to do this. You cannot enter vanua or province without presenting your sevusevu, so casting the racial slur as it were on the party is inappropriate,” he said.
Mr Tabaiwalu said the party was just following iTaukei protocol, something that had been passed down from generation to generation.
“The Marama Bale Roko Tui Dreketi has connection to other vanua around the country and this linkage of our chiefs was established before colonisation and before Christianity came,” he said.
“These links have held us together as a people.”
Mr Tabaiwalu said the visit is not a party campaign, but simply following traditional protocols.
“It is not really a campaign. We are following traditional protocol, where the Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi has personal connections to chiefly houses in the Western Division,” said Mr Tabaiwalu.
“We haven’t started our campaign. We are here to request them personally for our candidates for the future. It is just productively relevant for her to present her traditional sevusevu to chiefly houses in the Western Division so that it opens the door for our candidates to campaign. Tabaiwalu said the party will visit other parts of Fiji in the coming weeks.
“Time is short to cover the Central and Northern divisions, but the Eastern is pretty tight.”
Ro Teimumu is accompanied by President Silivenusi Waqausa and four other party officials.
Meanwhile, SODELPA’s media manager Sainiana Radrodro said the party visited Sabeto, Namoli and Vitogo yesterday.
They are scheduled to visit the two chiefly villages in Ba – Nailaga and Sorokoba – while Tavualevu Village in Tavua will be visited today and Ra Province on Friday.
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15 thoughts on “Fiji Sun accused of “of casting the racial slur as it were on SODELPA” and considers use of vanua protocol from Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa to be inappropiate.

  1. The Auditor General’s reports are key to revealing the true extent of Khaiyum and Bainimarama’s large-scale looting and corruption. But the reports are banned from being published and, in addition, the public accounts committee, who oversee public expenditure, was dissolved. This has all been done to hide the truth about Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s illegal appropriation and expenditure of public funds, which includes:
    Bainimarama’s multiple salaries
    Khaiyum’s multiple salaries
    Salaries of Permanent Secretaries
    Military expenditure
    Payments of Ministers’ salaries to Nur Bano Ali’s accounting firm
    Sale of Rewa Dairy to CJ Patel
    Use of cheap Chinese loans
    plus much more.

  2. Fiji Sun is the regime’s mouth piece. They are earning lot on money from the government advertisement so this is not a surprise. Very soon they will print for Fiji First the names of people who signed. All FOC!
    This is typical of Gujerati owned company. They will do anything as far they make money. Fiji Sun is owned by CJ Patel which bought Rewa Dairy at give away price. Rewa Diary should have been always owned by the government to assist the dairy farmers. This was totally a wrong decision to sell Rewa Dairy to CJ Patel owned company. It does not sound right. Who recommended the sale of Rewa Dairy!

  3. We will NEVER have a free and fair election under the illegal regime.
    The media ( FBC & Fiji Sun) are singing only one song!
    No other political party are given any single coverage.
    The Fiji Times has gone listen with all the media restriction!
    This is how Muslim countries like Syria and Egypt are ruled!
    This is indeed a sad state affairs for the country.
    When will the people rise to have their voice heard without any fear!

  4. What is also interesting is that military sources said that Bainimarama DID NOT get the 40,083 signatures that he said he got. The military officers claim that the dictator received less that 5,000 signatures so Khaiyum and the illegal Supervisor of Elections who is also the Registrar of Political Parties, Mohammed Saneem, conspired to defraud the public and added extra numbers to make it 40,083. Political parties must verify each and every signature provided by Khaiyum – if a copy of the real electoral roll is ever found.

  5. Hahahahaha annon 7.06pm

    Another bullshit story by sodelpa and Flpthat you quickly jump to.

    Go back to sleep koli

  6. I hear that PDP and Sodelpa have already given up and the next party to throw the towel for a tko is FLP. They know that Frank has too much support and they will not make it despite a pact.

    NFP is all in it for just to be part of the race to be 5th (last I mean).

  7. How can Sodelpa win itaukei voters are not even 50% of the total registered voters.

    No indian or General elector will vote if it continues its extreme left racial agenda.

    And how can it join hands with FLP who provided the brains and cash to do the coup.

    Ro Temumu Kepa and Pio have been sold to FLP for a few pieces of silver or maybe a small commision of Mahen’s f$5 million loot in aust.

    Wake up itaukei. Sodelpa is willing to sleep wit the enemy.

  8. Ro temumu kepa visited convicted criminal Mahendra caudhary last friday at his residence.

    She promised him full pardon if they get elected and a minister post for the convict.

    I am sad as ro kepa forgets that it was the same criminal who was the mastermind behind the 2006 coup and was gave FB the money to do it. This is confirmed by Larry Dinger.

  9. In the same meeting convict criminal mahendra caudhary inform ro kepa that convict criminal mahendra patel of motibhai will give sodelpa and flp $2,000,000 each to fight the election.

    Convict mahendra caudhary said that he will keep the money to pay for his fine and not to tell anyone.

  10. In the meeting between Ro kepa and convict mahen caudhary, sainaina rodrodro heard about the $2m, and immidiatly called Prouds and demanded her share of $100,000 as the spokes person of sodelpa and also entertaining the male politicans with extra curricular activities.

  11. Sodelpa knows that this is their only strength and if this fails than I am afraid, starting with the Lady will they might all resign and decide to leave politics

  12. The coming election is climax of power game .

    All parties and individuals are using all resources to fight and win the election so they can lead the government and implement policies which the voters have given mandate.

    Sodelpa is simply implementing its plan to visit chiefly dormains for their blessings and allow their campaiyning . all other parties will do the same . ie. sevusevu.

    May the best win the election , then deliver the services to the people.

    to the thieves and corrupt , wait your days are numbered .

  13. Why attribute the call to a newspaper? Name the person responsible, give us a name and we can make our own interpretations. We want to talk to a person, not to a faceless newspaper. But to whom it may concern, please note. Fijians have certain protocols which are inseparable elements of its culture and traditions. SODELPA is aware of this and respects it. When people do not understand, they will generally tend to interfere rather than participate. To outsiders, please understand our Fijian culture and traditions before you attempt to comment (judge) on it. Kerekere. Vinaka

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