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Fiji First Party Vice President Bijai Prasad called a liar by Australian Court and stripped of his Australian citizenship.

STRIPPED OF CITIZENSHIP: Fiji First Party Vice President Bijai Prasad was stripped of Aussie citizenship in 1993 for failing to declare that he had been convicted and jailed for larceny by a civil servant in Fiji in 1983

Part of the court rulling reads.

35. On the basis of the applicant’s own evidence I find that, when he applied for permanent resident status, he not only concealed his conviction but also the employment in which he was engaged when the offence was committed. On the basis of his wife’s evidence I find that he also made false statements that he had not worked in Australia. Details of the applicant’s siblings given by him in his applications for permanent resident status and for citizenship establish that it is not possible for any of his brothers to have had a child only four years younger than the applicant. I am satisfied that he consistently lied to his second wife about the woman who was visiting him from Fiji. She is apparently now satisfied that the woman was not the applicant’s first wife but there is no doubt that the woman was not the daughter of an older brother of the applicant, as he told his second wife. He failed to tell his wife about his conviction in Fiji; it was only after her son had found out about it when he went to Fiji to get married that the applicant learnt of it.

36. I am satisfied that the applicant has lied also to the Tribunal in giving evidence of visits by his alleged niece and in denying that he had arranged any marriages. Finally, I am satisfied that he lied to the Tribunal about separations from his wife. His evidence was inconsistent with statements which he made in his application for citizenship. The explanation that he thought of himself as being separated just on the day when he completed the form is incredible. Although his wife impressed me as being generally an honest and truthful witness, I am satisfied that, because her marriage has now apparently come good, she has viewed what occurred in the past through much too rosy glasses and that there were lengthy periods when she and the applicant could properly be described as separated.

37. Having regard to my findings concerning the lies told by the applicant to the Department, to his wife and to the Tribunal in this hearing, considerable doubt is cast on his veracity generally.

Full Court rulling at http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/sinodisp/au/cases/cth/AATA/1993/209.html?stem=0&synonyms=0&query=bijai%20prasad


6 thoughts on “Fiji First Party Vice President Bijai Prasad called a liar by Australian Court and stripped of his Australian citizenship.

  1. We have to acknowledge at least consistency when it comes to the top line up of Fiji First: You have to be a thief and a liar to qualify for the job. In fact, in most countries FF would be considered organised crime. In Fiji it seems to be the leaders that Fijians want.

  2. BREAKING NEWS – HONOURABLE EXIT: Bijai Prasad steps down as Fiji First Party Vice- President but blasts the Chaudhrys of hypocrisy and double standard; says Chaudhry has been convicted twice but still clinging on to FLP leadership!

  3. Good on you Mr Prasad,that is not too late,you have declared your interest and have resigned from Fiji First because it was going to be bad for you if the PM finds out on your shortcomings.I think Fiji first is only meant for very clean and honest people

  4. An intriguibg discussion is worth comment. I do think that you ought
    to publish more on this subject, it may noot be a taboo matter but usually people don’t speak about these issues.

    To the next! Many thanks!!

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