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Convicted FijiFirst Vice President resigns after Blogs crucify him.

Proposed Fiji First VP steps down

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Update: 1:58PM BIJAI Prasad, the proposed vice president of the proposed Fiji First Party has stepped down from the position citing a criminal charge and conviction as the reason.

“I have last night submitted the withdrawal of my name as the vice president of the proposed Fiji First Party to the proposed leader and to the proposed general secretary,” he said in a press conference in Nadi this morning.

“I have done so because when I accepted the position, I did not disclose the fact that over 30 years ago, I was convicted on a criminal charge and served a prison term.”

Mr Prasad said he did not disclose the information earlier because under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Irrelevant Act 1997, records after 10 years are expunged.

“The proposed Fiji First Party and proposed leader Rear Admiral Voreqe Bainimarama, who I have very high regard for, has insisted in the highest standards of personal conduct and my non-disclosure has fallen short of those standards.”

Mr Prasad was convicted of larceny by servant and sentenced to three years imprisonment in 1982 in relation to the theft of $20,000 during his tenure as a movement controller with Air Terminal Services.


5 thoughts on “Convicted FijiFirst Vice President resigns after Blogs crucify him.

  1. When will the biggest thug Khayium resign.He must be taken for treason as he is lawyer and should know law better than anyone else.He cannot be the illegal A.G and party general secretary.

  2. What is also interesting is that military sources said that Bainimarama DID NOT get the 40,083 signatures that he said he got. The military officers claim that the dictator received less that 5,000 signatures so Khaiyum and the illegal Supervisor of Elections who is also the Registrar of Political Parties, Mohammed Saneem, conspired to defraud the public and added extra numbers to make it 40,083. Political parties must verify each and every signature provided by Khaiyum – if a copy of the real electoral roll is ever found.

  3. What about the biggest criminal of all – the man charged and found guilty of treason – isn’t he standing down? It just makes the election and the so-called election decree that drives it a farce…..convicted criminals are not given the same treatment. One rule for the rest and one rule for the wannabe rulers. Welcome to animal farm!!

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