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A free and fair election?

There will be no choice in the elections. How can anyone expect a fair election under the circumstances that prevail? The manager of the elections is the manager of a competing party. The incumbents dig deep into state coffers to hand out freebies, the media praises everything the regime does. The judiciary takes out any serious competitor with phoney charges and persecution.



23 thoughts on “A free and fair election?

  1. The Auditor General’s reports are key to revealing the true extent of Khaiyum and Bainimarama’s large-scale looting and corruption. But the reports are banned from being published and, in addition, the public accounts committee, who oversee public expenditure, was dissolved. This has all been done to hide the truth about Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s illegal appropriation and expenditure of public funds, which includes:
    Bainimarama’s multiple salaries
    Khaiyum’s multiple salaries
    Salaries of Permanent Secretaries
    Military expenditure
    Payments of Ministers’ salaries to Nur Bano Ali’s accounting firm
    Sale of Rewa Dairy to CJ Patel
    Use of cheap Chinese loans
    plus much more.

  2. It would have really fair if Qararse and Chaudhry were allowed to contest. This is what you call free and fair. Not to remove anyone who is a threat!
    Election’s has to happen on a level playing field.
    It is simple that Khayium was worried by Qarase and Chaudhry. Both were democractically elected and had the support of it’s own people. So what a way to remove these two!
    Khayium must be tried for treason. Coup is the most serious crime.
    i taukei and Indians get together and throw the Taliban.
    He is the root cause of all problem.
    Look at all his corrupt dealings and his lifestyle!

  3. Fiji shares a fundamental problem with its Pacific island neighbours: The population does not really embrace western style democracy. There is a widespread acceptance that the “Chief” rules, whether this chief has obtained power through hereditary succession, strong arm power grabs, political corruption or military coups. In contrast to most of its neighbours, Fiji’s poor democratic record is exacerbated by the existence of a overblown military which was boosted by the UN and never had any genuine role in protecting Fiji’s borders. In such an environment, it is only natural that military officers with overblown egos step into the role of the “Chief” because they can do so with impunity. The population bows to the new chief, aiming to be on the winners side and obtain some benefits from being obedient and accommodating. Add poor education and a general indolence and a picture of today’s Fiji emerges. The electorate sees the tussles between regime and opposition as nothing more than a bit of entertainment with an opportunity to indulge in a little bit of backstabbing come election day. The political elite that has been removed by military leaders has higher stakes as access to unearned income is all of a sudden denied. In Fiji, there are two reactions to this: Go over to the winner (as Chaudhry did in 2007) or beg the “International Community” to re-install them in positions of power. Against this background, there is little or no hope that the 2014 elections in Fiji produce any other result than the confirmation of the rule of the coup makers; in particular as the regime has pulled out all the stops to cripple the opposition. What is truly amazing is the fact that several opposition parties have decided to participate in the charade, knowing full well how this exercise in “true democracy” is being orchestrated by the regime.

  4. We will NEVER have a free and fair election under the illegal regime.
    The media ( FBC & Fiji Sun) are singing only one song!
    No other political party are given any single coverage.
    The Fiji Times has gone listen with all the media restriction!
    This is how Muslim countries like Syria and Egypt are ruled!
    This is indeed a sad state affairs for the country.
    When will the people rise to have their voice heard without any fear!

  5. What is also interesting is that military sources said that Bainimarama DID NOT get the 40,083 signatures that he said he got. The military officers claim that the dictator received less that 5,000 signatures so Khaiyum and the illegal Supervisor of Elections who is also the Registrar of Political Parties, Mohammed Saneem, conspired to defraud the public and added extra numbers to make it 40,083. Political parties must verify each and every signature provided by Khaiyum – if a copy of the real electoral roll is ever found.

  6. I am now very clear that last coup was about saving baini and now saving all his cronies. Fiji should accept a culture of rigged election ,that’s what will happen.or all going to jail

  7. @ anon at 5:09 PM

    Succinctly stated and entirely true.

    Democracy does not work everywhere.

    Churchill’s famous dictum: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” (from a House of Commons speech on Nov. 11, 1947)

    I look forward to the day when Fiji is ready for democracy. Until then it is simply a matter of survival. Frank wants a continuation of the militocracy.

    The elections will be a farce. That much we know. As long as we have a roof over our head and food in our stomachs, everything is still OK. How God and history will judge this regime remains to be seen. It was looking good for a while. Now I am not so sure.

    A house divided cannot stand.

  8. Was there one (free and fair election) in 2005 and 2001 when Sdl won? Or did they rigg big time?

    Was it also rigged in 1999 when thousands went through the NFP booth but FLP won by a landslide. I can understand a few people who deceive but thousands, I don’t think so. Why would they do that all over Fiji? It never happened before!

    Food for thought. I hope its payback time.

  9. Yes RS. I think we should be demanding nothing else but for the following:

    1. The regime to step aside.
    2. That an interim administration take over with a clearly defined role and agenda.
    3. Prepare for elections in Sept or October 2014.
    4. Request for foreign government assistance

    We cannot build a strong and lasting structure with a cery weak and flimsy foundation. Let’s get our foundation right folks.

  10. Fiji has mastered the art of changing governments through the barrel of a gun. Unlawful and undemocratic it may seem the country has somehow engendered military coups into its political culture. It has become way of life there! The violation of citizens rights and removal of their freedoms by criminals cum self-imposed leaders is now also a way of life there! The rhetoric of fairness, equality, and accountability of government is all a sideshow and smokescreen for the illegality, abuse, looting, torturing, killing, and outright corrupting of state institutions that goes on behind the scene. Its a trend developed over the years of coups and unlawful takeovers of government! It also has done lasting damage to the moral fabric of Fiji society with illegal and unethical practices turned into acceptable norm with laws manufactured by conniving corrupt few dictating the lives of many. There are so many unethical and unlawful practices that are unacceptable in law-abiding and virtuous societies that are are now becoming acceptable in Fiji! Destroying the country’s constitution and creating one’s own with special provision for one’s immunity from all crime is a way of life there! Robbing the public purse, paying oneself highly without merit, appointing cronies to senior posts paid for by tax fund, borrowing local and international money without mandate and maintaining secrecy and prohibiting scrutiny over ruler’s pay and spending is now the way of running government there! Allowing the military to overthrow a government it dislikes regardless of peoples wish to elect it has become the way of life there! The practice of living by two sets of rules – one for the people and one for the rulers is the real way of life there! Mastering coups and unlawful takeovers is a way of life and now mastering rigged elections is also becoming a way of life! Its all part of the declining trend in virtues and aspiration to do what is righteous and just – a moral decay in societal value underlining the complete scarcity of ethical standards in practice! This is what Frank and his band of criminals have unwittingly planted in Fiji. Their brand of government where illegality, lawlessness, violation of rights, suppression of freedoms, secrecy in public finance and systemic institutional corruption are the norms. It is a Fiji that will take ages to get back on the rail. Thanks to Frank, Gates, Kaiyum, Shameem and Co.!!

  11. Tomasi
    These thugs will not listen. They will for sure win the election by any means if they remain in power till the election.

  12. Don’t loose hope people,the way you are talking tells all of us that you have already lost the fight.Where is the big anti Bainimarama attitude you usually have , don’t panic its not over yet, lets fight it up and take him head on and show what kind of democracy we know about

  13. @Mayweather
    Sure, it is not over. But what are the chances that a significant part of the population follows your call to fight Khaiyum’s dictatorship? It is beyond me how iTaukei can accept a leader whose major objective is to get his grubby hands on their land and has shown again and again that he wants to destroy iTaukei culture and tradition.

  14. An interesting aspect of Fiji’s electoral degree is the exclusion of government officials and union leaders from contesting elections. This may be a good thing given Fiji’s special circumstances. A level playing field would however require the PM and AG to step down and hand over to an interim administration. They would have declared their assets like every other party. Failing to do so means one thing and one thing only: They have absolutely no intentions to allow a fair competition. There is a growing body of evidence that they will use every dirty trick in the book steal the elections.

  15. Does anyone actually believe that an interim government would take over now without then using every delaying tactic they could conjure up to remain in control, do things as they alone want to and fill their pockets for as long as they could.

    Let’s not forget this is Fiji, the mentality of those attaining any power is far too common.

  16. It’s easy for opposers of the illegal regime to become disheartened by the turn of events. No surprises that the sham elections will be held under the sham constitution. The illegal AG who speaks of principles, is clearly not about to slacken his grip on power while his FF party transits to a “legitimised democratic government” recognised and engaged by commonwealth countries, who know all about principles!

    Someone raises the point that other political parties only assist to legitimise the illegal regime by their willingness to take part in the sham elections. But what other option is there for them to win office and bring about a free nation.

    With less than 4 months to go before the sham elections, Fiji’s only chance of transiting to a government not tainted by previous coup addicts, remains at the polls. If there is such a huge opposition base to the illegal government, then it’s best chance of success is to unite and hope that the election process is as transparent as possible.

    Triumph for the illegal rulers will be to have the word “illegal” removed once and for all.

  17. I am amazed that Mahend Chaudhary continues to fight his conviction. I cannot see what else he had that will prove his innocence. MCP has been in parliament for over 30 years and three times he has been chucked out by a coup first in 1987. He got another chance in 1999 and was chucked out after 12 months. Again in 2006 by another coup but some say that he was part of the plan by FB. From what is written everywhere and spoken about there are only two reasons for the 2006 coup. One is FB wanted to save himself from being charged by police for allegations of murder and MCP wanted to hide his money gotten from India or somehow prevent people from finding out.
    So what else does MCP has to prove to people? It is the survival of the labour party or to prove to its supporters that he is not a thief but the law is wrong. What has he achieved in his term in parliament? Any improvement to the land tenure, or better cane money to farmers, better conditions to farmers, better life for farmers? He has always been vindictive and never wants anyone smarter than him around him. He single-handedly stuffed up the Momi Bay project otherwise this project would have been completed and FNPF would not have been in the current predicament. I am sure this s=resurrection of the Momi project will be the final nail in the coffin.
    I dint think FB knew about MCP’s past about money in Australia. All FB got was comfort that MCP will provide all the corruption by LQ and SDL. Based in this promise FB did the coup and of course to save himself and the corruption as the scapegoat. NO sooner enters Victor Lal and the MCP’s nightmare. FB (in naivety) even went to great length to save MCP by bringing in three financial experts to proves MCP’s innocence about his $m’s in Australia and that FRCA was wrong etc. Of course when FB found out MCP was fired. The rest is history but MCP is fighting on for what we do not know.
    Labour party is now in limbo and without MCP Labour is nothing but there are people who are still hoping MCP will come back and run. The PDP is hoping that MCP’s demise might attract labour supporters to their camp. But PDP is a breakaway from Labour anyway. Felix and Co didn’t like MCP although they all joined FB for some time and any amount of explaining will not matter. IN essence Labour joined FB and gave FB’s treason a big boost therefore it makes them treasonous too!
    If there is one chance for the people of Fiji to change the course of destiny from FB and his Co (considering they don’t like his rule etc) then this election is the most important to do so. There shouldn’t be any complaints later. If FB wins fair and square and do not complain later. While FB may have done some good things and especially the rural people who have been mesmerized by the speed at which FB did then the question is at whose expanse and how much and where did he get the money from and how are we going to pay them. Regardless of loans etc but the people need to know so that they can brace themselves for the future in repayment. FB and Co will be gone but the people will be around to the pay these bills. The comparison should be between the speed at which FB did the developments (for which he is getting a lot of accolades which will turn into votes) and how slow other government were. The question to ask is at what cost. Of course if other governments had access had to loans then they would have done the same. What FB had access to is also funds but they were for buying FB off and return all to see what is happening around us. No government borrows unless there are able to service the loan plus elected governments seek permission from people of Fiji through the parliament. That is what accountability, transparency and good governance is all about. FB and Ask doing what they want with no risk to them but all risk to the people of Fiji. FB and Co are all protected under the constitution they made and passed and they are protected for life even if they lose this election. That is why the Commander RFMF is continually saying that they will protect the constitution meaning that if FB and CO lose this constitution needs to be intact so that it will protect them all.
    All parties should stop wasting their time and energy on highlighting what wrong FB and ASK have done, are doing but what will happened if the win and rule again. IF FB and Co cannot abide by their own laws which they created then life after their wins will be unimaginable.
    Therefore all parties should concentrate on what they will deliver to the people of Fiji. Of course there is the question of race which is also impossible to remove. Labour is the one who created this division and MCP’s legacy is about race – divide all Indians ethnically.
    Indians have one chance to choose a party that will represent them in government either with FFP or any other because Indians will never be a le to make a government alone but will always be in a position to be the king maker. It appears with what has happened in Labour and the breakaway into PDP NFP seems to be the best at this point.
    NFP remained true to their philosophy since their inception and continue to be one. Unfortunately they were never given a chance and MCP is the one who always made sure NFP never wins (ethnic division). NFP has a good team with Prof Biman Prasad leading with Tupou as President and others who have always remained and been loyal, never supported a coup but always believed in rule of law, justice and human rights and freedom of speech – that is democracy.

  18. @LS what I am saying is fight it out now or never,AG himself has done a lot, he was a nobody but somehow he emerged to be one of Fiji”s true son which I think has come this far through reforms and delivery.What I am trying to say is you better vote for the right people who will be able to take us through.Do not look from a point of a racist because that wont be genuine and those are buygones

  19. @ Mayweather – It is the ignorance of fools that makes turning Fiji around difficult. We have been observing and pointing out since the criminals’ took over that all the attempts to reform – reinvent institutions are mere sideshows for a more ulterior aim which is to deconstruct Fiji’s political and economic landscape for their own self-gain. Turning Fiji overnight into an utopia based on the delusional dream of a half-schooled law officer is a bit too crazy! It will only end up in an animal farm utopia like we are seeing right now! We are all wise enough to understand the damages this would bring to the country and its institutions. The criminals have virtually destroyed and deconstructed by force various national institutions for their own political motives. The historical institutional evolution and development that have taken place have not been carefully weighed in their criminal and reckless campaign to convert the country to their own purpose. It is a move that will haunt them in the years ahead! The talk about corruption, mismanagement and abuse in previous governments are all smokescreens, The selective piecemeal government reforms they enthusiastically carry out to entice people are also sideshows. The real bone of contention is the ploy to evade justice and transform Fiji to their own purpose and self-interest. The constitution they have made up for themselves and forced on the people of Fiji says it all!!

  20. I do agree with you Kainoqu, Ratu Sai and friends. Sometimes, the naivety or ignorance or just the plain indifference of our people often makes us really wonder. Has this regime successfully brainwashed the masses during the last 7 years that many are no longer able to think for themselves anymore?

    But therein lies our challenge. We must continue to do our best to offer our side of the story. With God’s help, more people to finally see the light as time crawls in petty pace from day to day. Time is on our side friends. It is like a curtain that hides the evil thoughts and actions of criminals that pose as saviours. But when that same curtain is drawn, the truth is finally exposed. As the Bible states, whatever is hidden shall be exposed. We shall see indeed.

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