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The Land Bank bureaucracy

Of all the outrageous claims made about the Bainimarama Land Bank, Tevita Boseiwaqa’s claim that the bank has cut out bureaucracy, is the most outrageous.

He is obviously hoping that the public will remain completely ignorant of what the Land Use Decree empowers the government to do. The Use Decree sets up a head lease and sub-leases so that tenants are no longer tenants of the landowner; they are tenants of the state. What is this but bureaucracy?

But the landowners are also cut out. They have no power to approve a lease. They approve only handover of their land to the PM to exercise his power to ‘designate’. Once designated the mataqali has no say in how the land is used or what rent is paid. The land and the tenants are then in the hands of the Land Use Unit. What is that but bureaucracy?

Landowners and tenants are denied access to the courts for any decisions by bureaucrats that they dispute. This is a typical Bainimarama regime modus operandi. All power to the state. If you want anything you come to the dictator on your hands and knees.

Landowners cannot complain that the rent is too low and tenants cannot complain that a rent reassessment is too high when the state appoints a valuer to set a fair market value to raise the rent every five years. In that sense only is the LUD balanced. Land owner and tenant are at the mercy of the state.

In the past many landowners and farmers have thought it would be better if they could deal directly with one another and this has happened, but it’s always been outside the law.

If the Land Use Regime of Bainimarama is confirmed it will further entrench the powers of the state, which already controls media, church meetings and the prices of goods and services.

10 thoughts on “The Land Bank bureaucracy

  1. The Fijians are loosing big time by what this Indian AG is doing. Burn the Constitution and burn it with the architects.

  2. i Taukei wake up to the reality. Khayium is using Bianimarma to destroy the i Taukei. Khayium has destroyed the Methodist and GCC. Khayium has stolen our name Fijian.
    The removal of Khayium is inevitable.
    i Taukei must be educated now as they are fooled by lollies given to them by the regime.

  3. The Fiji Labour Party has called on Minister for Elections, the illegal Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to resign after his appointment as the general secretary of the proposed Fiji First party. Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry said in a statement that Sayed-Khaiyum cannot continue to be the Minister for Elections after his appointment as it is a conflict of interest and abuse of office. “Failure to do so will tantamount to abuse of office.

  4. Khaiyum and Bainimarama have stolen millions from the people of Fiji and they continue to do so through corrupt practices orchestrated through Khaiyum’s corrupt aunty Nur Bano Ali and her husband. The Auditor General is not allowed to report on it to the people including the deal surrounding the sale of Rewa Dairy to CJ Patel, who also owns the Fiji Sun.

  5. “” If the Land Use Regime of Bainimarama is confirmed it will further entrench the powers of the state, which already controls media, church meetings and the prices of goods and services.””

    At least they have done some things that many of us are pleased with the.

  6. It is really hard to understand that iTaukei give away their land. But it is definitely happening. Khaiyum and his family will laugh all the way to the bank – not the land bank mind you, the banks in Hong Kong, Dubai and other places where aunty Nur transfers the kick backs from the Chinese.

  7. Thank you friends for your comments and advice. This regime falsely think that all our people I Fiji will believe their lies and respect their immoral decrees. Listen up Voreqe and Khaiyum and other sympathizers. We own thousands of acres of prime land. You have nothing to do with our lands. Go back to your cubicles and think about how insolent and arrogant of you to be dictating to us what we do with our resources. Just go to sleep.

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