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Fijis free and fair election………The Minister for Elections is standing for election as Party Secretary of FijiFirst.

Fiji Labour party says AGs position now untenable

Updated at 8:40 am today

The Fiji Labour Party says Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum should resign as Minister for Elections now he has been appointed as secretary general of the proposed political party headed by the regime leader.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum, who is also the attorney general, was one of the officials revealed in the line-up on Monday when Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama applied for registration of his Fiji First party.

Earlier this year, the Minister for Elections bought the Fiji First internet domain name – months before the regime leader announced the party name.

The Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry says Mr Sayed-Khaiyum should step down as Minister for Elections immediately.

“There’s a clear case of conflict now and if he continues in that office that will be abuse of office and there must be complete transparency insofar as the conduct of elections are concerned, in fact he should have resigned yesterday.”

Mahendra Chaudhry.

The Labour Party will meet later this week to discuss the party’s leadership following last week’s sentencing of Mr Chaudhry, which ruled him out of contention for this year’s election.

Mr Chaudhry has lodged an appeal after being found guilty of breaching the Exchange Control Act.



10 thoughts on “Fijis free and fair election………The Minister for Elections is standing for election as Party Secretary of FijiFirst.

  1. Convict Mahen choro, pls resign from FLP leadership first.

    Convict Mahen choro, pls give the balance of the money to the farmers,

    Convict Mahen choro, pls leave the poor farmers alone in this election.

  2. Asha Lakhan FLP propaganda-spewing bitch, first sort out conflict of interest in FLP. The conflict of interest that saw your married boyfriend mahen chaudhry use his position to amass great wealth in crooked deals. mahen should step down as FLP leader after his recent criminal conviction.

  3. Qararse and Chaudhry were democratically elected and had support. Now both were removed by the regime especially Khayium to make way for him in politics. Qarase has gone silent. Chaudhry keep the fight with the thugs. The money that Chaudhry received was not from the taxpayers but it was given to him by Indians. So how can he breach exchange control when the money was given by Indians ?
    The robbery that Khayium is doing is on taxpayers fund. Why his aunty is processing the salary. The people are waiting to see Khayium’s salary and assets before 2006 and after.
    A big can of worms will open! Khayium must be charged for treason.

  4. Chaudhry does not seem to understand that it is a very convenient arrangement for Fiji First. In the political world you grab what you can and being election minister and leader of a political party is a very good starting position. Given the chance Chaudhry would most certainly have done the same.

  5. Why should AG resign?

    What does the rule say?

    Why is the rule written that way?

    How do developed countries handle such situations when the Minister responsible for Elections is also a member of a political party? Are they required to resign?

  6. Stone, completely agree with you on why should the military dictatorship’ s legal enforcer resign? In fact he should be locked up in prison like FB and keys thrown away. They have broken the 1997 Constitution and all the relevant legislation enacted by elected members since they committing treason in December 2006. These are the only laws that matter, those made by the people, and they’ve broken every bit of it.

  7. The Fiji Labour Party has called on Minister for Elections, the illegal Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to resign after his appointment as the general secretary of the proposed Fiji First party. Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry said in a statement that Sayed-Khaiyum cannot continue to be the Minister for Elections after his appointment as it is a conflict of interest and abuse of office. “Failure to do so will tantamount to abuse of office.

  8. Come on folks……..why the complain and nagging…….you all just add to the humour make it look like there is something to contest when there is nothing in it! Its a scandal. The international community know that this election is nothing more than a last attempt to get Bainimarama and cohorts the legitimacy they have not been granted over the years! The failed charter, peoples assembly and constitutional review process were all testimonies of rollacosta rides that Fiji has been on since the criminals took over. The sweet words by the governments of the trans Tasman neighbours in support of Bainimarama’s scandalous election is all signs that they have given up their patience and their sanctions have not worked on the criminals! Rather than smart, the sanctions were ineffective, wasteful, meaningless and complete shambolic!! After 7-8 years of unproductive, timid and murky diplomacy, the transtasman political rhetoric has shifted from “teaching the dictator” to “we will accept any government the Fiji election produces” which really implies their willingness to accept the dictator even after the scandalous nature in which the Fiji election has been conceived and organised. Is this what Australian foreign policy in a neighbouring country not even a tenth of its size all about? Is the NZ government really in with Bainimarama and his band of criminals on this?

  9. When will the people of Fiji stand up to this arrogant, proud and stupid criminal? The longer we allow him and his gang to rule over us, the greater our problems will be. This regime has always used false legalism as the basis of their rule, If we remove the legal brains, Voreqe will be exposed as the stupid, unstable coward he is. Remove the legal brains, we eliminate the real power behind this fraudulent monster.

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