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FijiFirst places convicted criminal as second in charge.

Coup leader Frank Bainimarama has registered his political party but his pick of officials will lumber him with the same baggage that he’s accused other parties of carrying.

Bainimarama’s named two vice-presidents, one of whom is an ‘old politician’ and to top it off, someone who has been convicted of larceny as a servant and sentenced to three years jail.


14 thoughts on “FijiFirst places convicted criminal as second in charge.

  1. Fiji is sinking under the Dictator’s . He told us he was going to have a Clean Up Campaign.
    Instead Bainimarama and the illegal AG have made Fiji more corrupt than ever with:
    No Transparency
    Compromised judiciary
    Military acting outside the law
    Human rights Abuses
    Lowest Economic Growth Ever
    Lowest Private Investment Ever
    Media Restrictions.

  2. There is a level playing field out there: All parties have convicts and criminals as leaders in Fiji. This is just the way things are here.

  3. If V,P was convicted for a crime then he is a criminal. He will add ammunition to opposition during the tussel in the campaiaign . VP adds to the line up of criminals, murderer, torturers, treasonous and corrupt individuals in the team who want to rule Fiji…WILL WE ALLOW THEM????? NO! NO! NO!!! We will not vote for Fiji First Party

  4. Perhaps it’s just too difficult to find someone in Fiji that has not committed a crime?

    You can be assured that if there is someone who hasn’t there’ll be someone that will manufacture one for them, it’s the Fijian way.

  5. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    All the sinners.

    Those who have served their time are eligible under the law. Mandela was convicted but became President.

    Fiji should not discriminate or continue to discriminate those who have served their time and have reformed.

  6. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    All are sinners.

    If a person has served his time and has reformed for the better then Fiji should not take away his right to be involved in building a better society.

  7. It makes eminent sense to take another thief on board. Compared to what his masters have stolen in the last eight years, Prasad’s 20,000 can only be considered as chicken feed. Reliable estimates suggest that Khaiyum has taken US$ 19.85 million since 2006 while his puppet Frank managed to steal a mere US$ 14.6 million. The Nadarivatu hydro scheme alone was good for US$ 16 million in kick backs from the Chinese contractors who were paid a totally inflated price of US$ 150 million for a project that actually does not produce any power.

  8. The Fiji Labour Party has called on Minister for Elections, the illegal Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to resign after his appointment as the general secretary of the proposed Fiji First party. Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry said in a statement that Sayed-Khaiyum cannot continue to be the Minister for Elections after his appointment as it is a conflict of interest and abuse of office. “Failure to do so will tantamount to abuse of office.

  9. Khaiyum and Bainimarama have stolen millions from the people of Fiji and they continue to do so through corrupt practices orchestrated through Khaiyum’s corrupt aunty Nur Bano Ali and her husband. The Auditor General is not allowed to report on it to the people including the deal surrounding the sale of Rewa Dairy to CJ Patel, who also owns the Fiji Sun.

  10. What a rich country Fiji must be if so many people can find somewhere to steal millions from. So who are all these impoverished people we keep hearing about if it’s such a wealthy place?

  11. I do not know how this people manufacture the millions in kickbacks by PM and AG on the Nadarivatu Project as the contract was awarded by FEA. The loan was from a chinese company and the contractor was chinese. Paying such a large amount as suggested who have made the contractor go bust.

    On the other hand, there is evidence by Victor Lal and in Convict Mahen chor’s affidavit about the F$3 plus million held in australia. Imagine an interest rate of 6%, mahen chor would have earned almost F$2m in interest alone on the money for the last 14 years.

    Mahen recently told his close FLP supporters that he is hell bent to make FB lose the election. Isn’t Mahen the real culprit who orchestrated the 2006 coup from behind the scenes and also funded it. Isn’t he the one who gave legitamacy to it.

    Convict mahen is now tasting his own medicine.

    I will leak all info by mahen and flp on this blog.

    Lastly, mahen forgets that he is not the second in charge but the first leader who is a convict.

  12. How about the Sodelpa candidates.

    Firstly, Dr baba hired a convicted conman call peter foster.

    Than there is a soon to be convict call Mick Bed Dose who stole money from NBF and also stole someone’s wife.

    And then there is Tui Cakau and his so called affair with a underage girl resulting in his 4 week going off the road.

    And then they have Ms S Radrodro who is also about to wear the orange uniform for taking bribes.

    And how about their leader’s so called affair with the husband of a famous personality.

    The list can go on.

  13. @FLP backbencher
    The Nadarivatu project was approved by the PM’s office, nowhere else. There is not a single Chinese construction contract in the entire world without massive kick backs being paid to the approving authority.

  14. Annon

    Why put all chinese is one basket?

    Do you have hard proof or evidence of the bribe/cut back? Pls provide.

    That’s why we should not generalise.

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