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Coalition Government the object of UFDF

Forming coalitions with other parties on the cards for SODELPA


Wed 07 May 2014

SUVA, Fiji— Fiji’s Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) is now considering the possibility of forming a coalition with other parties should it win the elections.

The party says this is the only way forward for a better Fiji.

With the party’s supporters predominantly iTaukei, a coalition will ensure the party fairly represents issues from a wide spectrum.

“In terms of coalition, we have said it publicly, SODELPA will go for post election coalition. I think we have come to the conclusion that the way forward for this country is in fact the sharing of governance”, said Pio Tabaiwalu the General Secretary of the party.

SODELPA says anyone can put forward an application to join the party.

“We go through is we had about 100 candidates and as a general secretary, nothing says former coup makers are not allowed, everyone can apply. We respect every individual who apply.”

However, stringent criteria’s have been put in place to ensure the party has a credible selection of candidates.

“Then there is another where we look at specific issues and specific characteristics of candidates. Rabuka went through that process, the pre-selection process and the parties made its decision. Selection committee made its decision on that. There are others that are dropped. It’s just Mr Rabuka is a highly public figure that he’s been pin pointed.”

Meanwhile, United Front for a Democratic Fiji (UFDF) coordinator Mick Beddoes insists the movement is still very much united and pushing forward on its mandate despite comments made by newly appointed Peoples Democractic Party leader Felix Anthony.

Anthony reportedly said in media reports that the movement was no longer united and confusing.

He questioned the viability of the UFDF as the registered political parties would be contesting the election on their own.

Beddoes brushed off the comments saying Anthony was on a “high” having just been elected when he made those remarks.

“Firstly, I offer Anthony our congratulations on being elected Leader of the PDP and we wish him and his party well in their election bid for 2014,” Beddoes said.

“He was obviously on a ‘high’ having just been elected leader of a new party with an impressive majority, so I would rather let him enjoy his victory for now and once the excitement subsides, l will pay him a courtesy visit to discuss UFDF matters, but for now we should let him enjoy his success.”

Beddoes reiterates that the movement is not a political party, but one established to ensure democracy is restored in Fiji.

The movement made up and supported by three of the four registered political parties, only last week held a meeting with every party represented.

Beddoes further says the UFDF’s role will subside as the political parties increase their individual profiles and policies in the lead up to the elections.

“This is understood by our member parties as part of our strategy moving forward. There is no confusion or disunity in our approach.”


One thought on “Coalition Government the object of UFDF

  1. Mick can you first come clean on NBF which you have not paid for the last 15 years.

    Stop making statement on behalf of UFDF

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