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Proposed FijiFirst applies for registration

Proposed FijiFirst applies for registration0

9:00 TodayTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Shanal Sivan

The proposed Fiji First party lodged an application at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Suva yesterday, complete with 40,083 signatures.

The application lists Voreqe Frank Bainimarama as proposed leader of the party. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is named as proposed General Secretary. Dr. Jiko Luveni is the proposed president.

Other executives include Tui Macuata Ratu Wiliame Katonivere and Former Fiji Labour Party Senator Bijai Prasad as two proposed vice-presidents. Vimlesh Chand is the Party treasurer. Bainimarama also handed in a sum of $5,005 as required under the Political Parties Decree 2013.

We will meet and sit down and discuss with Fijians, about how we all citizens of this wonderful country must, come together and put Fiji First, and we must come together with sincerity and honesty, with love and affection without any pretensions, to ensure that Fiji continues on its path to progress, success and opportunities for all Fijians.

The signatures include 14,499 from the Central Division, 15,636 from the Western Division, 9045 from the Northern Division and 903 from the Eastern Division.

Dr.Jiko Luveni will be the fourth i-taukei woman president once the Proposed Party is registered. There really is no need for me to resign now, but, after the party has been registered, then we will put together a campaign plan, so when we start to campaign then we will have to take leave from our current position.

Tui Macuata told FBC News one of the reasons he joined the proposed party was because of his brother’s support, Late Tui Macuata, Ratu Aisea Katonivere.

Look at the changes, the work has been done, and the support from the people, so that has prompt us to support the Fiji First. The registration process will take about 28 days and is followed by the registration objection period and the verification of signatures. –

See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19665/proposed-fijifirst-applies-for-registration#sthash.deCzW6po.dpuf


84 thoughts on “Proposed FijiFirst applies for registration

  1. Fiji Foist is on the move.

    No meeting was ever reported where the office bearers were elected, so I guess it is typical animal farm style of democracy by appointment i.e top down….my way or the highway.

  2. NZ Tops Assistance to Sth Pacific

    NZ tops new Pacific aid gauge

    11:01 Tue May 6 2014

    New Zealand is outstripping other countries’ aid efforts to the Pacific Islands, according to new index compiled by Australian academics.

    The Alfred Deakin Research Institute-Sustineo Pacific Index was launched in Canberra on Tuesday.

    It ranks and assesses 27 OECD countries on aid, trade, migration, finance, security, the creation and dissemination of new technologies and the promotion of environmental sustainability.

    The authors say the index will be used for advocacy to get all rich countries to do more in the Pacific, and not just by increasing their aid. However, it does not measure the aid given by China – a major player in the Pacific – because of a lack of data.

    New Zealand’s index score is nearly twice that of second-ranked Australia – primarily because of its aid, migration and security efforts.

    “It well and truly thumps all other countries in migration,” the authors said.

    Australia is the top ranked country in terms of trade and openness to imports. Denmark and Finland rank well in the index because of their commitment to global public goods.

    South Korea ranked bottom because of its low score in aid, trade, migration and security.

    The institutes’s Professor Mark McGillivray says there is solid evidence poverty in the Pacific is increasing, but the paradox was that Pacific countries were among the highest recipients of development aid in the world, he said.

    Sustineo managing director Andy Rowe says the index will now allow a “more informed and nuanced dialogue on the best ways to support our Pacific neighbours”.

    The top five donor countries in the Pacific region are: New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Finland and Portugal.

    The United Kingdom is eighth, France 10th, the US is 18th while Japan ranks toward the bottom (25), along with Switzerland (26) and South Korea (27).

  3. Tui Macuata o tamamu era dau vaka lialiai koya ka vaka yagataki koya tuga na kaidia e Labasa kei Macuata, qo sa baci lako mai o iko mo baci mai vaka lialiai iko o ira na kaidia vata kei bai, turaga lialia o sa tautauvata ga kei tamamu o Ratu Soso katonivere. Wake up boy and smell the roses

  4. I TAUKEI will limuri Fiji First at voting. I Taukei does not want Muslim rule which we have seen for the last 8 years. A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Khayium.

  5. It is great to see the Honourable Khaiyum’s party taking shape with such an overwhelming support from more than 40,000 registered voters. Fiji has come a long way to accept a party led by an Indian Muslim, a clear sign that racism and methodist bigots have been squashed. A great success indeed and a clear sign for the good things to come. Khaiyum’s party will focus on managing iTaukei land which has been left idle because of a stone age concept of customary land ownership. Large tracts of this idle land can now be handed to Chinese investors who have been queuing at the AG’s office for some time now. Together with the visa waiver policy, the doors are wide open for all hard working Chinese. We expect huge revenues from facilitation and consulting fees that we can charge and the Honourable Khaiyum has already promised to re-invest his proceeds into more real estate in Fiji. After all, our family currently possess less real estate that the A Koy’s and this need to change soon. The future looks bright and we welcome all those who give up their ill-conceived, old fashioned land ownership idea and support the AG’s party. In fact we promise that everyone who becomes a member of the AG’s party a share of the profits that can be made by re-distributing land from lazy Taukies to productive lessees.

  6. Sa. Qai koya Qo . Totolo ga me Caka na veidigidigi . All Fijians will vote for this party . Vasu – tarogi iko ga se cava na ka yaga ko sa bau cakava . Tui Macuata has seen the improvements and developments made . E cava ko TAMAMU e Sivia Sara na ka e cakava . Koya na vosa vakalialia ,. Vuki vuki ga ni BOCI tiko vei iko .

  7. Fijians are not mad to vote for Khayium political party. A self centred Muslim who has put all his Muslims brothers and sisters in top position to act as his spy. The word Fijians belongs to the indigenous Fijians. Khayium has destroyed the methodist and GCC.
    Come the election and i taukei we will vote for SODELPA.

  8. Aunty Nur
    How much money has been made by Khayium in all chinese deals.
    No wonder all massage par lours and corner shops are owned by chinese everywhere throughout the country.
    The government debt now stands at $7 billion.

  9. Ratu Sai , can’t you read the word the word PROPOSED alongside the party and names . They have to register first than a meeting will be called to confirm all posts . Taura vakamalua. , ena yaco I yani qori . All Fijians will vote for this party . Good mix and truly represents multiracialism . Honourable people with good record . Even the name FIJI FIRST speaks volume . RATU SAIINIANA , gunu wai tiko vakalevu me kua kina na vosa vakalialia , na yalo ca kei na kakase . Tovolea mada dua na Tolo ni Duna mo tagane kina . Na qai Qo Gonei I lagi ga . De rairai vinaka cake mo vakaotia nomu gauna vei rau na youth leader ko Pita Waqavono2 kei Laisa Vulakoro . Na cava mada ra rawata .

  10. Bainimarama and Khayium have made Fiji more corrupt than ever with:
    No Transparency
    Compromised judiciary
    Military acting outside the law
    Human rights Abuses
    Lowest Economic Growth Ever
    Lowest Private Investment Ever
    Media Restrictions.

  11. Taukena

    You are brilliant in your observation; but the appointments do not mention interim President. Sa rui levu tale omu wa cece.

  12. I like the looks of the FF team: Young, dynamic, untainted by corruption. This is a very attractive line up of leaders who are not politicians but true representatives of the people.

  13. Now would be a good time for the Fiji First team to declare their salaries and assets as the other parties had to do.

  14. Fiji First has mostly the support of Indians and in particular 95% Muslims.
    i taukei only 10%. These are the opportunists who are making money from the regime.

  15. Yes anon because most Fijians are happy about free education lolls and Vasu you had better watch your words, the Tui has people who respect him

  16. Tui Macuata has said that he joined Fiji First because of late Tui Macuata Ratu Aisea Katonivere his brother. This is far from the truth. He has joined Fiji First because of Charan Jeet Singh who had several business dealings with late Ratu Tui Macuata. Charan Jeet Singh cleverly made millions of dollars using the late Tui Macuata whilst the late Tui Macuata Ratu Aisea Katonivere dead having nothing.
    We should not forgot that Khayium’s father is working for Charan Jeet Singh. So this is the link to the current Tui Macuata. Charan Jeet Singh is again using his money to get the current Tui Macuata to support Fiji First.

  17. The biggest Church in Fiji has been under attack for 7 years. The Great Council of Chiefs is no more.
    Human Rights have been trampled, Workers rights no longer conform to International treaties to which Fiji is a signatory.
    Frankly Bananas and Khayium are busy buying votes. To pay for their vote buying they are borrowing from China.In return chinese are allowed visa free! The takeover by chinese is in the making.

  18. Macky Mouse

    Trues up mada: Vasu runs the risk of incurring a curse and might drop dead for writing such words aye.

  19. 40,083 signatures!!!

    WOW …………………. Magnificent!!!

    Fiji First is 4 times bigger and 4 times better than any other party.

    You hear that Ratu She Shithead and Radioactive bum – where are you -you blind evil racist idiots.

    Fiji First has landed!!! And what a landing!!!

    Fiji First is the only party that can unite and move Fiji forward.

    Vinaka Fiji First.

  20. Fiji First ………………. you beautiful party!!!

    Come everyone – join Fiji First and don’t be left in the dark – this is your party!

    Your party that will take care of you and your future generations.

    Your party that puts Fiji first.

    It is the biggest and best and inclusive party that respects and cares for all.

  21. @ Naboro Princess

    “40,083 signatures”

    Sounds like Aiyaz has been handing out lollies again.

    Now lets see whether Freebie First‘s financial disclosures will be – how about starting with Frank and Aiyaz first?

  22. Come on Radioactive bum.

    Accept it!!!

    Fiji First is 4 times bigger and 4 times better and more inclusive than any other party!!!

    Fiji First is even bigger than NFP, SODELPA, FLP & PDP put together.

    Come on ………… you sour loser!!!

    Fiji First cares about everyone and invites all to be part of this great revolution of moving our nation forward to a more prosperous future.

    Even you are invited to join – it’s not too late to be part of this great party.

    Come out of your dark vicious hole that’s imprisoning you to your old dark ways.

    Come to the light and be part of putting Fiji First.

    Vinaka Fiji First!!!

  23. Ratu She – where are you?

    You too are invited to be part of this great party.

    Aren’t you lonely out there alone? You know ……… feeling miserable and full of hatred.

    Come and be part of this great party and you too will be enlightened.

    My man VB and Fiji First cares for all the people of this great nation.

    Ratu She – just think of this number – 40 thousand and 83 people signing.

    Isn’t that great!!!

    Everyone signed for they believed what they had witnessed. Yes – the great works of this current Govt. in moving Fiji forward.

  24. Vakaloloma ni sa ra mataboko na tamata ni ra sa voli rawarawa ,,,,,,,,,shows Fiji is corrupt at the core when people are brainwashed to support traitors and murderers ,,,,,SA QAI VAKALOLOMA DINA NODA VANUA

  25. @ Voli

    Come out of your dark vicious smelly filthy evil hole.

    Come to the light.

  26. Declare the asset and salary Bainimarma and Khayium had before 2006 and after!
    Why the salary is processed by aunty Nur Bano Ali?
    Is it that civil servants are incapable of processing salary!
    Is it about hiding the loot from the people.

  27. Good on you Anon 3.21pm,Taukei au sa kaya oti wilika na comment nei Anon 3.21pm, e sa qai vinaka me vaka matata taki mai va ya, Taukei na vei vaka torocake taki nai tavi ni matanitu vei liutaki tiko, that is the job of the gov of the day. E sega ni dodonu me soli ga na vei vaka torocake taki vei ira na tabetabe mai vei Voreqe, e dodonu me soli raraba vei ira na vei korokoro kei na vei yasana , vei talia kera sega ni taleitaka na vei liutaki nei voreqe. Turaga seo sega ni turaga mo kakua ni volitaka na nomu kawa tamata ena vuku ga ni vei vaka torocake lailai kei na taulo lalai e soli mai matamu, oTui. Macuata e sa dodonu me vuli mai ena cala erau a cakava o tamana vata kei tuakana . Taukei au kerekere, mo ni cola ka masi dakai ga vaka levu. Vinaka

  28. The signature is nothing more than typical Fijian way of limuri.Fijians are good at it. They will sign for someone and vote for some else!

  29. Khaiyum will “rig” the election results in their favour. The signature is a way to justify their win.

    We are already seeing activities to support rigged and fraudulent elections – This includes:
    No exit polling
    the complex ballot
    minimum time allowed for “other” political parties to campaign
    no media freedom
    no freedom of speech
    the illegal constitution forced onto the people of Fiji
    the illegal electoral decree
    lies and broken promises
    deliberate breaches of their own electoral decree
    the corrupt and puppet electoral commission
    no rule of law
    military officer in senior government positions
    the inexperienced, unqualified and puppet supervisor of elections

  30. Bainimarama is spending money on infrastructure but with no checks and balances or even quality Control. China railway Company was building low cost housing flats in Rawai only to be stopped because they were over budget and not to Fiji standards. The new roads developed massive cracks during the heavy rain. The Regime is spending billions of dollars on infrastructure but with no oversight or control. The companies know no one is checking up on them because the Public Accounts Committee had been removed and the Auditor General has not released a report since 2006.

  31. Rafiq

    Pls check the ruling on 2 May 2014 on another Corrupt political leader who was convicted.

    This same convict had earlier appointed the the person in question as a senator.

  32. PDP is making wild allegation of support which they don’t have.

    Felix is saying he has support of 50,000 workers.

    The reality is that he has support of less than 5,000.

  33. Agree. Felix is bulshiting that he has support of Ltka city council and fiji pine workers. All bulshit felix.

    No support for PDP. You don’t have enough support at FSC.

  34. FF will get 34 seats
    Sodelpa will get 13 seats

    FLP will get 3 seats

    Pdp and Nfp will get 0 seats

  35. ANOTHER home invasion and in the same Suva neighbourhood as last week, and this time police are asking members of the public to be careful when dealing with ANZ Bank cheques.

    Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said a business executive residing in Namadi Heights was the target of criminals.

    She said the perpetrator entered his home and stole assorted items and cash to the value of $5530.

    Ms Naisoro added the alleged crime happened on Sunday between 2am and 7am.

    She said an unknown person entered the Chinese national’s house and stole four laptops, $500 cash and a laptop fan worth $30.

    She said also stolen were 30 signed ANZ cheques for the account number 5636406 belonging to the victim’s company Tong A. Holdings.

    “The cheque numbers range from 3690-3620 and members of the public are requested to keep a lookout for these stolen cheques and call the Samabula Police Station on 338 1222 or 917 if they have any information that could assist in this case,” said Ms Naisoro.

    She said business owners should also be cautious when dealing with cheques.

    No arrests have been made and investigations continue.

  36. @Sada
    You must be kidding yourself. Do you really believe our great leader Khaiyum would allow 16 opposition guys in parliament? They would stick their noses in all dealings of the regime, they would launch pernicious debates and leak unsavoury details to the international media. Take your cue from Ben Ali in Tunesia or Assad in Syria. These guys made sure that they get 99% of the vote and Khaiyum will do the same. He is election minister and secretary general of Fiji F****d!

  37. Dictators thrive when they have uneducated fools licking their arse. The dictator gets his power from his followers. How dumb are Aiyaz’ followers. When the bully is isolated the ass lickers will run to the person they think can protect them.

    If the elections are NOT going to be rigged, then why did Aiyaz place his young inexperienced cousin as Perm Sec for Elections. This little boy has never seen democracy and the rule of law. Aiyaz Rule is the only system he has ever known. He is yet to comprehend that the last few years will be his only happy years. His future and his children’s future will not be worth shit. I hope he can shine shoes. He will be unemployed otherwise.

    Lets not worry about the Muslim Indian minority, people like Nabua Princess and Mack. Lets identify the villages who are planning to vote for Aiyaz. No doubt they will be the first to complain. They have no love for their ancestry and their ancestors. They will seel their soul to the Aiyaz First party for a packet of smokes and a bowl of grog.

  38. @ Lamusona Levu and Aiyaz First Party

    I don’t understand how you can expect widespread rigging in broad daylight, with all the observers and reps from political parties.

    Are you saying that SDl did it and so will FF?

    I also find it an insult to the fijian people that this is a muslim coup and government.

    The coup of 2006 was done by Frank and the military and the full support of Convict Mahen chaudary and the FLP.

    Aiyaz is merely the AG, legal advisor as was Q bale, Anand Singh etc.

    As for Saneem the supervisor of election, he is one of the dynamic young lawyers who is not related to AG. He looks 16 but is almost twice the age. Jon apted was SOE at a very young age but that was fine. Infact, Saneem was considered for a position in Munro Leys under the wings of Jon Apted a few years ago.

    For all those saneem crictics, I suggest you go and drown yourself in a cup of water.

  39. Fiji first will root Sodelpa and the other parties.

    67% of itaukei will support FF. 90% of indians will support FF. 99% of other races will support FF.


  40. We itaukei will support Frank and not let the elites take advantage of us.

    What have the chiefs done for the common itaukei apart from sucking our blood, our fair share of lease money and even stample on our rights.

    Our chiefs have become daylight chiefs. How many of them have more than one ktichen, more than one mistress, children out of wedlock?

    A vote for sodelpa is a vote for fijians to go back more than 100 years.

    Wake up my fellow itaukei and vote for the future of our children. Sodelpa will not raise the standard of living for itaukei just like SDL and SVT. Only the rish itaukei will benefit at our expense.

    Our future is in our hands and we must seize the opportunity to educate our children. That is our real asset and not the land as its the trump card for the chiefs to make money for their fat bellies.

  41. Well it is true i taukei will never be able to lead. The Indians will always be their leader politically and economically. My vote is for Khayium. Khayium break all the i taukei institution and nationalists into pieces. They made Indians to suffer for very long.

  42. Bainimarama is trying desperately to fool the less educated of our people into thinking that he cares about them and to vote for him. Meanwhile, Bainimarama and his puppet master Khaiyum, have driven Fiji to its:
    highest levels of corruption
    highest unemployment
    highest poverty
    highest cost of living
    highest levels of crime, suicide and rape

  43. Dua na ka na levu ni leqa e kauta mai vei keda na kai viti o Bai se muri ga e so na Tui ulukau kei ira na kai viti lialia sara mata boko baleta ga na loli sa soli tiko ,,,,

  44. Dear citizens and friends. The recent events by Voreqe again shows that the proposed election is nothing but a carefully planned and meticulously engineered plot to “vote” the criminals into lawful and legitimate power. Khaiyum has finally showed his face. He is an evil and despicable human being masquerading as a lawmaker to destroy opposing parties and politicians by making illegal and immoral decrees. A VP of their party was a convicted person. The reported 40,000 plus people who signed up for them just proved what we have been talking about. They are trying to present the lie that the majority of Fiji supports Bainimarama and the election result which they have already decided will prove that beyond any doubt. It is an established element of a modus operandi employed by dictators and unscrupulous people blinded by their greed and thirst for power.

    Our planned march for freedom must go on. Many people will support our march. They are waiting to sign the petition and for the date and details of the march. Now that Voreqe has applied for party registration, we should also expect to see them declare their assets. It will be another major and blatant lie. But that will be one more evidence that they are evil, lawless, cunning, murderous and absolutely unfit and unworthy to even apply as candidates for parliament.

    We must plan carefully and surely. We are up against a very evil and cunning enemy. We must convince people that this march and petition must be done and a new interim administration must take control. That is our only hope for a peaceful transition. The proposed Sept election must not happen, for it was never intended as a lawful and fair process. We must obtain the support of other governments. But this is why we must plan well. The execution is just as important. But excellent planning is the key ladies and gentlemen. The world is waiting for us to finally make our stand.

    As I have said many times in this and other blogs, we have real enemies. But they represent a very small group and their number is fast dwindling. The enemy camp knows that the truth is their number one enemy. That is why they have and will continue to suppress, distort and reinvent the truth to beguile, ensnare and enslave our people and keep them under their power and control. They also know that their time is running out. The truth is getting around and more people are being informed. They also know that if this march goes ahead as planned, more of our people and the world will know the truth and more will find the courage to make the stand, speak up and fight for freedom and justice.

    The regime knows that if this march goes ahead, their castle of lies will crumble. The enemy also knows that God is on our side and He has all the power and resources to destroy evil of any form and shape and size, whether it is visible or invisible to the naked human eyes. God is our strength, He is our refuge, He is our stronghold. In Him we live and walk and fight. Our victory is already declared. All we must do is to publicly walk our belief and just stand by faith in Him. By doing so, the enemy will feel God’s mighty power. The bystanders who sit on the fences will be shaken out of their fear and indifference. The walls will crumble, just like that day at Jericho. God will have the last say. We the people must believe that He is Lord and eternal sovereign. There is no other God but Him alone. He is our hope and strength. Our future must be rooted in Him, or it will not be a future at all. Let us therefore plan, and sign the petition and march and shout our hope and declaration to the world.


    “If God is for us, whom shall I fear? If God is on our side, who can be against us?” May the people of God stand up for Him and stand up for truth, fairness, freedom and justice. The time to act is now. Vinaka.

  45. Calling yourself christains but making racist comments and swearing is another example where we must first submit to god and not to chiefs and politicans.

  46. Fiji First will win the elections with majority itaukei votes. Itaukei grassroot voters will support frank as he has done so much for them. No other party or politican has done half as much as he has done.

    My hindu friends have also given their support for Fiji first and not to FLP or NFP.

  47. If itaukei are a liumuri race as suggested by a number of posts above, does that mean that their vote for Sodelpa is not guaranteed as well?

  48. @Nasole, where in my post have I sworn or made a racist comment? I am advocating a peaceful and lawful action. I am trying to expose the lies and evil machinations of this dictatorship. My God will judge me for every utterance I make and for every thought and action. I have a moral duty to declare the truth, expose the lies, make a stand for injustice and evil decrees and decisions. That is precisely what I am doing. I have been a strong advocate and a public voice for freedom and democracy ever since 1987. We faced our soldiers at Veiuto in 1987. Now that crucifies your vain attempt to brand me as racist. Thank you for your comments, but please stand with us to fight this regime through peaceful and strategic action. Surely, you are not advocating non action. Being a Christian is not an empty label. It is a badge of honour, a noble and divine call and an awesome responsibility, especially in this day and age. Especially here in Fiji, right now. I am calling for all Fiji citizens, all Christians and Hindus, Muslims, and all our other religious and non religious groups and citizens. We have a duty to do and an awesome challenge. Our country is being invaded and taken over by criminals. Let’s gifht the injustice. Let’s make a stand. The world is watching. God is watching. Our children and the very old expect our best. Our country expects us to defend our God given rights and freedoms.


    Let’s wake up Fiji. let us unite and make a stand against this evil group of people. The world will continue to watch. We must make a stand. Please listen. We must make a stand for our and our children’s future. Vinaka

  49. @ Tomasi

    You have made false allegations against your neighbor.

    Fiji First is fighting for equal rights and respect for everyone and no one to be 2nd class citizen of this country.

    But you Tomasi you want one race to be above the other. You do not love your neighbor. If you did – you would love to see his rights be equal with yours.

    So before you pour out your rubbish Tomasi THINK and do some soul searching.

    Stop using God’s name in vain!!!

    Search deep Tomasi.


  50. @Nabua Prince. You sound like a decent person. You wonder whether or not I love my neighbour and the other races. You also talked about equal rights. Thank you also for advising me to search and to search deep. In response, let me share this with you.

    I come from a part of Fiji where people of several races live side by side happily. Its been like that for many years, even before I was born. We are blessed to have a community and a certain group of people who respect, appreciate and love one another. Racial harmony is not what we read about, it is what we practise, everyday, every week, every year since more that seventy five years ago.. So please Prince Nabua, do not accuse me of practising or preaching racial intolerance or racial hatred, etc. Yes I promise you. I love my neighbours, I love my fellowmen and women, and I also my country. I also try to love God with all of my heart. I also love you, even though we do not share the same political perspectives on certain issues.

    Now about about equal rights. I do not know your understanding or interpretation of that phrase. I would be glad to read your version your highness. The fact that you call yourself Prince and yet preach about equality is interesting to say the least. Maybe that is your version of racial equality. We are all equal, except that some are more equal than others, like in animal farm, which Ratu Sai talks about so well. You see, many of us often talk about things we do not understand very well. We are often quick to open our mouths and our tongues begin to spout a chain of words and sentences. Then later, after thinking about it, we often regret what we have said. Many people rush to defend themselves even when they know they are guilty. They are too lost or too proud to admit they are wrong. I often think about people like you and Taukei and others who speak a lot on these blogsites. My question is, do you really understand what you are talking about? Do you really believe that Voreqe is right to order everybody else to shut their mouths and only he, Khaiyum, Nazhaat, Gates and a few others will decide what will happen in Fiji, now and in the future. Is that what you mean by equality Prince Nabua?.

    You see your highness, equality is quite a very complex subject. Many of us have gone through years of learning and studies at high school, universities and have lived and worked and talked about racial equality and written papers and spoken about it during conferences. Equality is not a subject you learn in street corners or the QEB or in a pub somewhere. It is also a very important subject and it means a lot and affects our lives. There are many different theories and positions and perspectives about the concept of equality. But my final frame of reference is always the Bible because it is God’s word to mankind. As such, it is the final arbiter of right and wrong, good and bad, evil and goodness, justice and injustice.

    So this is my position Prince Nabua. I am commanded to love God with all my heart and to love my neighbour as myself. The first concerns my eternity and connects that to the present. It talks about my philosophy and how that should impact my relationships on earth. The second has to do with all my horizontal relationships. The Bible talks about the right motives and the right attitudes more than it tries to speak about our actions. Because God, who created us and understands us best, knows that our actions are determined by our thoughts, motivations and attitudes. So He prefaced everything by defining for us the two most important attitudes or principles or fundamentals. Love God. Love your neighbour. If the Bible says something is wrong, I accept it as wrong, even if all the Chief Justices of the world say it is ok. If the Bible declares something is ok, then I don’t care whether Voreqe or Gates or Obama says about it. When I call Voreqe a criminal, it is because the Bible calls him a criminal. The Bible judges you and me continually, regardless whether we know it or not. We are judged by our attitudes, our thoughts and our actions. Even though Voreqe is accessible to God’s forgiveness and grace, he is still a criminal because of what he has done, not because of what I think. It is because of what God says and declares. It also does not matter what you Prince, Taukei, Tui Macuata, or Tui Bakava and all our Voreqe supporters think and say. The coup was wrong. The 1987 coup was wrong. The 200 coup was wrong. Now is that clear to you?

    Let me end with two thoughts for you. First, Does equality mean that Aiyaz and Voreqe can decide who will get my land, how long they can lease it, what they will do with it, how much lease they will pay, etc, etc Does it mean that they can tell every Fijian in every village that the chiefs are no longer our chiefs and everybody is the same. Does it mean that it does not matter who you are, your level of education, your quality of talent, your intellectual training and development, anybody is like everybody else. Anybody can become the PM, AG, CEO, President, Manager, GM, etc We are all equal, our differences do not matter anymore…? It does not matter whether we are male or female, short or tall, mentally retarded or stable, healthy or unhealthy, we are all the same really. Really? Really?

    Second, do you and Voreqe’s supporters really know what is happening in Fiji since 2006? Do you really understand how Voreqe’s actions has affected Fiji today? Do you people realise that Voreqe and his close associates are the devil’s instruments to destroy Fiji? They have destroyed what many have built over many many years. But that is precisely the problem Prince. It is also sad, so tragic but yet so true. Voreqe has no or very little sense about what is happening. He cannot fully understand because he is a very simple-minded, unstable and proud arrogant fool. Again, I am using the Biblical guide to define his actions. I will explain that to you if you join our march for freedom.

    Finally Prince, if you had followed all the comments under this heading, you will know that I stood up against the soldiers in 1987. Many of us did so because we understood that the coup was wrong. We predicted that it will be a precedent for a political and downward slide and to many coups that would follow. We empathised with our Indian brothers and fellow citizens and stood up for them against our soldiers who pointed guns in our faces. Later on, some of these soldiers told me that we were right and they were just following orders.

    Now, I have great respect for those soldiers and I understand their situation, that they were just following orders. But as for you and Taukei and others Prince, are you soldiers? Are you just following orders? Or are you the people who have benefitted a lot from this regime and are just there for your stomachs and pleasure? Voreqe is a criminal and he has blood in his hands. He has almost destroyed the fine military history and tradition of the RFMF. He has a lot to answer for. Are you guys still gonna support him? Now Prince, please think about that before you accuse me of something else. Vinaka.

  51. @ Tomasi

    Thank you for your rather lengthy response.

    I’ll just highlight to you a few issues from your comments as it seems you really deserve at least something positive from me.

    Now first you have made accusations that has not been tried in a court of law so all can see the whole picture and the big picture. So we can see the truth and weigh the factors affecting a case.

    In my view it is not right to condemn when that due process has not been done and jump straight to conclusions. Now – how do you know that all the people you are accusing are wrong? Were you there? Have you spoken to all concerned? Have you seen the big picture? Have you weighed the positive effects of what had happened for our country and the various religious groups?

    As for equality – think of this simple example out of the many that could be highlighted to you in relation to equality – If you were not iTaukei – would you like your rights to be diminished when it comes to choosing who is to be President? Just because you father is Indian and you’re not a chief that you do not have a right to choose who is to be President of this nation? Fijians of all races should have this right as they are citizens and have contributed to this great nation. Indians too do respect iTaukei traditions and chiefs – so why should they be marginalized and not have the right to choose? Indians are not selfish people. They too value love and respect.

    As for the destruction of man-made institutions – if this is the main obstacle and cause of problems in this country don’t you think that it appropriate that it be removed? If removing it affects to a substantial degree certain elements of what we cherish then of course we can build a new man-made institutions that can continue the practicing of the good values and traditions that should be cherished. And name it something else.

    It seems the mix up in your view is you mixing the Church and the Vanua issues together. These are 2 very different things.

    Lastly your words do indicate that you are accusing.

    As for my man VB and what he has done – you still are blind to it. So I won’t waste my time explaining to you.

    But think of this: when you vote – don’t let the party or the man blind you – but see what they stand for . That way it will be easy to choose which party to vote for.

    As for me – it is Fiji First because of what it stands for and the future that it will bring. As for the iTaukei institutions like a council for chiefs – of course Fiji can create a new one later on – but it must be an institution that will serve specific purposes that are beneficial to our nation and will not affect or take away something of real value from your fellowman.

    Now that I have responded to you.

    Now do some soul searching and think.

    Upon which rock are you standing on?

    Mine is on love for one another and so is Fiji First.

  52. As for my name.

    Why did you bring this up? It spoils your sincerity in your arguments!

    I am Nabua Prince.

    That is my name.

    I am an equal to everyone else and so are they to me.

    As for you Tomasi you seem to want to be above Indians, Europeans, Chinese and others perhaps because you are a an iTaukei, a Chief, a Christian and you consider yourself above and of more value than others. That you don’t trust and think that others don’t also love and care about you.

    It is not right to see other races with a ‘bad’ view – it is like looking through a tainted glass.

    To be a good person you must see your neighbor with sincerity, love and respect.

    You will want to include them in rather than push them away. That’s what Fiji First stands for. Unity and Respect for one another as we move Fiji forward.

  53. @Nabua Prince. Thank you for your response. Unlike many who resort to swearing at every instant, you come across as a person who thinks before talking. I give you credit for that. I can see that you firmly believe that your stand is a principled one and that Voreqe and his regime have done well for you. You are entitled to your opinion. You seem to imply that the regime is the best thing for Fiji and all the changes are for the best interests of the nation. I believe that is far fetched at best and absolutely delusional at worst. But I will come to that later on. First, there are four issues I wish to respond to, namely due process, equal rights, the vote and the rock we stand on.

    You said I must not judge and draw conclusions before due process is undertaken. I don’t know whether you understand what you said. Here you are supporting a regime that has removed our government, removed our rights and our freedom to speak, to assemble, to choose our government, etc etc. And you have the audacity to tell us to follow due process? Amazing Nabua Princess.

    When I referred to Voreqe’s actions as illegal and wrong, it was based on legal and moral grounds. The Appeals Court had ruled on this matter. The 2006 military takeover by Voreqe was wrong. It is till wrong, and Khaiyum and your legal team know it is wrong. That is why they have searched and searched deep to find a way out. They wrote a new document, called it a new constitution, and thrusted it down our throats. The paper they put together was for two major reasons. One, to justify their actions ( and appease their guilty complex) and to grant them immunity. Where was the due process you talk about Prince? So in terms of due process, your regime is the last people to talk about it because you are the worst offenders. For the record, where was the due process in the following:
    1. The murder of Rabaka, and others
    2. The murder of the CRW?
    3. The torture of the escaped prisoners, men and women at QEB, etc
    4. The 2006 coup of the people’s government
    5. The removal of the GCC
    6. The radical changes at FNPF, Air Pacific, AFL, Finance, Fijian Holdings, NLTB, Lands, Provincial Councils, retirement of civil servants after 55, etc etc etc

    The right to choose the President? Are you telling me that Voreqe conducted the coup so that people can gave the right to choose the President? If you believe that my brother, then you of all people are a miserable fool because you have been so thoroughly duped by a vicious lie. Many of us, including the crabs around the Nasese seawall know that Voreqe was guilty of sedition since 2003. His senior officers did not support him in his first few attempts to conduct a coup. That’s why he had to send them home. Again no due process. For your information, I think we do not need a President. I would rather have a GCC of honourable people of high repute. Voreqe knew he would be locked up in prison for many years. He used the military to save himself. Fiji First my foot. He does not care about anybody else. He told the chiefs to go drink homebrew under the mango tree. Then now that an election is coming, he travels around the country with his bodyguards begging for support from the chiefs. A sad case of utter foolishness and stupidity. By the way we also know he is a mental case, so we are praying for his mental health also. We want him to live long so that the due process of law will take its course on him and all of you who have associated yourselves with him.

    On the vote and election, let me just say this. We are marching soon to tell Voreqe and the world that we will not take part in any election under their watch. We need a neutral referee, neutral laws, neutral processes and systems in order to freely exercise our right to choose honourable people to parliament.

    Now think about it NP. Khaiyum made all the decrees to favour the regime. The election process, structures and systems and people involved all favour the regime. Even the ballot paper, choice of supervisor, one day voting, no exit polls, unfair campaigning, etc etc are absolutely unacceptable to the rest of the parties and to us as voters. Imagine, organising a game. The organisers are also a team, they make the rules, they make all the decisions, they train and resource themselves well, and they don’t allow the other teams to train and prepare themselves. Close to election day, one of them becomes the referee and the announcement is made that the organising team can do whatever they want to win the game. They will not be penalised and nobody must complain against them. All the officials are from this organising party. They are even promising everybody that will win and a celebration is already being planned.

    Now to top it all off. You are implying that the best person for PM of Fiji now in 2014 is an uneducated, selfish, proud, arrogant, mentally unstable, lying, murderous, deceitful, violent fool from Kiuva? Really NP? If you and your followers think that, then it is not Voreqe who is the greatest threat to Fiji. It is people like you NP who encourage and inspire criminals of the worst degree to hake critical decisions on issues they do not understand. Very sad and unbelievable. Now you have a think about that my princely brother.

    Finally the rock. You asked me what rock I stand on. Funny you used that metaphor my brother. I wonder which rock you stand on. I know which rock Khaiyum and Bai stand on , but how about you sir? Very briefly, I stand on love, truth, fairness, justice and respect based on God’s revealed purpose for mankind. Even as we talk, God looks and judges us. There is no doubt in my mind that what I have said here and what I am fighting for is what I believe God wants me to do.

    Voreqe did not follow due process as Military Commander when he used the Fijian military to overthrow the duly elected government of Fiji. He was compelled to do this because of selfish reasons. He has tried to abrogate our constitution. He has caused great economic, political and social strife. He has robbed the national treasury and paid him and his cronies millions of dollars. He has been robbing the country for more than 7 years now, and yet, you and many of our people admire him. He has made radical changes of far reaching consequences. He has been a party to acts of torture, murder, lies and deceits to sustain his power and influence on the people. He is guilty of many crimes, and felonies. He will answer for all that and more. Remember this Nabua Prince and remember well my brother. A day of reckoning is coming and soon. “Whatever a man sows, that he shall also reap” GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.

    Be careful therefore about which foundation you stand on. Maybe you ought to educate yourself on the fallacies of thinking. You sound like a person with a good heart, but with a confused mind. Winston Churchill once said ” The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may distort it, ignorance may deride it, but there it stands” Please ponder on the above and thank you for an open mind. Vinaka

  54. @ Tomasi

    Thanks for the response.

    Now read your initial comment and compare it to the above.

    Can you really not see where you are confusing yourself?

    Please read and analyze your initial comments.

    Now think about this too as it will help you see and be enlightened. (These are questions you need to think of, research and pray about) :

    – ‘Sin’ and ‘legality’, ‘ Good’ and ‘legally right’, ‘The right thing to do’ and ‘The legal thing to do’, ‘Protection of iTaukei traditions and culture’ vs ‘ ‘Itaukei harmful traditions and culture’ etc Are you not mixed up with this? I think you are if you read and analyze your own statements.There’s alot of research online that can help you.

    – GCC being an iTaukei institution. Do you know who, why and how this was created? Was it serving this purpose? Was it a stumbling block to something that can make Fiji a better place? Assuming some of the initial Chiefs of the GCC did envisaged some challenges would happen later on don’t you think that they hoped that the current generation would take care and correct these? Do your online research and you’ll find alot that will help you?

    – Ask yourself why is it necessary for the RFMF to restrain freedoms for a very little while. If they don’t do this what are the risks to Fiji? If its better to restrain this freedom what big advantage will we get out of it? What future will we have? What if there are strong-headed opponents to this good cause – what should we do?

    – As for my man VB – If he was not leading this revolution do you think the outcome would have been the same? Why did your God allow VB to do the coup on Fiji if you believe He is watching over this great nation? Did your God moved ‘things’ and VB was ‘appointed’ by your God? Is your God also on VB’s side? Were God’s chosen people ever involved in killing? Why is your God permitting all this for Fiji? What is your God’s Master Plan on Fiji?

    – Are you focusing your attention on a very small black spot on the painting? Or do you need to move back abit and see the Master piece?

    – Who said VB robbed the national Treasury? Why should you believe him with this accusation?

    – Why can’t ASK be Minister for Elections if this was the practice before?

    – With the current circumstances where RFMF is protecting the Constitution what other better option is there?

    – If in your opinion VB did not think of following ‘Due Process’ does it give you the legal right not to follow it too? Was VB exempted from prosecution of this legal ‘non-compliance’? Will you be exempted too if you did not? Why can’t you? What would you need to have? Do you have it?

    – Why do people want to be all called Fijians? What’s in a name?

    – Were you too focused and very stuck on viewing what you considered Wrong and matter but did not see the great and wonderful Rights that it will bring like peace and love and respect for one another in this nation? Did you not see how your God used used VB to affect the Methodist Church leaders and GCC Chiefs?

    – How did democratic and peaceful nations become so democratic and peaceful? Do they have a very different history? What can you learn from this history?

    There are so many questions and issues.

    But it is you who can convince yourself – so do your research OR you’ll remain a puppet of the old ways that doesn’t want you to move forward to a better level of life.

    And please refrain from thinking that your God is only on your side. It makes you look very selfish and self-centred. (The ME syndrome). Think of your God this way – what is He doing for this great nation?

    Is his blessing with FijiFirst?

    I think He is using VB my man.

  55. By the way – I think you won’t like thinking of the above at first.

    That’s the purpose of this 2nd posting.

    You are now at a cross-road!!! Where are you going to go?

    It is my hope that you will read the above posting and really think hard about it.

    Pray to your God to give you the heart to understand what you cannot understand. Pray that you may see what you cannot see. Pray that you will accept what is difficult to swallow. And as you pray believe that your God is in control of Fiji’s future and He is taking Fiji to greener pastures.

    Your prayers will be answered if you really seek for the answer.

    But you must research, think deep, do some soul searching, and pray sincerely about it.

    And if you really want to know about my views of my man VB – YES he is not a saint. Who said he was? Yes he may need to improve on some of his ways and how he does things. And there may be many other things about him and his shortcomings. But he was chosen for such a time as this and to lead Fiji to the right direction. And he shall be remembered favourably.

    VB my man will win this Elections even with all his shortcomings.

    But who is perfect? Of all the leaders out there no one matches my man. Of all the PMs who have served Fiji selflessly – in my view – so far – no one matches my man.

    So you see – VB is Fiji’s best ever PM.

  56. @NP. I will be very brief. I think that its better to list my responses to add more clarity. Some are questions to help you rethink your ideas and statements and to help you realise how sadly wrong and illogical you are.

    1. Yes I agree with you that our society, with its institutions and government bureaucracy are not perfect. The problem is that we live with others who are different from us and we need to respect people’s views. To make changes, there are procedures and rules. That is why we elect governments and have all the various machineries of government. No one, I repeat, no one , has the right to make a unilateral decision about what is perfect or not. We the people must decide what is best for us.
    2. Who gave your man, VB the right to tell the people and the chiefs to shut up? Who appointed him to lead us? Who appointed him to judge and decide what is best for Fiji?
    3. Who are you people to remove our elected representatives and make laws and remove institutions?
    4. What qualifications does Voreqe (your man) have to be PM, Finance Minister, and Minister for several other portfolios?

    Again you deliberately avoided the questions and issues I raised. These are the fundamental issues that you need to think about. You seem to have a very simple mind that you cannot grasp what I have raised in my postings. The coup was wrong. It was judged wrong legally by a properly instituted court of law. The coup was also morally wrong, for several reasons:

    a. Voreqe lied about his motives for the coup. He used the military to avoid being prosecuted for his serious criminal and seditious actions.
    b. Voreqe had no right to decide who will represent the people in parliament. The people did not appoint him to lead us.
    c. Your man is guilty of various crimes. They include torture, stealing public funds, causing the deaths of several soldiers and citizens, criminal intimidation, .etc
    d. he has been lying to us the people of Fiji and the whole world ever since the 2006 coup. Only fools or coup beneficiaries like you either cannot see that or are blinded/seduced by his gifts.
    e. Voreqe is mentally unstable. He was a patient at St Giles. many of you people do not know that NP. Even if you don’t, you can tell he is very unstable if you take the time to observe him carefully.
    f. Voreqe is a very proud, selfish, arrogant, lying, deceitful and dangerous coward. Yet you still call him your man and the best PM. Really NP. If you really honestly think that, then I think you are even more stupid than your man.

    To conclude, ignorant people are blind to see the truth. This why learning and education can be liberating. Malice can also cause bias and prejudice and may distort our minds and perceptions. The truth is always staring at us in the face. But ignorance and impure hearts (malice) may cause many of us to either miss the truth or to reject it. This is what Sir Winston Churchill once said. “The truth is incontrovertible. Ignorance may deride it. Malice may distort it. But there it stands.”

    No amount of legalese, excuses and rationalisations will alter the truth about Voreqe’s criminal actions and miserable regime. His military coup and regime are illegal and immoral and absolutely unacceptable. He is a coward and a mentally unstable sailor who is trying to hide from the law to avoid his due reward. “Whatever a man soweth, that he shall also reap” God. Be careful what you stand for. Be careful whom you stand with. If Voreqe is still your man, than maybe you deserve him. But you will never alter the truth. The truth will stand. The truth will return to judge and condemn you and your man, VB.

  57. @ Anon

    Ask yourself this questions:

    Who created the system that had existed prior to 2006?

    What was the purpose of this system?

    If people have now changed and their thought being dictated by this system why shouldn’t it be taken out as it was not there in the first place and those who created it had their interests above others.

    The system was not the will of the nation.

    It was politically tuned into their minds.

    Now think about that very hard and long!

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