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More PDP Policy.

PDP’s iTaukei plan

Shayal Devi
Monday, May 05, 2014

INDIGENOUS customs, traditions, institutions and values form an intrinsic part of iTaukei identity, says newly elected People’s Democratic Party leader Felix Anthony.

As part of the party’s manifesto, Mr Anthony said the PDP recognised the value of indigenous knowledge which cut across many different sectors and was a source of sustainable livelihood for the rural poor.

“The party will introduce policies and legislation to mainstream indigenous knowledge, protect its intellectual property and minimise the risks of foreign commercial exploitation or extinction in the face of competing global knowledge systems and technologies,” he said.

He said there was also increasing pressure being placed on Fiji’s physical environment including its rich biodiversity by economic globalisation, poor regulation, natural disasters and climate change.

“The party will develop a policy and regulatory framework, including an appropriate tax and subsidy regime that demonstrates its commitment to protecting the environment as the basis of sustainable livelihoods, food security, health and wellbeing of current and future generations.

“The PDP will also review all legislation governing Fiji’s primary sectors to promote more sustainable development of Fiji’s land and marine resources.

“Across all primary sectors, the party will promote land policies and reforms that are fair, equitable and sustainable, ensuring that they do not aggravate the problems of landlessness and rural poverty, threaten food and water security or cause environmental degradation.”

One of the areas of concern for the party is exploitation of mineral resources.

The former unionist said the manifesto would also outline the party’s response to this problem.

“The party will develop a policy and regulatory framework that follows best practices and global standards for responsible mining.

“It will demand greater corporate social and environmental responsibility, more revenue transparency and community consultation.

“With respect to the emerging frontier of deep seabed mining, the PDP will adopt a precautionary and socially responsible approach.

“It will place a moratorium on this activity both within and beyond territorial waters until more is known about the likely social and environmental consequences and the affected communities have been properly consulted.”


30 thoughts on “More PDP Policy.

  1. Who is the new General Secretary of FTUC.
    FTUC should have an election rather then one Anthony’s friend as acting Secretary.
    Can Agni Deo ( FTU) and Rajeshwar Singh (FPSA) also resign and join PDP rather than using union’s fund for silently supporting PDP.
    They were all in Labasa campaigning for PDP at the FTU conference.

  2. The people of Fiji would like to know from Felix Anthony how much money was spend on Natadola when he was the board member of FNPF. He was the chairman of the Natodola project when it went under problems. How much Felix Anthony was paid as a board member of FNPF?

  3. “indigenous knowledge”

    What exactly is this idiot referring to or what is “indigenous knowledge”?

    Is he saying that all natives are subnormal and ergo they must be treated as invalids?

    “the party will promote land policies and reforms ”

    I like to hear from navosavakasona on this mongrel’s land policies.

  4. Well said felix. YOu have nailed the problems facing us. you also understand to survive, party has to think broadly, and also attract indigenous votes. That is the foundation of multiracialism. it’s the foundation Labour was built on. Mahen Chaudhry destroyed that foundation for his personal and his family’s political and pecuniary gain. First he turned FLP into Indian party, than into Chaudhry family party controlled by him and relatives like in-law Sachida and son Rajen, plus a few cronies. We all know how party name was used to enrich the family to the tune of millions in the name of poor farmers. Chaudhry’s self-serving style of leadership has been really destructive. PDP offers new hope.

  5. What have these unionists like Felix Anthony, Agni Deo and Rajeshwar Singh did for their members. Their members are all highly low paid civil servants. They did nothing for their members over many years they have been in the union. They only filled their pockets with salary over $120,000, top of the range vehicle, overseas travel , housing allowance , per diem etc etc.
    The government did great work by not allowing these unionists to hold two positions.
    I request the government ( Mr Khayium ) to also look at the constitution of various unions – FTU. FPSA so that these unionists do not make union job as a permanent job for them,
    Some of these unionist have been in their job for over 10 years. This has lead to huge corruption in these unions.
    They should hold a position for only say 3 years not life time employment as evident now.

  6. Fundraiser
    PDP is no different from Labour. They are all hungry for power as power means money.
    What have these unionists did for their members. Their members are low paid civil servants for many years. These unionists Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai, Agni and Rajeshwar have held their position for many years and did nothing for their members.
    They are worst people to have as our leaders.

  7. Felix Anthony is trying to hoodwink the I taukei. What has he done for the i Taukei’s.
    These unionists are nothing more than being corrupt and enjoying on the poor members money. They all must be kicked out from the union and politics.

  8. What have these unionists like Daniel Urai, Felix Anthony and others done to bring back democracy in Fiji for over 8 years!
    These assholes have no balls to march or to do anything to restore democracy.
    They could have done so many things with their counterparts overseas to restore democracy.
    Now they want to get it power.
    These unionists are group of thugs and they must be removed from all their positions. They must stop the abuse of poor members fund.

  9. Editor,
    I read the statement by Felix Anthony as reported by the media and your blogsite. I thank him for his determination to stand for elections. He is a person who has been actively involved in union and national matters and our workers of Fiji have a lot to thank him for his service. I also congratulate him for outlining some of his party’s policies. I am also interested in his plans for the I Taukei community. It is on this latter issue that I wish to make the following observations.
    Felix talks about iTaukei traditional knowledge and experiences as a valuable and integral part of our whole national treasure and resource base. Many of us do agree with him. Each of our ethnic communities has a lot to offer to the whole nation and the global community. We must never be ashamed or apologise for the differences we have, unless these unique cultural features we have are in enmity with our human values and basic social norms for a decent and civilised society. Our differences enrich our society and we should welcome and understand them. We should not allow our differences to divide and weaken us. Just as family members are different yet share common ancestry and DNA, we should see ourselves as different members of the same national family, and as an integral member of our global human community and family of nations.
    So much has been said in Fiji about one nation and one identity. This regime has imposed its beliefs on us, giving us a new identity called Fijians. Voreqe and Khaiyum have also repeatedly condemned previous governments and the old ways of identifying our different ethnic communities by their own distinctive names. They mistakenly think that the one name, one identity will magically unite our different communities and encourage more national harmony. I strongly believe that both the dictator and his chief advisers are very poorly educated on this front. Harmony is the result of our attitudes expressed through our relationships and actions towards one another. Attitudes are more to do with the heart and stem from our values, and beliefs and our concepts of who we are and our world views. Calling me a name is like giving me a label to identify me. But it does not essentially change my belief about who I am and how I see and relate to others. I still call myself a Fijian, no matter how much propaganda the two stooges and their puppeteers pour out everyday. I do not apologise for that. I still love and respect my neighbours, my colleagues, my shopkeeper, bus drivers, market vendors, my chief and even the tourists, people who arrive as strangers but who return to their countries as friends.
    I was raised that way, trained and disciplined and conditioned to believe in the powerful transforming and liberating power of love. For me and many others like me, love for others, our fellowmen, irrespective of who and what they are and have, is the most important foundation and principle for a happy, peaceful, harmonious life. The Bible has two foundational and life principles, namely: Love for God and love for those around you (your neighbours).
    In terms of the PDP’s policy platform affecting the iTaukei, I would be interested to hear what Felix has to say about our indigenous rights. I did not hear Felix mention anything pertaining to that. However, he can be excused for that silence, because I rather prefer that that is the jurisdiction of our chiefs and members of the Fijian or I Taukei community. Relevant and material to that is the PDP’s stand on the role of our Vanuas and traditional leaders. I agree we must constantly make changes as and when deemed necessary, but we must not be too hasty to make fundamental changes because they tend to cause more harm than good. In such fundamental matters such as national identity, culture and traditions, community, national and international relations, we must think carefully, tread cautiously, speak wisely and act prudently and allow things to evolve. That is the natural tendency in most fundamental matters of life. To be alive is to change, to evolve, to grow. The forceful dictatorial approach is not only evil and obnoxious to the human spirit, but an absolute guarantee for creating our won artificial national disasters.
    The above also partly explains the mess we are in today and will determine how messy things will become if we allow things to continue. A dictatorship of the sort we currently have, with a few fools cooking new decrees every month or two, a few criminals doing the dirty work behind the scenes, and another group of unethical, selfish, and evil men and women behind the screens masquerading as advisers, ministers and leaders, is an absolute recipe for a very costly national disaster. You cannot dictate values to people. You cannot force people to be what they are not. You cannot impose your beliefs on others.
    Talking about our various communities, we are basically different yet similar, and yes, we have lived together for more than a hundred years. My elders welcomed different people, families and communities to our village/ community neighbourhoods, not because the colonial government told us to. The new immigrants who became our neghbours grew to become our tavales and cousins and brothers. They were welcome and they thrived, and became more wealthy and happy because we treated them with respect and saw them just as the people they were: fellow human beings, trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. We shared what we had with them out of our kindness and love, not because of legalistic and political considerations, In time, our people developed mutual appreciation, respect, understanding and trust. They still lived the way they believed was good and right for them and we did the same. However, over time, we saw how very insignificant our differences were. Our eyes opened and appreciated what we shared in common. That was the basis of our mutual respect and friendly relations until today.
    To those who do not know or may have forgotten, part of our Fijian culture is to be kind to strangers. I still recall how back in the early sixties, we used to see Indian merchants coming to our village to sell clothes, tobacco, etc. Depending on the weather, these merchants would stay with us for one or two nights, enjoying our best hospitality. The merchant would charge us for clothes while we would host him for free. We gave him the best food, fresh from the farm and the river. He had the best bed. He was given a VIP treatment. Nobody complained, but we observed the difference. We were people of different cultures. He needed the money to help his family and to grow his business. It was not until we went to high school and university that we understood why the merchants did what they did and why our people did differently.
    The strangers who came to live in our districts became part of our communities. Some of them more so than others, inter-married with our relatives. It took time and patience and hard work and lots of love, mutual love and appreciation. That was my first real lesson on racial harmony and cross cultural life experiences. Many of us who grew up in that region are who we are today because of that very rich experience of living with people from different cultures. I am talking about our Rotuman, Indian, Chinese, European, Part European, brothers and sisters. And so it is today, that many of our families have relations and families that reach across the cultural divides. That explains why we appreciate and respect people of different ethnicities. I actively train my children and grandchildren on these values and principles. These values are very important and absolutely wonderful, because it has worked for me and many others, and it is what I believe is God’s plan for our human family. I pray and look forward to the day when this dictatorship will end and we will really come together as different communities to share our ideas on what we want our Fiji to be and how we can all actively contribute to take us there. An awesome opportunity and also a daunting challenge. With God’s grace, and a strong commitment, we will succeed. Vinaka vakalevu.

  10. Tomasi for your information Felix Anthony has no plans for i Taukei.He wants your vote only. What is Felix’s track record of achievement for his members! He is the one who was chairman for the failed Natodola project where FNFP members fund was put as waste while people like him filled their pockets by getting over $100,000 as board members of FNPF!
    These group of unionists who have their personal interest first. Their track records reveals them as being self centred and corrupt.
    Do not trust these unionists!
    What did they do to bring back democracy for the last 8 years?

  11. PDP should explain more on their policies:

    What is PDP’s view on the GCC? What about appointment of the President?

    What about the common name ‘Fijian’?

    What about Fiji being a secular or Christian state?

    What about landowners’ rights to % of monies from minerals?

    What about lease monies being equal for all landowners regardless if they’re chiefs or not?

    PDP needs to clarify all these.

  12. Either way you look at it, indigenous rights and issues will always be a vexed one with a plethora of interpretations and opinions across the political spectrum on how they should be implemented or protected. But well done to the PDP, and am sure other political parties will follow suit, to beginning to put across their approach to this important subject matter. Informing the public about party positions and encouraging free & constructive debate on indigenous rights & and on other issues as we count down to the promised September elections is the mature approach.

    For my 2 cents though, it is important that the indigenous people through the mobilization of their own institutions, or what remains of it, like other ethnic groups should be in the main be allowed to decide on the protection, attainment, promotion and administration of their own group rights, aspirations and manifold resources. And we don’t have to reinvent the wheel on this one, as we can start with what is already stipulated for indigenous people the world over in the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

  13. Message from the Chief
    We the Fijian Chiefs & people (we still own that name) will meet and decide for ourselves our future. We already are aligning ourselves with SODELPA and dont need unionists and confused Fijians like Lynda Tabuya (she needs to fix up her personal business first before trying for national leadership) to tell us what to do. We will exercise self determination soon and all lands classified as native will be our independant territories.
    So please hands off and piss off.

    The Chief

  14. Vinaka chief. We have to ensure we Fijians (i taukei) vote for SODELPA.

    i taukei should not be mislead to vote Khayium’s party. We do not need Muslim rule in Fiji as seen in the last 8 years.

  15. It was because of Felix and Dan Urai that FNPF members lost approx $140m in the momi hotel project.

    Felix can not wash his hands from this as the chairman.

    On a related note, why is Felix going around saying that he has mojority of the union members from lautoka city council and fiji pine. Don’t bullshit felix.

    Can felix also deny he wanted a portion of MPC convicts loot in australia.

    And lastly, felix is using itaukei as a means to get their votes. As a deciple of MPC, he knows how to use people. He has already shown his true colours by dumping Adi Sivo.

  16. PDP is major threat to NFP and FLP whose supporters are attacking the new party in desperation.

  17. Felix must come clear on the momi project. It is revealed that $140 million was lost and Dan and Felix were in the board. Felix was the chairman for the momi project. How much Felix was paid as board member of FNPF.
    These unionists are thugs and will do anything to ensure their pockets are filled.

  18. FBC does not belong to Khayium & family.
    The people need a fair coverage for all political parties. Professor Biman of NFP has already given the challenge and set the pace!
    Now the people need to hear all the leaders and politicians.
    We do not want to hear the bullshit that is currently been told to people on FBC for the benefit of Khayium’s political party.

  19. PDP stands for Politicans Deny People.

    Vote for PDP is a vote for politicans who like to boast about themselves.

  20. Felix and convict mahen choro killed the sugar industry and the cxountry.

    Let’s kick these 2 out pls.

  21. Nabua Prince
    You and Fiji First are for a shock.
    I Taukei will limiuri the thugs at election day.
    Getting signatures does not mean anything.
    Infact the thugs will use the numbers to justify a coup when they will be white washed at election.
    A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Muslim rule.

  22. @ Anon idiotic Thug

    Fiji First stands for a secular state – we respect all religions that promotes love and peace.

    The iTaukeis love Fiji First that they came in numbers to voluntarily sign and show their support and solidarity.

    Fijians of Indian, European, Chinese, Solomon – you name it – origins – they all flocked in and showed their support.

    Go Fiji First Go.

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