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Anthony elected PDP leader with over 2000 people attending the conference. At Last we get to hear some Party Policy.

Anthony elected PDP leader

Publish date/time: 03/05/2014 [17:15]

Former Trade Unionist Felix Anthony is the new leader of the People’s Democratic Party.

Anthony contested with outgoing Interim President of the Party Adi Sivia Qoro for the leader’s position.

After the elections, Anthony stressed that Qoro will remain with the Party.

Speaking in a press conference, Anthony said the most important thing they can offer to the people of Fiji is the multiracial makeup that was seen in the Party’s conference today.

Anthony said they do not believe that it is appropriate to start talking about a United Front because he does not believe there is a united front as the elections will be fought by individual parties.

While addressing Party supporters at the Girmit Centre in Lautoka today, Anthony also highlighted if they win, the PDP will develop a pension scheme that is flexible and realistic.

He said they will also review the Fiji National Provident Fund to ensure that members are able to enjoy the benefit of a fair, equitable and well-mannered superannuation scheme on retirement and not having to live under the poverty line.

He said the Party will consider the reintroduction of external examinations in secondary schools and they will ensure as far as possible education from early childhood to primary and secondary is free and compulsory.

He said they will see that all tertiary education will be provided on a cost share basis with the students share to be paid back upon finding work and reaching a reasonable income threshold after graduation.

Anthony said the party will undertake a major review of Fiji’s public health system including hospital management and will divide strategies and policies aimed at improving Fiji’s primary health care system.

He said the party also has within its constitution a requirement to have 20 percent women and 20 percent youth within its leadership.

Meanwhile, Lynda Tabuya is the Party’s new President while Aman Ravindra Singh is the General Secretary.

More than 2,000 people attended the People’s Democratic Party conference today.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso and Dhanjay Deo


8 thoughts on “Anthony elected PDP leader with over 2000 people attending the conference. At Last we get to hear some Party Policy.

  1. I was there.

    Most of us were told to come and vote for Felix.

    We were promised good chow and drink later on.

    Most of us are not PDP members as we know felix is ” I love myself”

  2. Yes Ratu.

    Some people just became members to vote.

    A lot of FSC mill workers were there.

  3. I feel that the election is a 2 horse race between Sodelpa and Fiji First.

    Votes for NFP, FLP, PDP would be a waste as some of these parties may not even get the min threshold of 5%.

    In fact, the more parties there are, its good for Frank as there are 2 different types of voters. One, who are against the current regime and two, those who support it.

    For those who are against the regime, their choice is sodelpa, nfp, flp and pdp while the choice for the regime is only one.

    Hence, anti regime vote will split into 4.

  4. Hold up. Felix Anthony is making promises to fix the superannuation fund even though he was once-upon-a-time their nominee to the FNPF that started raiding pensioners of their hard-earned pensions?

    Anthony has my sympathy for getting his ear-drums done in by Frank’s thug patrol but he has much to answer for and is in no position to start prancing around as if voters have amnesia.

  5. Excellent point Julian! But that is the sad reality of today’s Fiji. Instead of getting the UFDF to act like a party, the divisions are still deep enough for Khaiyum to exploit.

  6. 2000 turnout at your AGM is pretty impressive but as suggested above, a broader coalition against the dictator is the only way forward. Unionists like Felix should know better – united we stand, divided we fall.

  7. I hear that the total vote count for the leadership race was less than 700.

    Now can Felix pls tell us how come there were 2000 plus people there?

    Or is it that they just came to observe and enjoy the free chow!

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