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Felix Anthony resigns


Felix Anthony has today resigned as the General Secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress and Fiji Sugar and General Workers Union.

Anthony has also confirmed that he is aiming to become the new leader of the People’s Democratic Party tomorrow.

Although Anthony has resigned from the union posts, he has revealed that he will continue to oppose the provision in the Political Parties Registration that states that unionists cannot hold official positions in a party.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The People’s Democratic Party Conference will be held in Lautoka tomorrow.

Story by: Vijay Narayan


8 thoughts on “Felix Anthony resigns

  1. Pls don’t vote for PDP as Felix used Adi Sivo and dumped her.


    A side kick of mahen

  2. Agree Felix was Mahend’s left ball.

    Good ridance as we can have a smooth cane crushing season.

    I hope adi sivo will tell her people not to support arrogant Felix.

  3. One thing missing from Mahendra caudhary’s case was the fact the Felix at one stage asked MPC for a share of the A$1.5m.

    MPC pls confirm this so that people would know what type of person is felix the menance.

  4. Felix Anthony is no saint.

    He made millions of dollars while the labor government was in power also being chairperson of many statutory boards.

    He has tasted the big money being a politician.

    Another disgruntled left ball of M P Chaudhary.

  5. Felix said he was elected.

    Didn’t he proclaim to be leader before being elected. Even before the voting.

    Now I smell something fishy. Not much different from FLP leadership style.

  6. @lautoki

    Sorry mate I don’t know the guy and why on earth would I want to masia his polo? As for Saints I am far from that.

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