Home » Uncategorized » “I understand that SODELPA dumped Mr Rabuka because of his involvement in the 1987 coup. If it was for some other reason, then it would have been OK,” he said.

“I understand that SODELPA dumped Mr Rabuka because of his involvement in the 1987 coup. If it was for some other reason, then it would have been OK,” he said.

Former member points biggest mistake

Avinesh Gopal
Friday, May 02, 2014

THE National Federation Party’s biggest mistake was in forming a coalition with the then Soqosoqo Vakavulewa ni Taukei party to contest the 1999 general election.

This is the view of NFP’s former parliamentarian Maan Singh who has now retired from politics and will not contest the September general election.

Mr Singh aired his views while commenting on the Social Democratic Liberal Party’s decision not to include Sitiveni Rabuka in its line-up of candidates this year.

“I understand that SODELPA dumped Mr Rabuka because of his involvement in the 1987 coup. If it was for some other reason, then it would have been OK,” he said.

Mr Singh claims “almost all the indigenous community supported” Rabuka during the 1987 coup, which included the Methodist Church and the Great Council of Chiefs.

“Mr Rabuka was treated like a demi-god then while the Indo-Fijian community went through a lot of sufferings.

“No indigenous organisation said anything then.”

Mr Singh asked if there was a change of heart now, as SODELPA had decided not to give Mr Rabuka a ticket to contest the election.

“However, it’s good to see SODELPA condemning coups. It appears that iTaukei leaders have realised now that they shouldn’t support coups.

“Mr Rabuka was a hero in 1987 and we (NFP) made the mistake of forming a coalition with his SVT Party to contest the 1999 general election.

“We were dumped by our voters and we haven’t recovered since then,” said Mr Singh.

The Fiji Labour Party had a landslide victory in the 1999 general election while the NFP did not win any seat.

However, the NFP is determined that it will be a part of the new government after the September general election.

At a press conference yesterday, NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad said the party was a “new look” one as it prepared for the election.


10 thoughts on ““I understand that SODELPA dumped Mr Rabuka because of his involvement in the 1987 coup. If it was for some other reason, then it would have been OK,” he said.

  1. In a true democratic system, Minister are accountable as seen in report below, happening in NZ…..they admit their mistakes and resign….NOT IN FIJI where Ministers make laws by decrees then they break them willy nilly…like EyeArse and Bhai..what a group of unaccountable corrupt louts :

    Five ministers who resigned this term
    04:01 Fri May 2 2014

    * Nick Smith resigned all his cabinet portfolios in 2012 after admitting he intervened on the behalf of a friend who was involved in a dispute with ACC, while he was ACC minister. He was reinstated to Cabinet in 2013.
    * Kate Wilkinson quit as labour minister in 2012 following the release of the report from the Royal Commission on the Pike River Coal Mine tragedy. She’s said she’ll step down as an MP at the 2014 election.
    * United Future leader Peter Dunne resigned as a minister in 2013 over the leaking of a sensitive report on the GCSB. He was reinstated as a minister earlier this year.
    * ACT Party MP John Banks stood down as a minister in 2013 after a judge ruled he should stand trial on charge of filing a false electoral return for his failed 2010 Auckland supercity mayoralty campaign. He will leave parliament at the 2014 election.
    * Maurice Williamson resigned as a minister on Thursday after it emerged he phoned police about a case involving wealthy Chinese businessman Donghua Liu, whom Mr Williamson knew and had helped gain citizenship in 2010.

  2. Maan Singh is a dork. sodelpa dumped rabuka because he would have lost them fijian voters, just as SVT in 1999. rabuka is no longer the strong, anti-indian, nationalist he once was, so no longer welcomed by sodelpa. on the other hand, turncoats like tupeni baba have been welcomed with open arms.

  3. Apmaan Singh !!! after so long its good to hear another frog crawling out of hole as the election fever gets warmer. By the way how is your murgi farming business in samabula north.
    I sincerely advise you to stay away from politics and concentrate on murgi farming ok asshole.

  4. Maan may have a point but if it is true that the youth wing of SODELPA opposed Rabuka on the basis of his part in the 87 coup, than it makes a lot of sense. Our youths of today were not around to support Rabuka in 87. All they know and have experienced is the downside of coups. It is basically logical for them therefore to oppose anything or anyone connected to coups.

  5. it was because of shit leadership of nfp by rich businessmen like maan jhatu singh that nfp did not win any seats. too much daru (alcohol). we have good leader biman who will revive party.

  6. NFP ‘married’ SVT (the pro iTaukei party) and they lost the elections.

    Now NFP wants to ‘marry’ SODELPA ……………… when will NFP learn?

    Does NFP agree with SODELPA view that Fiji should be declared a Christian State?

    NFP supporters should come out of NFP and join my man VB’s Fiji First.

    Fiji First is a party that care for all races and religious groups and ensures equality and fairness.

  7. @ Naboro Princess

    Now I understand. All this talk about marriage has revealed your real concern; don’t worry, I am sure that someone will want to marry you one day.

    While you marinate in the Freebie First Blue Bus, pining for Frank to ask for your hand in marriage, just remember how many eligible men you will find when the bus finally grinds to a halt at the prison gates – what a day it will be for you I am sure.

    No need to worry about whether Freebie First, SODELPA or the NFP will have someone for you.

  8. Thanks Suli for the information. A small developing nation like ours can learn and be inspired by such examples and the success stories of greater and developed nations. But we also have the most authoritative word of God and the source of wisest counsel for any person, community or nation. On the specific issue of what makes a great nation, here is what the Bible declares: “RIGHTEOUSNESS EXALTS A NATION. SIN IS A REPROACH TO ANY PEOPLE”. Amazing it does not include popular and politically correct issues such as economy, politics, agriculture, security, imports and exports, education, etc. Put simply, our character defines our greatness or our destiny. Vinaka.

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