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Breaking news: landowners receiving rent!

May 1, 2014

What we love about the Bainimarama propaganda machine is the way it always reveals Frank the Fearful’s nightmares. So when the propaganda machine cranks out a report about landowners receiving rent, we know landowners are asking him about land. Accoridng to the propaganda, the rent paid to landowners is all down to “the Committee on Better Utilization of Land initiated by Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama”. The report doesn’t say that the subsidy is temporary or that the Land Bank gives Bainimarama the right, so long as he’s PM, to do whatever he wants about land. Unlike the NLTA, it doesn’t tell him he’s got to act in the best interests of the landowners. It says he should act in the interests of the economy. Up till now, to keep the sugar industry working the regime has been kicking in money to top rents up to reasonably fair levels. But once he’s confirmed as PM by winning an election, watch out landowners, the subsidy comes to an end. Bainimarama has eyes on your land, just as he has eyes on every other asset in the country. And the Land Bank gives him an iron grip over tenants rights as well.

Fiji Village: 30/04/2014 Land owners earn over $33.27 million since 2008




4 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. Let us not forget that the 2006 takeover by the great leader was first and foremost about land. Grabbing the Taukies’ land is a sure recipe for Khaiyum and his RFMF supporters to make serious money. The objective is to first bamboozle the uneducated peasants through a few hand outs but than the trap will spring shut: There are already quite a few land deals with Chinese investors in the pipeline. The land bank is just another name for a smooth appropriation of land rights to the great leader.

  2. We are witnessing the biggest land grab in Fiji’s history! The policy is termed ‘land bank’ but in reality its ‘land grab.’ Its another scnadalous initiative that will have to be thoroughly reviewed and cleaned up when Frank, Kaiyum etal are behind bars!

  3. I am sure TLTB is waiting for new political era , after election to challenge the land bank decree so that all native land are under their control.

    at moment a small section of landowners are dealing directly with tenants and the land rents are paid direct to them , no fees to government or TLTB.

    Most landowners are now educated and exploring new opportunities to add value to their land , even surpassing TLTB in their innovation .

    to the crooks or law breakers – your days are numbered . GOD is giving you time to repent and seek forgiveness .

  4. Just consider this. Why the hell should we, the Fijian landowners allow the NLTB to dictate what is right and just and fair to us. We own our lands and our resources. Let us take control over our assets, and not allow external parties to tell us what to do. To all resource owners, please stand us up and tell the Government and all the world: This is my land. It belongs to me and my off – springs.

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