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Chaudhry out of Election

FBC News

Chaudhry fined $2m by Suva High Court
/By: FBC NewsReport by: Shanal Sivan
Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry has been fined $2m and ordered by the Suva High Court to bring all his money and offer it to an authorized dealer in Fiji.
Justice Paul Madigan delivered his decision a little while ago. He has also ruled that Chaudhry’s conviction will remain which rules him out of contesting the general election.
Chaudhry will have to pay the fine by June 30, 2014.
If he fails to pay the fine by the due date he could be imprisoned. More details coming up. –



17 thoughts on “Chaudhry out of Election

  1. I have no sympathy for a self centred washed out politician who although new his days were numbered due to his health and dubious illegal activities before the court was too darned selfish to pass the leadership of his party to someone else and step down.

  2. Vinaka Chaudry
    You’re not a criminal like the regime leaders. Make sure you get 100% indian vote so that Bai is thrashed in this election,,,,,do coalition govt with NFP & SODELPA and then start the treason trials ,,,,,,,he he tavioka time coming Bai and sapotas…..your bid to jail Chodory has failed now he will bite you

  3. Chaudry has been weighed and was found wanting.

    He is a Politician of the Past – just like Qarase.

    FLP supporters should come out of FLP and join Fiji First where there is hope.

  4. Nabua Prince and co whatever Chaudary is he is not as derelict a leader as Coupmakers Bai and Khaiyum. He got there by the will of the people not by gun. By that he is streets ahead of them in as a peoples choice as a Leader. Check your scales which you say have him “found wanting” it must be Bai and Khiayum corrupt brand. If he is to be faulted then in true democratic process the people are at fault for choosing him not only once but several times, not him.

    Man you people are just so drinking the Koolaid.

  5. A very predictable outcome indeed. When Chodo was still on board with the great leader he enjoyed full protection by the Hon Khaiyum who made this ugly Victor Lal story go away with the help of his Aussi law firm Minter Ellision. Now that Chodo has gone over to the dark side of opposing the Hon Khaiyum and his RFMF friends he has to pay a hefty price: 2,000,000 less in the bank and out of politics. And the beautiful thing is that Ro Temumu and Mick the loudmouth will be next.

  6. Nabua Prick

    You indignation is frivolous given Chaudary was Papa Pigs side kick from the word go. Had he stayed in the Pig’s good books he would have been safe and sound.

    But alas what goes around comes around.

  7. Well said Ratu sai. I hate papa pig and Mahen piglet. An opportunistic piece of shit. His gay son will have to find another nipple to suck on. I hate Bai Kai Mahen Rajen Rambo. Is there an honest person who can lead us without raping our great nation?

  8. See what happens Rajen and Mahen when you don’t share your little boys with uncle paul.

  9. After reading Victor’s piece on Fiji Leaks I think Mahen is lucky not to go to naboro. The money was for the poor farmers.

    He lied about the money.

    He avoided tax and announced amnesty when he was Interim minister of finance.

    I thought madigan was lienient as he has the means to pay $2m.

  10. Chaudhry is a real blood sucker – taking out millions of dollars from a poor, starving country like India. Everyone donates money to india. Mahen takes money our of India. That’s what a ‘genius’ he is!

  11. Convict mahen and his family came prepared that he will be in naboro. He is lucky that the judicary is more impartial than one thought. With max 2 year jail term, it could easily justy sending him for 12 months.

    Convict mahen should count his lucky stars and spend the rest of his life with family and away from politics.

  12. He should have been sentence to a custodial term. However, he could handle that. This man Mahen is a greedy self serving pig. The only way to hurt him is through his fat wallet.

  13. Getting a couple of million dollars in revenue is more attractive than looking after Chaudary in prison for two years, which is not a cheap exercise.

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