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SODELPA Youth and Women show their strength……… Mr Rabuka said the women and the youth were not happy with his role in the 1987 coup.

Rabuka, a non-politician

Nasik Swami
Thursday, May 01, 2014

AFTER being sacked by the Social Democratic and Liberal Party executives, former prime minister Sitiveni Rabuka says he will enjoy his life as a non-politician.

“My best plan is just to do nothing and enjoy the rest of my life as a non-politician,” Mr Rabuka said.

He claimed Fiji had a different political landscape — one where people are against military dictatorship and second where people are champions of parliamentary democracy.

“I have been dropped from SODELPA which means it is also untenable for me to be with the sympathising parties like NFP, FLP and PDP,” Mr Rabuka said.

He said all the “blokes” who had previously taken part in Fijian politics have been shelved.

“I can stand as an independent candidate but it will just split the votes and you will not be able to show the world whether you support dictatorship of parliamentary democracy.”

Mr Rabuka has called on his supporters to stand up for what he stood for in value for the people.

“…They stand up for what I stood for in value for the people, good values and racial harmony.

“Racial harmony is acknowledging our differences but working together as one nation.”

He claimed that he was sacked by SODELPA executives last week because of a move initiated by the party’s women and youth wing.

Mr Rabuka said the women and the youth were not happy with his role in the 1987 coup.

“They were not happy with my role in the coup 27 years ago. They went to the party leader with their complaints and I was told to go,” he said.

“Just like that I was sacked. But I have no ill feelings towards anybody. The women are the pillars of our society and the youths are the future.

“So it was only right for me to adhere to the demands they had.”

In a statement, SODELPA said Mr Rabuka was no longer with the party.


7 thoughts on “SODELPA Youth and Women show their strength……… Mr Rabuka said the women and the youth were not happy with his role in the 1987 coup.

  1. Sacked from what exactly?

    Do you not have to have a job or official position to be sacked from?

  2. Great job SODELPA.

    Imagine Frank or Aiyaz standing up against coup makers and corruption. They would have to thrown themselves off the bus first…

  3. It had to take women and young people to make him come to his senses! He thought he was still good enough after the introduction of coup model that Frank ands Kaiyum are still following. We woke up to this deception years ago and he thinks we are still asleep unlike him! At least he has heard the voice of our women and our young people and decided to call it a day but for the current Franko mob, it might take the pigs to make them come to their senses and the begging question is when??

  4. There’s division in SODELPA.

    They’re kicking out all Rabuka and Speight supporters – most of whom are iTaukeis and chiefs.

    Very soon non-Christians mocked and thrown out. These includes Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and other non-christian religions.

    Then it’s the gay and lesbian group targeted.

    Then it’s divorcees turn.

    The list goes on.

    Don’t waste your time with SODELPA.

    Get out of that Mickey Mouse party that will only divide, discriminate people and tear down this great nation.

    Come! Join Fiji First where all are respected and all are part of a united family to a journey where Fiji’s future is a prosperous and united one.

  5. @ Naboro Princess

    So you are supporting Rabuka and Speight now? How noble and brave you are to say.

    Who is Frank’s Fiji Fist supporting? Maybe Keep Frank and Aiyaz Out of Naboro Group? I wonder how many minorities are in that one – or is it just you, Frank and Aiyaz?

    They have no people, no signatures, no plans, no policies and no idea. Vote for Fiji First if you want more of nothing; just signs on all the bus stops asking to “report” corruption to the corruptors.

  6. @ Radio idiot.


    The PM that can unite all iTaukeis, all races and the various stakeholders together.

    VB puts Fiji First. And he will ensure ALL are respected and protected.

    NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND ………….. for the nation will move together forward with him.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM!!!

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