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One day polling now to be over 15 days. This means that some voters will be voting before the candidate numbers are released two weeks before the election.

Fiji election official confirms polling will be more than one day

By Robert Matau
From Islands Business International

Wed 30 Apr 2014

The 2014 election will include a two week pre-polling period for voters in the remote parts of Fiji.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem confirmed in a press conference in Suva today (Wednesday) that there could be a fortnight pre-polling period before September 17 to cater for voters who live in remote areas.
“For instance you may seen that we have listed 174 venues for the eastern division and you have been hearing over past few days and months that there may be situation where pre polling could be done for remote locations.
“We will go in advance of 17 September to conduct polling for voters in remote areas so it does not become an operational issue on September 17.
“Pre polling is going to work in favour of those voters and assist the Fiji Elections Office in providing proper access for everybody.”

In the 2006 elections one of the polling stations in the interior of Ba took polling officials a full day just to reach one station and another day to return with the boxes.
In several islands in the Lau group, east of Fiji, officials had to wait for high tide to access certain polling stations on the islands.
Saneem also announced that there would be a total of 1,338 Polling centres for the September elections.
He called on members of the public, political parties, government agencies and any other stakeholders to review the provisional list of polling venues and inform the Elections Office if they believe changes are needed.
Saneem explained that each proposed polling venue will contain one or more polling stations.

“Each polling venue will have as many polling stations as may be required to distribute voters and maintain a maximum of 500 voters per polling Station,” he said.
Most of the Polling venues on the provisional list were used as polling centres during the 2006 election.
“However, we have also added new polling venues that reflect the growth and movement of the Fijian population,” he said.
“The Elections Office will now start assigning voters to specific polling venues, and where the venue has more than one polling station into a particular station as well,” Saneem said.
He expects to have a provisional list of voter assignments ready by mid-May.
“We will publish this list for voters to check if they have been listed in the correct venue,” he said.
“In June, the voter will be able to correct their polling venue as we conduct phase 4 of voter registration,” he added.

15 thoughts on “One day polling now to be over 15 days. This means that some voters will be voting before the candidate numbers are released two weeks before the election.

  1. no ane, it’ll be a 1 day but take two weeks before that to get it done in that one day, in other words it’ll be 14-day 1 day election. still got doubts? read the Electoral Decree and Bhainikayum Constitution…still confused? join the negligible 99.99999 percent mini minority population of Fiji.

  2. Bainimarama has been in power for 8 years and despite his claims Fiji has at best stagnated but in many areas it has gone backwards.

    What started out as a SIMPLE CLEAN UP has turned into a SELF-STYLED REVOLUTION. Why the change of name.

    A successful clean up would see the END OF CORRUPTION and prosecutions of senior ministers from previous governments. Instead we have seen an almost total failure to root out the alleged corruption of the Qarase era. Whilst we now see so many REGIME INSIDERS and family members living the high-life thanks to the REVOLUTION and rampant NEPOTISM.

  3. Are they just finding out now that one day polling for a country like Fiji is next to impossible. Did they not take into account people in the interior and outlying islands? What a dumb lot.

  4. This can be very suspect since the ballot will be held by electioneers until election day. In the meantime it is exposed to interference by people who have vested interest. This is one area where the votes can be tampered with. So is there any security in the process or will we have pre entered boxes slipped in with the genuine lot. We must be wary of everything the regime do as they are on survival mode and desperation will bring out the worst in them. Already we are witnessing manipulation and breaching of rules by the usurpers.

  5. Sorry ladies and getlemen. I hate to say rhis, but I told you so. The regime will only have an election that wthey will win. That’s the whole reason of having an election. It was never for us. It was for them. It was never an election for us to choose our next group of leaders. It was for them to be ‘voted’ in as legitimate holders of power.

    You see, as time progresses, the whole stark truth will come out. There’s more to come, so please do not be surprised. I sure hope that before we lose the opportunity, we must take the appropriate action. As long as we allow them to make the rules, we will continue to be surprised, disappointed, enraged and frustrated. Things will only change if we make the rules. That is the only way out of this dilemna folks.

    Please let us organise ourselves better. We have seen and talked enough about this evil regime. Now when must we rise up and get rid of them. I ask you all to consider what several others have suggested. Lets unite as a nation of law abiding people. Let’s sign a petition or a national referendum to demand that Voreqe and his criminals step aside. Let’s march and protest. An independent interim Government must takeover and take us into a free and fair election. We must refuse to be governed by this bunch of criminals anymore. Our friends at Coup 4.5 have also decided that to be the best way forward. Let’s join hands. United we shall stand and overcome. Vinaka

  6. What’s wrong to admit that they can’t have elections in one day.

    Majority will still vote for one day.

    The arrangement makes sense.

    Let’s all make an effort to vote.

  7. When will be THE MARCH and PROTEST be held Tomasi.I think people are spending more time drinking grog and have no balls to March and PROTEST!

  8. Vote for fiji first for stability and peace.

    Vote for any other party means we going backward.

    Victor lal’s article on Mahen caudhary’s million is very revealing. His honesty is questionable. He now has to pay for his crimes.

    Sodelpa is a party with a menifesto that was applicable after 87 not now

  9. @Anon 1.48 Please keep in touch on this blog and Coup 4.5 for details and updates. As for our folks drinking grog, let them decide how they live, but please let them know we are serious about ending the regime’s tyranny and injustice. Talking is good and must be encouraged. But there comes a time when action must be taken. We realise that that moment to take action has come. This scandal of and election is the last straw. We have had enough. We must take a stand. Enough of this criminal and tyrannical rule. We the people must act to reclaim our God-given rights and freedom. Please tell the other law abiding citizens. Its time to act. NOW. Please keep in touch for details. God bless our VITI.

  10. @ rajesh

    All very well complaining about Mahen – but where was Frank’s careful, law abiding eye when Mahen was working with him?

    Bullshit. Frank’s Fiji Fist “manifesto” is to stay out of prison and to avoid being held to account for his crimes.

  11. Fiji’s military dictatorship to run free & fair elections, who were we kidding eh? The only election these guys should be allowed to run will be the one to decide who their prison leader will be.

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