Australia staying in Pacific Forum

By: AAP, International News | Wednesday April 30 2014 15:09

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Australia has rejected a demand by Fiji that it leave the Pacific Islands Forum.

Fiji was suspended from the forum in 2009 after Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama broke a promise to return the country to democracy after his 2006 military coup.

Its membership is likely to be discussed at the forum’s annual meeting in July.

Before it considers rejoining, Fiji wants a realignment of the forum that excludes Australia and New Zealand.


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  1. Unfortunately the decision is one that has to be made by the Forum as a whole and not Fiji. As usual Papa Pig wants to King in the region with everyone bowing to him.

  2. I fully support Oz and NZ pulling out of the Forum. There are better ways to spend our tax money. In addition all aid should be strictly tied to receivers adhering to Oz and NZ human rights and democracy standards.

  3. Those (tied) Aid is still better then Aid Fiji currently receives from China and other Middle Easten countries,as this govt is not transparent on the conditionalities of those loans. Get Real Aunty Nur…in this world of International Development/Aid – There is no such thing as Free Aid. There is always something for the Donor. Fiji people are not stupid. Aus and NZ are upfront about their policy and transparent about their motives in the region and that is Transparency.Democracy is what people want today….not dictatorship. Their Democracy is far better then what we currently submit to in Fiji – from the past until today. People like you and those who are leaders now are an embarrassment as to the calibre of minds and leadership you display for Fiji. The way it is now – Fiji will go back to cannibalism soon,,,,and when that happens….You will swallow your pride and regurgitate on it.

  4. Good on you Australia…most of us are fed up with Bainimarama’s unaccountable leadership, especially how he misuses Public and aid money reaching his ambit of control….he will use Aust and NZ aid money to buy votes in the form of sewing machines, forks to rural dwellers…no do not pull out of Pac Forum as the illegal idiotic dictator wants….he does not want to sit together with people at a public meeting who ask legitimate questions on his behaviour.

  5. It makes Ms Bishop’s recent ass kissing visit to Fiji look somewhat inane.

    This development should be a clear sign to Aus and NZ’s foreign affairs departments, that Mr Khaiyum has no intention of relinquishing power, now or ever.

    Frank will appoint Khaiyum Chief Justice after the elections. At that point, both of these psychotic megalomaniacs will be untouchable.

    When the true extent of this upper level corruption is revealed along with Fiji’s astronomical foreign debt, those who vote for Frank will be eating humble pie for many generations.

    It is very sad indeed. Aus and NZ sit back and watch. But then again so do the people of Fiji.

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