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1338 independant observers required for “Franks Method” of election.

With each polling station having roughly the same number of voters the job of the observers is impossible unless there are 1338 of them. As the observers will not be allowed to move between polling ststions during voting there locations will be known beforehand and no vote rigging will take place at these booths.

The decree also mentions that the observers will have designated areas during polling and they will also be present in polling stations at the opening of the ballot boxes and during the counting process.
1,338 proposed polling venues have been identified by the Elections Office for the September 17th General Elections.

17 thoughts on “1338 independant observers required for “Franks Method” of election.

  1. There’s no problem in getting the 1,300+ observers – there are so many who are more than willing to be observers in our elections. So many people from Aust, NZ, PNG, US, EU, India, etc.

    So what’s the big fuss??? You antis just wanting to make an issue out of nothing!!!

    You antis just worry about getting your parties and people ready for the elections!

    Preparations for the elections are well taken care of by the Elections Office.

  2. Nabua Prick

    What is bugging you nutty? The article is merely a factual analysis of the logistics required in the election. A perfectly legitimate and useful exercise to keep the public informed as in fact reported by Fiji village.

  3. Guys don’t get too exited about minor issues. What is at stake here is to ensure that our great leaders get a vast majority in parliament. All features of the elections are designed to ensure this. Why don’t you just come over, support Khaiyum and benefit from his grace.

  4. We are already seeing activities to support rigged and fraudulent elections – This includes:
    No exit polling
    the complex ballot
    minimum time allowed for “other” political parties to campaign
    no media freedom
    no freedom of speech
    the illegal constitution forced onto the people of Fiji
    the illegal electoral decree
    lies and broken promises
    deliberate breaches of their own electoral decree
    the corrupt and puppet electoral commission
    no rule of law
    military officer in senior government positions
    the inexperienced, unqualified and puppet supervisor of elections

  5. Fiji is just becoming another middle eastern style failed state. The idiot military sold their nation out for a few chick peas in a bowl.

  6. Nabua Prick

    What the hell is wrong with you?

    I am talking about the analysis of information to be disseminated for public consumption. Thus the posting is basically and exercise in discussing the required logistics for observers during the election.

    You jumping up and down for nothing, delusional from pun pun.

  7. Add to the above list the sending of Qarase and Chaudhry to jail so they cannot fight the election. These two were democratically elected Prime Minister and were the greatest threat to Khayium.
    Khayium is getting rid of anyone who is a threat.
    When will Bai and Khayium go to jail!

  8. The problem is the i Taukei like Nabua Prick who get sold for peanuts.All the problem is due to i Taukei. Do not blame my man Khayium.

  9. Fiji’s dictator is desperate to win the elections and to stay in power or it will mean certain arrest and imprisonment for him and his group of corrupt, parasitic friends and family.
    Therefore, his illegal and megalomaniac AG, Khaiyum, has been working the system through his corrupt judiciary, illegal decrees, puppet electoral Commission, and his unqualified and inexperienced Supervisor of Elections who has not voted before in any general elections, to rig the elections in the dictator’s favour.

  10. Friends, we must not be surprised anymore. This regime has tried its very best to make sure that every aspect of the proposed election work together to achieve its primary goal. It primary goal is to vote itself into lawful and legitimate power over us. I repeat, every aspect of the election has been carefully planned and designed to guarrantee a win for Voreqe by a clear majority.

    Now, on the 1338 or more polling stations, we will need 1338 observers for the interest of the nation. But each party would like to have their representatives and observers on hand to satisfy themselves that the process on voting day is transparent, and above board. Now consider the costs and logistics involved in making that happen. The simple truth is that it will be a very costly exercise trying to have people in every part of Fiji at the same time on the same day.

    Now the question is WHY?

    1. Why make the voting so difficult? ( 300 numbers on a single A4 paper and nothing to help our voters remember the number of their candidates)
    2. Why make the due diligence process so costly and difficult? ( They don’t want us to see and know what is really happening at the voting stations and anywhere else until the results are announced.)
    3. Why make party registration so costly and difficult? ( Less competition for the murderous thieving dictator means greater chances of winning. Eliminate your enemy even before the fight begins. That’s the best strategy to win a battle. Tsun Tsu strategy.)

    People, please know that this dictator and his regime are not interested in our votes. They are more concerned about winning the election. They have rigged the election to guarrantee a win for them. So please, stop being surprised.

    However, we can change the game. We can change the rules.We can stop being victims. We can stop this evil reign. Let’s stop playing their game under their rules. Why should we when they themselves do not?

    Let’s boycott the election. Let’s not take part in any of their cunning, evil and hopeless exercise. Let’s come together, sign a petition, march to Epeli, Voreqe and Khaiyum and tell them in their faces, ENOUGH. STOP. STEP ASIDE. WE DEMAND CHANGE. WE WANT AN INTERIM ADMINISTRATION TO TAKE US TO A FREE AND FAIR ELECTION.

    The sooner we do this, the better for us all. For far too long, we have allowed them to enslave, intimidate, terrorise, rob, murder and make us 3rd class citizens in our own land. Who are these people? How can we allow them to treat us with utter disdain and disrespect? Enough. Please let us unite. Enough of the criticisms and philosophical arguments. That will come later when proper election happens. Lets vote to end this evil reign. Let’s march our freedom march. Let’s tell the dictator and his dogs, ENOUGH. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.


  11. Tomasi you are totally right. This is what I have being saying all the way.
    The election will be RIGGED.
    The only way is for an INTERIM GOVERNMENT.
    I really do not understand the fact that SODELPA, NFP, LABOUR and PDP do not understand.
    I am telling now they all must boycott the election otherwise their is no point to complain after the election where Bai/ Khayium will make a clean sweep of the election.
    8 years of rule is enough and we deserve a free and fair election.
    Do not think N.Z.or any other country will do anything for the people as they are only interested in doing business with Fiji.

  12. @ Anon 2:24pm

    Perhaps you are right. But I have some cause for hope – Frank is out and about, trying to get on camera for any excuse; watched his fat arse at the Coca cola games the other day.

    But he still hasn’t managed to get enough signatures; he can’t just ask the RFMF to sign for it because people would talk. Quite ironic when you think about it.

  13. There is no point trying to play a game that is played on rules set by a dictator! Come on Fiji – you cant be so blind to not see what is happening before your very eyes. This election is the ultimate scandal that puts a lid to your freedom. It gives Frank and thugs the legitimacy they have been wanting for years and will make all the unlawful activities they have done acceptable! All has been planned for Frank’s victory and its useless trying to assess public support for him and hoping that he will be booted out. The reality is that he will still be there even though the majority fo Fiji dont vote for him. He will still be prime minister and his party will still win and rule even when the majority will not support them at the ballot box. That is how scanndalous the election is!! You will already realise the magnitude of corrupt scheming put into this election and the regime means business. Its their desperate attempt to have their way because anything else means total disaster for them. Get real Fiji and smell the coffee………the election is a national scandal that you are about to be involved in!!!

  14. Thank you @Anonymous 2.24 and 11.42. Let’s continue to help our people see the obvious. We must absolutely reject the fraud and scandal and ruse of an election. It is time to stand up to this regime and tell them, ENOUGH.

    Let’s organise ourselves. Enough of this critique and armchair critic stuff my fellow citizens. Our nation is calling us to make a stand, a bold stand against injustice, evil and tyranny. Let’s sign the vote of no confidence while they are engineering a vote to unlimited power. Let’s tell them ENOUGH while they are cunningly scheming a vote to continue. Let;s march, and tell the world that we have had ENOUGH. Let us plan and prepare ourselves for the challenge of dislodging this evil force from our nation and our future. ENOUGH.

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