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Violating the Decree can result in a 27,000 US dollar fine or 10 years in jail.

Controversial Fiji decree provision not in draft copy – NGO

Updated at 11:17 am on 29 April 2014

The NGO Coalition for Human Rights in Fiji says a controversial section of the Electoral Decree was not in the draft copy submitted to the Electoral Commission.

Section 115 says any group receiving foreign funding cannot campaign on election issues, which includes organising debates, panel discussions or publishing information.

Violating the Decree can result in a 27,000 US dollar fine or 10 years in jail.

The coalition’s chair, Shamima Ali, says because the Attorney General has not responded to a request the provision be clarified, her group approached the Electoral Commission for help.

“We have appealed to the Electoral Commission who themselves have said they were in the dark about that particular clause in the Electoral Decree. It was apparently missing when they first saw it. So they were going to get an independent legal opinion on that.”

Shamima Ali says it hopes to hear back from the Electoral Commission on the outcome this week.

The Electoral Commission could not be reached for comment.


21 thoughts on “Violating the Decree can result in a 27,000 US dollar fine or 10 years in jail.

  1. Looks like just another sneaky plan by Bainikhaiyum to try to cheat all the other parties out of the election.

    Soon they will try to jail or ban everyone who isn’t on the blue bus…

  2. Foreign funding leads to our big Brothers NZ and Australia bullying us and dictating to us what we should do.I thinks we should do away with it

  3. Rad thats about the gist of how this regime operates. So much for a truly democratic Fiji where everyone is Fijian and equal.

  4. A recent quote from Papa Pig’s speech:

    “Whether you be a commoner or a chief; a shop keeper or a consumer; a landowner or a farmer; an office worker or a labourer; a woman or a man; a pensioner or a youth; a city dweller or someone living in our maritime or rural areas. We have to travel together to become the pride of the Pacific and the world. I need you all…all Fijians to come with me on this journey, I need you to believe in my goal for a united Fiji; a honest Fiji; a corrupt free Fiji.”

    Where does this decree leave marginalized groups whose interests are often championed by NGOs? So much talk but their action speaks volumes of their ulterior motives.

  5. Our toolbox is large and holds a very diverse set of effective means to secure a clear win in the elections. While we certainly need to legitimise the rule of our great leaders we cannot take any risks at the ballot box. Imagine we end up with some unruly parliamentarians who question everything that our great leaders move in parliament? Imagine opposition parliamentarians start to shine a light on our very effective public private partnership business model! It would be chaos and disfunction and our revenue would be negatively impacted. It is against this background that you have to see the rules that the Hon Khaiyum has established and will modify to ensure a positive outcome for our family.

  6. Suppose Ratu Sai’s political party is one that is fighting for Fiji in becoming a nation strongly devoted to the evil dark Lords. They want to eliminate all the good from enlightened nations. His party is strongly financed by an NGO from overseas who has millions of dollars to pour out to Ratu Sai’s party for this cause.


    While we respect Ratu Sai new beliefs; should Fiji allow Ratu Sai in campaigning, organizing debates, publishing information that promotes dark teachings that will lead to an evil future?


    We should not.

    Conclusion: Section 115 is needed for Fiji’s own sake as Fiji’s future should be determined by Fijians themselves and not NGOs that rely so much on foreign funding. If Ratu Sai has alot of Fiji members then let them pay for their own campaign in elections.

  7. Agree with you Mack.

    Good example Foreign Influence ……………… hehehehehehe ……………… very creative!

  8. Manus landowners decry Australia boomerang aid – By Radio NZ

    Updated at 12:42 pm on 29 April 2014

    The owners of land housing Australia’s detention centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island say Australia is practising boomerang aid over the camp.

    One of the landowners, Porou Papi, says they initially saw the facility as an economic opportunity for Manus Island but Canberra has not used any of their resources, with many Australian contractors employed..

    Mr Papi says the landowners feel Australia’s actions make no sense.

    “Now, the question is this: are they questioning the capabilities and the qualifications of we Manus citizens or the landowners? They are getting every – materials, everything – their food supplies from Australia. There are hundreds of Australians in the boarding hotel in Lombrum where the asylum seekers are and you hardly see them working in the camp. And then they go off with thousands and thousands of Australian dollars.”

    A landowner on Manus Island, Porou Papi

  9. SUGAR DEALS – very promising for Fiji.

    Negotiations with UAE in process for export of sugar – Fijivillage Reports

    Fiji will export sugar to the United Arab Emirates if negotiations with stakeholders are successful.

    Fiji Sugar Corporation Executive Chairman Abdul Khan said the decision to pursue new sugar markets like the Middle East, Bangladesh and China is because of stability in market trends.

    Khan said the issue they are faced with at the moment is the premium they are getting from the European Union, as the market prices are reasonable.

    He said there are two things that they got to look at because the industry is capital intensive a lot of costs are fixed costs.

    At the last International Sugar Organization meet held in Nadi the Prime Minister said they needed more engagement, more co-operation and more understanding of each other’s positions.

    Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is confident the ISO will deliver better outcomes for the sugar industry as a whole.

    Meanwhile, the group has now 87 member countries, including, most recently, Sri Lanka, which joined a couple of months ago.

  10. @ Ratu She & Radio idiots.

    If you antis afraid of competing in the elections then don’t compete.

    Australia and others and especially you antis will be closely observing and no one will want to rig the elections.

    Fiji First will win fair and square – and guess what – BY A LARGE MAJORITY.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  11. @ Nabua Princess/Foreign Idiot/Kumar

    You have no clue right?

    Do you know how much FOREIGN AID Frankikhaiyum accepts from China, NZ and Australia?

    Maybe they should ban themselves?

    But you know that they won’t because Frank and Aiyaz have never listened to any law, never mind their OWN laws. Call them what they are: they are liars and criminals.

  12. What kind of foreign influence is perpetrated through NGOs? How does it become a threat to national sovereignty?

    We are talking here of Women’s Rights Moments, Transparency International, Citizens Constitutional Forum, etc. etc. These NGOs either target particular groups or particular issues that all serve to better inform people of their rights in accordance to law and government policies, as well as keep the government in check.

    They do not campaign but they educate the public on matters of national interest, organize debates or lectures on such issues, as recently carried out by the Citizen Constitutional Forum in the form of a booklet explaining the Constitution.

    The money donated to NGOs is nothing compared to AID that the government gladly accepts.

    So the fear of foreign influence through NGOs is a load of shit.

    But what the decree does is to ensure that the only view or explanation available to the public is the one being trumpeted by Papa Pig’s corrupted cronies. So sad given the media have been coerced into submission.

  13. Radiolucas aka Ratu sai aka Sissy

    What’s your comment about mahen chaudary after the piece by Victor lal on fiji leaks?

    Mahen lied and lied and lied is what victor says. Mahen broke the law. Also, its clear the money was for the poor displaced farmer.

    Majority of the fiji indo community who voted for mahen previously will now find be happy to see him at naboro hotel.

  14. @ Radio Idiot

    These foreign aid coming in to Fiji does not influence our elections! Hence our elections will be fair if no foreign influence is permitted to affect it. You still can’t get that! You idiot!

    @ Ratu She Shit head.

    There has to be one rule for all NGOs taking part or influencing the elections. The rule is no foreign funding should be received by them.

    You still can’t get the message by Foreign Influence! You really an idiot!

    No one is against Women’s Rights – in fact my man VB champions women’s rights and male’s rights, kid’s rights and even the oldies rights! He wants equal rights for all.

    If the Women’s Group wishes to educate voters then all they need to do is channel the money they’re willing to spend to the right people/group approved by Elections Office who are independent and apolitical to spearhead and take care of educating our population. But not them as some may feel that they may be favoring particular political parties.

    Monies from aid and monies going to NGOs are two different things and have different effects on the elections. With monies going to NGOs the effects in the elections are much much more as these NGOs will be directly involved in campaigning.

    You Ratu She and Radio idiots don’t know what you’re talking about.

    This is an issue that no Fiji political party must go against as it will benefit Fiji not only in this but also in future elections. (In case you haven’t noticed, no political party is against this rule for they all know it except you two! The particular NGO is very smart in not going against the rule but just seeking it to be clarified – hence also seeking attention. They know very well the reasons behind the rule but just playing politics with Govt.)

    Enough is enough!!! No NGO receiving foreign funding should be allowed to disturb our elections from being fair and done by Fijians for Fiji.

  15. Nabua Prick

    The rubbish you continue regurgitate reflects how shallow your understanding is on the subject. The decree is not about stopping funding for NGOs but preventing them from carrying out public education programs on the election.

    Indeed your man Papa Pig is a champion of women’s rights after kicking the shit out of a few women tortured up at the QEB. Male’s rights goes out the window as those who have passed away and recaptured inmates found out when they crossed the almighty coward, your man the Pig. Where was children’s rights when students of Yet San were taken to task by Police for his granddaughter’s lost i pad?

    I don’t give a rat’s arse if no body is against the decree I am merely discussing the issue as published.

  16. @ Ratu She idiot.

    Waste time counter arguments – try again.

    This response is not like Ratu She I know – come one do better than this!!!

    As for your last sentence – very poor counter arguments indeed!!!

    Are you a puppet of Fijitoday!!! You seem to be for them just for the sake of being for them!!! What do you believe in that Fiji should do? You are really easily swayed by political comments that has a big ‘hook’ attached to it.

    Think Ratu She!!! And try and see what you cannot see!!! When you become enlightened then you’ll agree that the participation of NGOs who receive foreign funding is better to remain a ‘No No’.

    So think before you speak!!!

    Ok boy – good boy girl!!!

    Just in case you really need help then at least marinate on this:


  17. @ Naboro Princess

    I like the link you provide. Funny that you use a link from a democratic nation to attempt to prove your point for a military regime. So just to get this right:

    1. Frank and Aiyaz are using GOVERNMENT money for their campaign – without the approval of the people, or even the legal basis in the constifusion that they created.

    2. The Government Money is from our pockets and from foreign loans from China.

    3. BUT according to Aiyaz, the biggest worry to the voters of Fiji is the Fiji Women’s Rights movements???

    How stupid is that? Maybe you should stop marinating in the blue bus and take a long, hard look at what your so-called leader is doing.

  18. @ Radio idiot aka Ratu She Shit head

    Waste time counter comments – try again!!!

    As for Women’s Rights – you still missed the point.

    The issue here idiots are foreign influence on the elections – esp. those that can directly affect it.

    Now do your research, really think hard and try again ……………… you idiots …………. 5/8 researcher!


  19. Nabua Prick

    Hahahahahaha you have been shown up for what you are and you have no idea what you talking about.

    How has the women’s Rights movement influenced the election? Have they been campaigning for a political party?

    Lao ga lei vi mapolo ei ira na kiji….ra moro saqili.

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