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It didn’t require a complaint for the “hate speach” saga.

Media authority head rejects Fiij Sun bias claims

Updated at 4:30 am today

The chairman of the Media Industry Development Authority is rejecting claims that the Fiji Sun is biased and in favour of the regime.

A number of politicians opposed to the regime say they believe the newspaper doesn’t pay much attention to any of the registered parties, while it continually reports on the government’s activities.

But Ashwin Raj doesn’t agree.

“That is not true, I wish you could read the Fiji Sun on a daily basis because I’ve seen various reports on the National Federation Party, lots of attention on its new leadership. I’ve seen pieces by the Fiji Labour Party leader, pieces by SODELPA, PDP secretariat, and so it’s there.”

Ashwin Raj however says he will act on concerns that the Fiji Sun is breaching a government decree, by reporting on Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama’s election campaign, despite him not registering a party yet.

He says he has to wait to receive an official complaint.


49 thoughts on “It didn’t require a complaint for the “hate speach” saga.

  1. AL Raj is selective in his opinion and very biased in favour of his pay-source the illegal regime. He comes out blazing fire and fury when comments are against the illegal regime but Fiji Sun is singing from same song book as he does…what a low down dishonest, and unprincipled liar who will compromise his integrity and self respect to oil those who pay him…no better than propagandist Gorvis…what a low down earthworm who lives on detritus and manure.

  2. Waste time comments by ‘antis’.

    Fiji Sun has been measured and they have been seen and weighed to be fair.

    ‘Antis’ need come up with better arguments and facts.

    Also SODELPA, NFP, PDP and FLP needs to say more on what their vision are for the new Fiji. Maybe they’ll just copy my man VB’s vision.

  3. @ Tamai Miller

    Tell us sara mada which party you are part of. SODELPA???

    SODELPA is no longer fighting for the interests of the iTaukeis.

    Only my man VB fights for the iTaukei interests with so much passion and commitment.

    My man also fights for the interests of the Fijians of Indian origins, Fijians of European origin, Fijians of Solomons origin and everyone else. And guess what? With the same passion and commitment he shares for the iTaukeis.

    My man fights for equality and fairness and to top it off fights for respect for all races and stakeholders.

    My man VB is a visionary and he wants a clever educated Fiji. He cares for this great nation and majority just simply loves him.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  4. The Sun is a wonderfully balanced and positive newspaper which focusses on the achievements of our leaders. The Sun will soon publish everything we wanted to know but never dared to ask.

  5. The Ministry of Information leaflet is a liftout out in the Fiji Sun so all you morons saying Sun is no biased need to check whether whats in your skulls is actually a brain.

  6. Suliasi Mate
    Who said wannabe AL Raj have any integrity and self respect to compromise. HE HAS NONE; the BLOCKHEAD

  7. Mr. Simple and Mr Block
    Agree with you mate…he Raj sounds a simpleton ….demonstrated again by his temperamental and idiotic fury against ABC and its staff who recently annoyed him at a media conference in Honiara…he thinks he is a know all knit in somebody’s backside, causing discomforting itch

  8. Enough is this Ashwin Raj already. He does not deserve all this attention which is what he craves. Marc Edge, when is part 2 of the instalment coming so Mr Raj can be shut up once and for all.

  9. Mac Edge on this blog. Maybe, his students are given a free day.

    As a student of his, I can say he was biased.

  10. The dictator has been campaigning across the country for the past seven years while other political parties have been “caged” behind Khaiyum’s illegal decrees and Bainimarama’s brutal military thugs who have been intimidating and beating up anyone and everyone who speaks the truth about Bainimarama and his megalomaniac puppet master.

    Now the dictator attempts to fool the people of Fiji with his speech saying that “Whether you be a commoner or a chief; a shop keeper or a consumer; a landowner or a farmer; an office worker or a labourer; a woman or a man; a pensioner or a youth; a city dweller or someone living in our maritime or rural areas. We have to travel together to become the pride of the Pacific and the world. I need you all…all Fijians to come with me on this journey, I need you to believe in my goal for a united Fiji; a honest Fiji; a corrupt free Fiji.” What a f#&kin load of bullshit!

    Bainimarama and Khaiyum have NOT DONE anything honest or corrupt free since December 2006! This clearly implies that Bainimarama thinks that Fijians are STUPID and can easily be fooled by his lies and free gifts of sewing machines, brush-cutters and other goodies. Meanwhile, Bainimarama and his puppet master loot Fiji of its wealth, steal native lands, pay themselves multiple salaries, insult native Fijian culture and tradition and their Lord Jesus Christ!

  11. It’s now the 28th of April and we do not have a new target date for the registration of the Fiji First Family Party. The 22nd has come and gone. Radio Regime tells us Frank will move to areas which he is yet to visit to gather signatures. So what happened? Where has he been already? Does he have to go personally to register the voters? Has he no supporters who can do this? People are saying that some of the people who signed up as members of the Fiji First Family Non party were not registered voters. It looks like the plan to make it hard for SODELPA supporters to register has backfired. SODELPA will do all it can to help their supporters register while others who might be willing to vote for Bainimarama won’t be registered! One thing is for sure: every day he fails to register is a blow at Frank’s credibility, exposing the lies of the Fiji Sun polls which show him way out in front.

  12. Fiji First will register when more Fijians have been given more opportunities to register their names with the party.

    More people want to be registered so Fiji First will allow them this honour.

    Vinaka VB and Fiji First.

  13. Nimilote murder by the Fiji Military
    Bainimarama wants us to vote him to power, the man under his authority many people of our country were tortured and muedered and todate nobody has been arrested for the dastardly crimes. No we will not vote for Bhai the murderer

  14. The Fiji Sun has always been a bad paper – full of bullshit, lies and propaganda.

    After Frank and Aiyaz slithered into power, they have used the Sun as nothing more than a mouthpiece for their lies and false promises.

  15. It is a shame on the regime to have not out clear on late Mr Nimilote.God and people of Fiji will one day do justice. Our deepest sympathy to the family of late Mr Nimilote.

  16. Radiolucas
    We should not forgot Fiji Sun is owned by Gujerati – C J Patel – Sandeep Patel who stays overseas.These Guji’s in Fiji have exploited the Indians mostly farmers to make a fortune.Now they are doing to i Taukei. This community will do anything to ensure that their pockets remain filled!.
    The purchase of Rewa Diary by CJ Patel for a cheap price remains to be questioned by all right thinking people.This company should have always remain with the government to assist the diary farmers.Now it is a total monopoly as all milk has to be supplied by diary farmers to Diary Fiji Limited.
    Diary Fiji Ltd which manages Rewa Diary owned by C J Patel gets total duty free entry of powered milk against those importers who have to pay 32% as duty.
    So pay back time to promote illegal regime through Fiji Sun. Fiji Sun gets 100% advertisement from illegal government so more money flows into CJ Patel owned Fiji Sun.

  17. Obviously the ones that buy the Sun consider it better value with respect to content than the competition.

    Or is it that it’s way cheaper? The reasons in the answer.

  18. @ Anon

    I don’t want to blame Gujis. Plenty of them are my friends. But there are certain families, of all races, that have sucked up to the regime and used the denigration of our nation to their advantage.

    I personally, treat these people with the distaste and dislike that they deserve – and even after they may admit their error, I don’t forget what they did.

  19. The way things are going the itaukei are going to thier point of no return.
    Remember that good strategist will always work out an exit plan to counter enemies who use weapons of mass destruction and the power of tax dollars to kill and take away indigineous rights. Today, it is in Fiji and I bet if Frank and Khaiyum and their Fiji First Party come in power, the indigineous rights of the itaukei will be totally destroyed. If they can destroy the GCC, change the laws of the land being administered by the NLTB, impose and violate their own decrees and never being charge by Fiji Police, they will never give any chance once they rig the election and tell the world we are here to tell the UN and the Commonwealth countries, this is the way the world should be. Just use the gun to control the Government Treasury and team up with few top Muslims Strategist and control the tax dollars to buy votes of mad people and kill the indigineous rights

  20. If SODELPA can chase Rabuka out of their party then very soon they will chase all iTaukeis who backed Rabuka and Speight when they staged their coups.

    SODELPA is a divided party!!! They are no longer champions of iTaukei rights as they had claimed earlier!

    Mickey Mouse, the Youth & Women’s Groups of SODELPA will ensure that all (esp. all iTaukei chiefs) who backed Rabuka and Speight are kept out of SODELPA leadership and representation.

    Where in the world is SODELPA going???

    They just like a mud crab – going sideways to their dark hole.

  21. @Nabua Prince….who told you Rabuka was chased away…he left voluntarily when he was not elected deputy leader….he came with huge heavy baggage which nobody really was confortable with….Rabuka introduced the coup and he deserves to be locked up now….people of all races are fed up with coups and people associated with coups.

    You Natabus Prince (Prick)..are obviously Bainimarama supporter…well you may rot in bed.

  22. @ Nabua Prince

    Why are you so concerned about SODELPA and what it is doing?

    Speaking of dark holes, aren’t you meant to be busy handing out the lollies on the blue bus?

  23. Nabua Prince
    What happened to the Blue Bus???Now back looking for money and FF party not registered – what a tamani BIG FAIL.
    Moce Jo.

  24. Nabua Prince
    The free bus given by Mrs Kewal was to get favour from the regime . It caught fire and all the registration form was burnt.Not a good start!
    Mrs Kewal is preparing another bus!
    How can these businesses support openly an illegal regime!
    We need to get a list of businesses supporting the illegal regime.
    1. Fiji Sun
    2. Island Buses
    3. Niranjans Auto – all rental vehicle.
    4. C J Patel
    5. Fiji Sun
    6. Nabua Pharmacy
    7. BDO – Nur Bano

  25. Singh tightlipped on contesting elections
    Publish date/time: 29/04/2014 [15:04]

    The General Secretary of the Fiji Teachers Union, Agni Deo Singh has refused to make any comments on whether he will step down and contest the September 17th General Elections.

    When asked by Fijivillage, Singh said that he cannot say anything on this issue.
    Under the Political Parties Decree, no elected or appointed official of a trade union can be a party member or party office holder.

    Meanwhile, about 1,000 teachers from around the country are attending the Fiji Teachers Union Conference at Labasa Sangam College today.

    Also present at the conference are unionists Danial Urai, Felix Anthony, Rajeshwar Singh and former parliamentarian Krishna Dutt.

  26. Danial Urai, Felix Anthony, Rajeshwar Singh and former parliamentarian Krishna Dutt.
    are all using union funds to campaign for PDP.
    How come they are all together at the FTU conference.
    Similarly, Krishna Dutt and others were present at FPSA AGM.
    Agni Deo is seeking pay increase to buy votes from the teachers.
    Why Agni did not asked for pay increase for so many years?
    Why now when election is around the corner!
    How come they are all together at the FTU conference.
    Can Khayium look into this please.
    They must be charged for using union funds for political campaign.
    We in Labasa will support Bainimarma/ Khayium.

  27. And Ro kepa and sodelpa supota’s were at the FTA conference.

    Grassroot taukei will support Fiji First. What has Gcc or the sodelpa leaders done for common fijians for the last 8 years.


  28. Ratu She or better still sissy

    Get your facts right. Rabuka himself said he was booted.

    And there goes at least 5,ooo itaukei votes.

    At one stage I was thinking sodelpa will get around 18 seats. Now, it looks like they will be getting no more than 8 seats.

    I ask you this simple question? Do u think taukei people will vote for mick Beddose who stole money from NBF and someone else’s wife. Mick is a liability for sodelpa.

  29. Why blame the indians when the majority of ministers, PS are fijians.

    One problem with fijians is that you are quick to put the blame on others.

    Frank will win the election.

  30. My prediction is that Sodelpa will get 10 seats and Fiji First 40 seats. No other party will be in parliament.

  31. Rabuka felt he was chased away by SODELPA.

    How SODELPA dealt with him it is not wrong to deduce that Rabuka was chased out

    Here listen to this to understand the above statements:


    Very soon all who supported Rabuka and Speight will be next. This includes all the chiefs and iTaukeis who were part of the Rabuka Govt. and those who were part of the Speight group.

    So to all iTaukeis – stop wasting your time in SODELPA – come to Fiji First where all races interests are important and will be fairly addressed.

    My man VB believes in moving the nation forward – forward to a better and united Fiji.

    He has mapped out a way forward and everyone will be protected and respected.

    So come and join my man VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  32. @ Radio Shit Head

    You’re really an idiot!

    The same can be said to you. Why are you so concerned about Fiji First and my man VB?

    What kind of line of questioning you’re coming up with – you idiot!

    My man VB and his Govt. if you still don’t know has done alot for this great nation and he has proposed a way forward that will unite and make Fiji a better place.

    As for SODELPA they cannot lead this nation forward as they themselves are divided.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  33. @ Nabua Princess

    Don’t get so excited lady. The only good thing your man Bhainikhaiyum can do is ride you all in the blue bus to Naboro. No more cassava patch sprinting. Just owning up to the worst, most destructive decade in Fijis history.

    But your man is a lying, murdering coward who attacks women and bullies his way through life.

    So keep your lips fastened onto the blue bus until the end; then you can be counted as their supporta when the investigations start.

  34. Radiolucas

    And your men and women are so ethical sleeping with other’s spouses.

    And killing the poor of their fair share of lease money.

  35. @ Radio Shit Head

    What investigation you talking about? Stop dreaming! The Constitution is already in place and changing it isn’t that easy as you make them appear to be.

    Just admit it – SODELPA is divided!!! A divided party cannot lead and unite to a nation!!!

    Move forward Radio!

    My man VB is inviting everyone (including you) to a journey where no one will be discriminated or left behind but will be respected and empowered in turning this great nation into a smarter and more productive Fiji.

    Fiji has gone through so much and our only way forward is to move forward together. Not divided like SODELPA.

    Come my dear iTaukei brothers and sisters and join my man VB in this united journey! Majority of iTaukeis are already with my man. So too are majority of my Fijian bothers and sisters of Indian, European, Solomon, Rabi, Rotuman, Chinese, Pakistan, Australian, New Zealand, American, British, etc origins.

    Don’t be left out – COME!

  36. From some of the comments here it’s obvious that many do not read either of the dailies or, listen to the media but just fabricate assumptions to fit their own personal agendas.

  37. @ Nabua Princess

    VB is inviting everyone (including you) to a journey where no one will be discriminated or left behind

    The only place Frankykhaiyum has been taking us is a depressed economy, no jobs, lots of China loans, no rule of law and rule by the gun.

    Look at how stupid their “campaign” is. They breach their OWN laws, then cannot even get enough signatures. What a joke.

    Time to get off the blue bus before it crashes, Princess.

  38. @ Nabua Prince
    You must be the half formed baby that fell out of VB’s anus during his cassava patch dash. I know i’m your father who impregnated VB. You stink like that smell that emanated from VB’s pants that fateful day.

    Go home now and have a bath.

  39. Hehehehehehe…………………….

    Ratu She Shit Head and Radio idiot can’t argue on the issue!!!

    Hehehehehehe …………….. na idiot ga na idiot!!!

    Now they wanting to character assassination!!!

    Old redundant techniques of arguing!!!

    Hehehehehehehehe ………………………. You idiots!!!

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