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Fiji Sun, the propaganda paper of the dictatorship, given free to school children. A great political move.

We often hear it said the children of today are our leaders of tomorrow.
We know when community leaders and political leaders receive free gifts from corporations and ” captains of industry” (including for example the tobacco industry) and start to speak in favour of them or come under their sway, that that is not ethical and acceptable behaviour.
We have a name for that kind of behaviour.
So it makes me wonder if it is alright for school children to receive free newspapers from a newspaper company and then write a letter to editor to the same newspaper to say we ” thank the Fiji Sun for their free daily supply of newspapers” (FS 23/4).
What kind of future leaders are these children likely to make? The free gift taking kind? How can they be expected to cast a critical eye on issues confronting the community – both local and global?
If the schools do not have a budget to buy their own newspapers ( what kind of education is the school offering then?) then they should pass a hat around to collect the money to buy their own newspapers.
There is more dignity in that and a better likelihood of producing leaders with integrity.
Rajend Naidu

7 thoughts on “Fiji Sun, the propaganda paper of the dictatorship, given free to school children. A great political move.

  1. That is simply to get publicity by giving unsold copies to school children. Not surprising given only school children believe the bulls printed by the paper.

  2. Another incisive point of view from Rajend Naidu.

    Lets hope the freebies for school copies of the regimes propaganda infested rag aren’t being made possible through government subsidies via the Ministry of Education.

    In any case this stunt is a simple indication of how their much lauded circulation figures are able to look as unembarrassing as they really are.

  3. Reading is a very important tool in development of children, be it Fiji Sun or other novels/books.

    Reading Fiji Sun will update many students with the current political issues and give them better understanding in chosing future leaders of Fiji in the September elections.

  4. It nis a known fact that the Sun is the regime’s mouthpiece so this act is just another medium of broadcasting the regime’s propaganda and campaign. Anyway the Sun too must be losing ground in paid circulation so there’s so much left overs. It would be wonderful to see people’s power ultimately decide who gets to rule instead of the vested interest of the huge business corporations which fund governments which do their biddings towards furthering their own empire building and not in the people’s interest.

  5. The irony is that if the majority of the Sun readership did not want to read the political propaganda contained in it they would not buy the paper and it would go out of business.

    People generally buy what they prefer to read.

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