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New Zealands complicated MMP voting system outcomplicated by Fijis blank voting paper.



23 thoughts on “New Zealands complicated MMP voting system outcomplicated by Fijis blank voting paper.

  1. Nobody will be able to follow the Fiji voting system….so complicated …on top of voting all in one day….they are purposely complicating voting for ulterior motives.

  2. This has been done by Khayium to rig the election. Political parties should not complain after the election.Even the SOE is not qualified and experienced.All signs that the election will be rigged.

  3. We are already seeing activities to support rigged and fraudulent elections – This includes:
    No exit polling
    the complex ballot
    minimum time allowed for “other” political parties to campaign
    no media freedom
    no freedom of speech
    the illegal constitution forced onto the people of Fiji
    the illegal electoral decree
    lies and broken promises
    deliberate breaches of their own electoral decree
    the corrupt and puppet electoral commission
    no rule of law
    military officer in senior government positions
    the inexperienced, unqualified and puppet supervisor of elections

  4. The regime’s ballot paper is confusing and has no resemblance of a voting form and looks more like a tattslotto entry form. So candidates will just cross their fingers and trust to luck to make it into parliament. This is all enforced system shoved onto the people who had no say in the preparation of the election including the designing of the ballot paper. Many questions remain unanswered regarding the whole setup and yet we have to proceed without consideration of people’s queries about loopholes in the system. Rigging Juggernaut has been launched and is now set sailing.

  5. If people consider it’s too complicated it should also be considered if they should be given the privilege of voting.

  6. It is ridiculous to compare our voting system with New Zealand’s. Fiji is a sophisticated country enjoying an extremely intelligent and highly educated population. NZ in contrast is a rural society of peasants whose only interest is rugby and sheep. These people would be overwhelmed by revolutionary ballot paper as devised by the Honourable Khaiyum. But then again, the entire exercise might be considered a waste of time and money. We all know what the outcome of our elections will be, don’t we?

  7. It would be fair to say Frank has the measure of all eejits concerned why?

    Well one has to treat idiots the only way one knows.

    Frank is all for democratic principles where one retard is as good as one genius however he draws the line when idiots concludes two or more retards are better than one genius.

  8. If its complicated, its complicated for all parties, be it FF, FLP, NFP, Sodelpa.

    Is it hard for voters to remember a single number they will vote for?

    As for rigging, wasn’t the last election rigged? FLP mad the allegations and even the observers highlighted this.

  9. For some nothing will ever be acceptable, fortunately not many care about them.

    The one thing you can guarantee is that whoever wins the election their will still be a group of whinnying cyber warriors putting the same amount of effort into complaining.

  10. Fiji’s dictator is desperate to win the elections and to stay in power or it will mean certain arrest and imprisonment for him and his group of corrupt, parasitic friends and family.
    Therefore, his illegal and megalomaniac AG, Khaiyum, has been working the system through his corrupt judiciary, illegal decrees, puppet electoral Commission, and his unqualified and inexperienced Supervisor of Elections who has not voted before in any general elections, to rig the elections in the dictator’s favour.

  11. The ballot paper is not about winning, losing or rigging the election. It is about making things simple and easy for the voters who are not allowed to write the number of their preferred candidate on anything on their person when they go into the booth. You do so at the risk of a hefty fine or imprisonment.

    How stupid is that?

  12. If the rule of law is supposedly applied equally to all, why is George Speight in prison while the 2 other coup leaders are free and able to contest elections? What was different about the 2000 coup from the 1987 and 2006 coups? How have we justified such an unfair application of the rule of law in this instant?

  13. Chaudary is about to go to jail Qarase and speight have done so,it”s because they wanted to have it their own ways and not the people”s will which backfired and exploded on their faces.As for ballot papers,if this choice of voting has been used by country’s with very huge populations than I don’t see any reason why we can”t do the same.FORGET

  14. Can micky mouse reveal the truth about his NBL or do we ask Victor Lal to investigate.

    Sodelpa should shove Micky mouse as the general electors which number just below 10% of total votes will not support Mick. Get a better person to represent us.

  15. Let us support the full process on electioneering .

    No individual will be able to put a spanner in the works to deprive a fair and just election.

    The people of Fiji are no fools , they will elect proven, qualified and experienced members of parliament , whether the campaign period is short or long , those new members of parliament are out there already . they have done their campaigning for last 10 to 20 years by their contribution to society.

    Anyone trying to steal or kill or destroy will get the proper and fair deal and end up in prison.

    Just about all major players are monitoring the preparations in Fiji including NZ, Australia, EU, USA, China,India, Pacific countries , etc

  16. The ballot paper is not difficult to understand.

    The only thing voters need to remember is a three digit number.

    That’s all.

    Just remember my man VB’s 3 digit number and tick that number.

    And my man VB becomes PM again as expected.

  17. @ NP

    I am glad that you are so in love with your Man. I bet you have his 666 number on speed dial.

    Pardon my incredulity. The only thing not difficult to understand is the intention that Bainikhayum have for Fiji – more bullshit and waste of time bus riding.

    Don’t worry though; I am sure that between you, Aiyaz, Meck and Sai (the fake), you can get enough lunch money for lots of fun, driving around Naboro in your blue bus of love.

  18. Only young Fiji will decide it’s future, not those know-it-alls who think the Westminster government devotees are the only ones who understand true democracy. Britain’s system took hundreds of years to evolve and voters there are still unhappy. So if you don’t like Fiji feel free to fuck off and leave them in peace. Fiji know who their true friends are and always show respect for others, regardless of their ways – Fiji is non-judgmental.
    Want to know a funny story? Years ago (I think around 1962) when at high school, I burst out laughing in a New Zealand history class, when our teacher told us that New Zealand did not recognise mainland China!!!! Go figure!

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