Fiji election breaches should be denounced by Australia and New Zealand

April 25, 2014

Bainimarama accused of stealing SODELPA colours

Caught breaching its own decree, trying to steal another party’s name, another’s party colours – what next? Predictably, the regime is turning a deaf ear to criticisms and blithely going ahead as though it’s business as usual. But a series of breaches have now exposed the regime’s lack of transparency and ongoing unfair treatment of political parties and it should be investigated and eliminated from the election. Australia and New Zealand and the international organisations who’ve supported the regime’s elections plans all need to acknowledge the sham and put pressure on the Suva administration to right the wrongs, if they are to retain any credibility. The breaches, committed by both Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, are major and can’t be ignored. There is irrefutable evidence Khaiyum registered himself the name Bainimarama is using for the elections, Fiji First, in November 2009, then re-registered it again in January this year. Bainimarama has meanwhile been campaigning ‘officially’ for more than a fortnight, despite not having registered his party, and has been allowed to collect the required 5,000 signatures as he goes. Khaiyum’s Political Parties Decree says no individual or organisation is allowed to campaign or act as a party until it has been registered. Fiji police are supposedly investigating four complaints already laid against Bainimarama, including exerting influence on election officials and naming a candidate before he had even registered, but there has been no outcome, let alone comment. Neither has the Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, voiced or noted any concern about the breaches or complaints. That is to be expected. Saneem, the regime’s former Permanent Secretary for Justice, was appointed Supervisor amid controversy by Khaiyum. The United Front for a Democracy has challenged the appointment saying Saneem wasn’t recommended by New Zealand, Australia or ‘private experts’ as claimed by Khaiyum after Australian Laurie McGrath turned down the role. UFDF, who asks what happened to the other 10 candidates who applied, says Saneem was too young to have even voted in 2006. Fiji media are today reporting Bainimarama has delayed registering his party but is still travelling the country collecting votes and he and Dr Jiko Luveni are due to open a womens resource centre in Bua on Friday. School principals have meanwhile been warned by the permanent secretary for the Public Service Commission, Parmesh Chand, not to engage in any political campaign or activity. Chand says principals cannot be seen to be using their influence as it is prohibited by the Political Parties Decree, the very same decree that is being breached left right and centre by the regime.

 Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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  1. I have said this many times and will say it again: This is Animal Farm democracy where some animals like Pigs are more equal than others.

  2. Parmesh Chand is born an opportunists. It is high time he and his wife spend time with their four daughters in N.Z. Parmesh always goes with the flow and will do anything to ensure he fills his pocket.

  3. The dictator has been travelling the country campaigning for more than a year, all with taxpayer funds, bribes [sewing machines, money, new homes and brush cutters, etc], Chinese loans and the support of his military goons and illegal decrees. Despite all their corruption and intimidation the dictator and his megalomaniac puppet master failed, yet again!

    This further reinforces what most sane people already know, that Bainimarama and Khayium does NOT have the support of the people.

  4. …’Australia and New Zealand and the international organisations all need to put pressure on the Suva administration to right the wrongs…’

    Again the begging bowl comes out and another whinger tries to make the dictator and his dictatorial practises the problem of other countries. Give me a break guys, nobody comes to the help of a bunch of indolent lamusona with no pride or dignity.

  5. There is no prove or evidence to warrant any investigation by this losers who are crying for investigations so we need to support Frank on as he has given us great change about service delivery for the people

  6. Fiji is still of major strategic importance to both China and the ANZUS Alliance in the battle for control of the South Pacific’s fisheries, deep sea mining and satellite & aerospace. This renewed lovey-duvvy feeling between Canberra-Wellington and Suva looks like a last ditched effort by the ANZUS Alliance to win back Bainimarama’s favour from the clutches of evil Red China. Clearly the Pacific’s super powers in the clamour and fury are oblivious to calls for free & fair elections from now to September until and unless we the people (including oppositional parties,trade unions, religious groups, NGOs & other progressive elements) stand up and protest and make it our business that it matters.

  7. Frank and Aiyaz have stolen a great deal from the Nation; its freedoms, its leadership, justice, assets and people.

    Stealing the SDL’s colours is just another little theft in a long line of lies and thieving that they are very famous for.

  8. When political expediency is the approach, the region becomes a mess! It is obvious from what is unfolding that the ANZAC corporation simply wants a government back in Fiji no matter how illegal and corrupt that government is. This is proof enough that trans-Tasman approach to regional problems has always been one of political expediency – a strategy driven by their own vested interest, not Fijis hence the eagerness to portray an acceptable picture of Fiji’s shambolic and scandalous election!! We all can see too that their approach to handsoff and soft sanction peddling accompanied by political rhetoric that dont influence anything is as good as doing nothing at all. Its the unfortunate reality we face with neighbours that profess to be regional leaders. So as Lamusona Levu alluded to above, Fiji’s freedom, and return to democracy will never be done by the ANZACs but by the Fiji people only who have the will to stand up and reclaim the dignity they have lost!

  9. Thank you friends for your contributions and valuable insights. @Anon 1.09 Very true indeed. The onus is upon us the Fiji citizens. It is time for appropriate action. Emil King is organising a Freedom March at Coup4.5. Let’s act. Maybe the ANZUS alliance will then realise that Voreqe’s days are numbered and his fate is already weighed in the people’s balance and found wanting.

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