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Public Servant Commissioner West Commander Joeli Cawaki joins with Police to Monitor Political Parties…………

Political parties monitored in the west

17:00 TodayTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Akosita Talei

Commissioner West Commander Joeli Cawaki says political parties have started their political campaigns and they’re working with Police to monitor this.

He adds this is to ensure that law and order is maintained.“It’s their right to do political campaigns and political speeches but part of government what we don’t want to see are people fighting during campaigns.

So that we just monitor that people do their campaigns and the politicians do the campaigns and the people don’t feel threatened when campaigns are going on.”The national elections will be held on September 17th. –

See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19422/political-parties-monitored-in-the-west#sthash.QCqFYsI2.dpuf

5 thoughts on “Public Servant Commissioner West Commander Joeli Cawaki joins with Police to Monitor Political Parties…………

  1. So, if Bainikhaiyum feel threatened by politicians telling the people the truth… Does that mean they get arrested???

    Seems like a lot of hot air and veiled threats towards anyone that isn’t sucking on tight to the blues bus…

  2. Gentlemen, we must accept the DC West’s actions as the logical response of a soldier to his superior’s instructions. The military is a disciplined force where commands are obeyed without question, and where questions, no matter how reasonable or necessary could be construed as insubordination. This is part of our challenge in Viti today when military officers, mostly under-educated, are given civilian positions of considerable responsibilities way beyond their mental capacity. Voreqe himself is a perfect example of this. He is the most perfect mismatch between position and person.

    The military coup was a major blow to democracy. It was also a major attack on certain fundamentals. But may I submit that we are here today because we were mostly indifferent to Rabuka’s 1987 coup. Had we agreed as a nation to reject Siti’s treasonous action and the conspiracy that conceived it, we would have been better off today.

    So it is that today, we have a blundering fool, mental retard, murderer, robber and a coward as the PM of Fiji. Logic dictates that he must have yes men and women beside, behind and around him to prop up the unsustainable regime. These yes people are basically cut from the same fibre, no matter how vastly different their social, academic and religious backgrounds.

    The DC Western is but only a distant example of the curses of this dictatorship. Just look around at the most critical positions of leadership, both within and outside the public sector. We have Pio and the two hound dogs in the PM’s office, Naliva and Rokoura. We have Pramesh at PSC, Kean at PWD, Teleni in China, Aiyaz as AG, Vuniwaqa at Immigrations, and so on.

    While so much has been said about the coup and its impact on our nation, we need to seriously stop and think (plan) about what we must do to stop this evil and save our nation from further suffering. When the Jews were being herded off in trains to the extermination camps in Poland and Germany, the world stood by and watched. We must therefore not be surprised that many people, Governments and nations will stand and watch us in Fiji as we grapple with our own tortures and murders, poverty, unemployment, and injustices, etc.

    The only way we can stir them to action is by giving them a compelling reason to do so. That is why I was suggesting that we immediately stop being victims and slaves to this regime. We have the right and power to stand up to this regime and demand that they stop and step aside.

    That will mean we reject this election process simply because it is not free and fair and the outcome is a foregone conclusion. To participate in the proposed election is being a party to the results and a condoning and acceptance of the regime’s unjust and illegal decrees and actions. Let me please say again. Let us unite and stand together. Let’s start by signing a petition and march as a nation, and present it to Epeli and Voreqe and to all the Ambassadors. Our freedom movements in Australia and NZ and USA could do the same. The next move would be a mass protest and tools down by the workers in all sectors. These are just some of the actions we could take to kill the evil monster once and for all.

    I humbly request our political leaders, chiefs, talatalas and religious leaders to consider this seriously. We have talked and complained for so long. Voreqe and his criminal gangs refuse to hear us. The foreign government’s may rightly think we are ok with the regime. But it is up to us the people. It is time for action. Vinaka.

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