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Fiji Sun Razor Poll for this week

POLITICS Retire Mahend: Poll Quit politics, 78 PER CENT of PEOPLE POLLED tell FIJI Labour PARTY leader

Nemani Delaibatiki
Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry should retire from politics, according to the latest Fiji Sun poll.
Seventy two per cent of those polled said this was the right time to step down.
Mr Chaudhry is awaiting sentence after his conviction of violating foreign exchange rules.
He had said earlier that he would announce his future plans after the sentence. He declined to comment last night.
It’s almost a reality now that Mr Chaudhry will not be able to stand in the September 17 general election. The question is: Should he step down now or wait until after his sentence. The uncertainty is creating uneasiness in the party.
Members are caught in a Catch-22 situation. Although they want him to lead the party in the election, they realise that the chances of him doing it are slim. They would like to think it’s a bad dream. But it won’t go away. It’s now turned into a nightmare. The big question is: Who will take over from him?
It was another good week for Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama and his proposed FijiFirst party.
He has jumped from 82 to 85 per cent in the Preferred Prime Minister poll. His proposed party has bounced back from 57 to 63 per cent in the preferred party responses. In the previous week, it had dropped from 66 to 57 per cent. The People’s Democratic Party shed one point from eight.


Fiji Sun’s ninth weekly poll

Q1: Have you registered and will you be voting in the upcoming election
Yes 82%
No 15%
Unsure 3%
Q2 Preferred Prime Minister in the upcoming elec- tion.
Voreqe Bainimarama 85%
None 9%
Ro Teimumu Kepa 3%
Laisenia Qarase 1%
Mahendra Chaudhry 1%
Biman Prasad 1%
Less than 1%
Adi Sivia Qoro
Sitiveni Rabuka
Mick Beddoes
Q3: Preferred Political Party in the upcoming elec- tion.
PM’s Proposed Fiji First party 63%
Don’t Know 27%
People’s Democratic Party 7%
Sodelpa 2%
Less than 1%
Fiji Labor Party
National Federation Party
Q4. Now that Mahendra Chaudhry has been convicted and cannot stand in the election, should he retire from politics?
Yes 78%
No 22%


7 thoughts on “Fiji Sun Razor Poll for this week

  1. But why would a self serving egotistical unpopular leader consider the party more important than himself?

  2. mahen will spend some retirement in jail, and than come out and enjoy retirement with $2million egg nest with his concubine Asha Lakhan.

  3. So I wonder who the razor poll goes to at the Fiji Sun?

    Frank, Meli, Aiyaz and Aunty Nur’s pet soldiers perhaps?

    None of these polls look convincing. I am looking forward to Fiji’ FIRST female PM in Ro Tememu Kepa. Sheis intelligent, well spoken and UNLIKE Frank; brave.

  4. Ratu she

    As a itaukei, I wished Sodelpa had a more stronger leader with wider appeal. Being brave does not mean she will get votes. Why not get someone who served in Iraq. He/she surely is brave to go there.

    Like u I would like sodelpa to win but when I ask fellow itaukei people the response isn’t too promising. In fact, people say that she is only for the elite after her comments on lease distribution.

    Rural itaukei seem to be behind frank despite dismantling GCC. I wonder why? Could it be because of the development andfree school fees.

  5. Is it possible that the Fiji Sun Poll is part of the strategy of deceit, confusion, intimidation, brainwashing, mind control and psychological warfare of this evil regime?
    Yes certainly, it is possible.
    Is it possible that the above is true?
    Certainly, it is quite possibly true, given the track record and their plans for holding onto power and control.
    Why would they need to conduct and announce the spurious polls? Because that is what the regime wants the people and the world to believe. They are preparing us for what they will do. They will rig the elections and win it. They want us and the world to accept it as a fair outcome.

    Be warned my fellow citizens, this regime has shown that it will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives. Just think about it? They have tortured, robbed, stolen, lied, cheated, and murdered to remain in power. What is a rigged election compared to those?

  6. I am sure a lot of people are wondering why the Fiji Sun is doing what they are doing. So let’s zoom in on the main actors in this episode. Let’s just forget about the Fiji sun owners and others for awhile and just focus on the people whose actions and decisions support Voreqe’s tyranny and injustice. Yes, people like Delaibatiki, Leone and Maika.

    To you gentlemen, let me just say this. We are very disappointed in you. You have let us down. You are a great disappointment and a cause for shame on our people and our nation. The 4th estate, to which you belong, is supposed to be a guardian of right and wrong, truth and justice. But your company, Fiji Sun, is the ambassador and the vendor of Fiji darkness. By supporting Voreqe and Aiyaz and gates and shammeem, you are are actively condoning the crimes they are committing. You are just as guilty as Voreqe and his criminal gangs.

    Please know that Voreqe is a shame, an embarrasment, and an absolute blemish on the Fijian historical landscape. The whole of Fiji and the world know Voreqe is not qualified to be a manager. Yet you are supporting his prime ministership. Voreqe is guilty of murder, torture, and many other crimes. Yet you and Fiji Sun blatantly support and encourage him. We the people think you have sold out your souls to the devil. You consider your personal benefits greater than our national interest. May God judge you for what you have done. Please know we do not approve of what you are doing. Please stop supporting Voreqe and this evil regime. It is not too late for you to repent. Please do the right thing. Resign from your jobs if that is the cost you have to bear, But please, do the right thing. Stop being an instrument of evil. God will forgive you, We will forgive you. Thank you.

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