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Mr Raj says he would treat any complaint seriously.

Fiji media watchdog says he’ll act if complaints received

Updated at 7:29 pm on 24 April 2014

The chairman of Fiji’s Media Industry Development Authority says he will act on concerns that the Fiji Sun is flouting a government decree as soon as he receives an official complaint.

Ashwin Raj has defended his decision to censure Fiji TV for broadcasting so-called hate speech.

Earlier this month MIDA ruled Fiji TV had breached the Constitution and the Media Decree for airing certain comments by a provincial chief during a visit by the regime leader.

Opposition politicians have complained that the Fiji Sun has run a number of articles which report on the election campaigning of Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama, despite him not yet having a registered party.

Mr Raj says he would treat any complaint seriously.

“And it’s something I’m looking forward to the official complaint so that I can act on it and I most definitely will. Here’s a critical issue raised by a politician and I’m going to look into it as soon as I receive an official complaint.”

The chairman of the Media Industry Development Authority Ashwin Raj.


6 thoughts on “Mr Raj says he would treat any complaint seriously.

  1. When Raj proclaimed that the Vesikula speech was ‘hateful’ he almost immediately penalised Fiji TV who only broadcasted it. But now seems to be dragging his feet on complaints against Crankie and Fiji Sun.

  2. I am shocked Mr Raj has not been sacked for his appalling handling of the Ratu Timoci comments which brought MIDA and interim government so much disrepute.

  3. Sack, the illegal gov is doing well all on its own to brings itself into disrepute. Nonetheless Raj should be sacked.

  4. This bald headed git Raj is nothing but a junta dancing girl hiding behind thugs with guns. Just another cowardly racist mongoose.

  5. This sucker Raj did not need an official complaint to jump at Fiji TV for the so called hate speech. So why does he need a complainant for the Sun?

  6. For all his fancy talk, failed academic Ashwin Raj has exposed himself as a downright dunce.

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