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SODELPA backlash; Rabuka quits

Former PM Sitiveni Rabuka

Taken from/By: FBC News 
Report by: Shanal Sivan

Former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has quit from the Social Democratic Liberal Party.

The Fiji Sun reported Rabuka, will not be contesting the 2014 general elections as a SODELPA candidate.

Rabuka says the SODELPA Youth Council and Women’s wing objected to his membership with the Party.

He was being lined-up by supporters within the SODELPA to be the deputy leader, but there was a strong backlash by opponents within the party.

A statement from SODELPA issued yesterday says Rabuka will not participate in the party under any official capacity.

However, it said Rabuka remained a party member and staunch SODELPA supporter.

The party wished Rabuka every success in his future public and private endeavours.

Rabuka says he will wait for a while until; he makes a decision on his next political move.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19345/sodelpa-backlash;-rabuka-quits#sthash.MR1XyzYT.dpuf

12 thoughts on “SODELPA backlash; Rabuka quits

  1. Rabuka
    Kerekere – sa cegu mada yani sa oti nomu gauna……
    Sega madaga ni ko vakasuka mai na qoliqoli ena nomu gauna – boci

  2. My advise for Rabuka would be to join the team that is destined to win as default. And this is not the SODELPA gang. What a perfect deputy prime minister would he make in Frank’s government! The signal to the peasants in Fiji, Australia and NZ would be loud and clear. In Fiji, staging a coup is richly awarded and the military is firmly in control.

  3. Rambo cannot serve in any other capacity but as a leader but no one believes in him anymore. His mana has gone down the drain.

  4. Fiji need Rabuka, SODELPA should consider stand. Time to reconcile all i Taukei to fight Kyaimu & Bhai.

  5. At least he”s taken away more than 50% votes from sodelpa which is 50 vote meaning Sodelpa is left with another 50

  6. The biggest joke with this whole episode is that to be sacked you must of had a position to be sacked from.

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