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One Hundred Sands has defaulted on a $US1.5million ($F2.73m) note which was due to the tribe in February 2014.

Tribe quits casino deal

Felix Chaudhary
Thursday, April 24, 2014

SNOQUALMIE Tribe, the American Indian tribe that had invested in a project to build Fiji’s first casino, says it pulled out of the deal because of issues with the developer, One Hundred Sands.

Jaime Martin, the communications and public relations officer for the Snoqualmie Tribe, said the developer was granted an exclusive licence to build and operate casinos in the country, had defaulted on payments due to the tribe, which resulted in their decision to end their involvement in the Fiji project.

“Since 2011, the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe invested with One Hundred Sands to develop a casino experience that would provide first-class entertainment and provide a positive economic impact for the people of Fiji,” he said.

“Unfortunately, One Hundred Sands has defaulted on a $US1.5million ($F2.73m) note which was due to the tribe in February 2014.

“The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe has been patient and co-operative throughout this project.

“We have reached out to One Hundred Sands seeking repayment of this loan but have yet to receive payment.

“We wish the people of Fiji and the project much success.”

One Hundred Sands chairman Larry Claunch said after the deal with the Snoqualmie Tribe fell through, he managed to secure funding through other means.

“We have secured other investors through Tim Manning from New Zealand,” he said.

“Tim Manning is One Hundred Sands investment partner, president and CEO.

“The project is moving forward quickly,” he said.


17 thoughts on “One Hundred Sands has defaulted on a $US1.5million ($F2.73m) note which was due to the tribe in February 2014.

  1. ANZ forecast fiji’s economy to expand by 4% this year.

    Governor of RBF says economy will expand by 3.8%.

    Standard and poors raises fiji’s credit rating to B positive.

    Now, let all the anti govt bloggers have a field day but Frank will have the last laugh.

    Min 80% votes for Frank with majority support from itaukei.

    Vinaka Frank.

  2. Annon

    ANZ has been given major assist by illegal regime by low tax rate. Now they have to sing the song of illegal regime while ANZ makes millions of dollars in profit and send it overseas.
    Barry Whiteside the governor is no different than Sada Reddy. They all have to manipulate and sing the song of the regime otherwise look for another job! Sada Reddy before he did the devaluation took $800,000 out of the country to N.Z.Why he has not been prosecuted till today. Can Barrywhiteside comment of this!
    Now 40% of people live below the poverty line while another 10 % are on the boarder line..
    The people have no freedom of speech and the FBC and Fiji Sun are controlled by the illegal regime.
    12,0000 graduates are still to get job!
    The national debt is around $6 billion!
    This is the state of the economy.

  3. Annon 9.56pm

    Did you take your anti-depression medicine today?

    Why would ANZ lose credibility for a tax cut that was offered to all businesses?

    And where did you get the 40% poverty level? Are you saying 4 out of 10 people are living below the poverty line? What is this line my friend. Just look around and you will find that people in jitu and other similar estates have sky pacific, smart fone etc.

    Do you have proof of Sada Reddy’s transfer of funds or is it a mere hearsay and rumour?

  4. Mick is sending press releases every day under the UFDF everyday. I wonder if anybody else endorses it.

    By the way, mick wants to be visible both in size and making the loudest noise.

    What has mick done for the people in the last 8 years.


    He says the fiji sun poll is bullshit. I say you are bullshit Mick.

    Go read fijileaks and u contradict your own self.

    Frank has actually got more than 25k signatures alone. He will get 10 times what you have. Opps u have jumped and joined a racist party and you call yourself moderate.

    I am certain you will get less than 500 votes.

  5. Mick is a thief that stole money from the tax payers as he owed big loans to NBF.

    Show us your records on when and how much loan you paid.

    If u can reveal it, stop asking the iG to do the same.
    No general electors will vote for u as you sold us all.

  6. Lawarance

    I think you have taken anti- depression medicine.
    ANZ has made millions in profit and transferred overseas while the people of Fiji are ripped off with high interest and bank charges to ensure that they never progress.
    Of course 40 % people are below poverty line worst in the history of Fiji.It does not mean people in Jittu have sky pacific and smart phones are not below the poverty.
    I suggest that you go and get some economics lectures.
    Sada Reddy smartly did the devaluation and got promoted to Governor so for him their was no loss of income in real terms.
    Why did he ran away from Fiji after doing the devaluation?
    He is already paying for his deed!
    Whatever goes around comes back!

  7. The korvis rip off spin merchants cant even spell sigatoka. They are about as Fijian as junta slurper Raj.

  8. Annon.

    Anz is not the only company that makes profit and sends it back to its shareholders. Companies all over the world do that. ANZ makes more profit because its the largest bank and not because its charges the highest interest rate or fees. Actually, its rates and fees are at the lower end.

    I guess u need a basic course in class 5 maths to calculate what 40% means.

    On sada, pls gets your facts right. Sada did devalution after becoming Governor.

    Pls go take your medicine.

    Fiji first will win 40 seats.

  9. I find it odd but the reality is that most people I have spoken with said they will support Frank and his party.

    I hope so as sodelpa will ruin fiji

  10. Regarding Sada Reddy and this allegation about him shifting $800K to NZ prior to devaluation – is there any truth in it ? Shouldnt be too difficult to find out from RBF !!

  11. WHO owns the PO Box 555 which Fiji’s Attorney-General and Minister for Elections Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum listed as the registrant’s postal code when he bought the domain name Fiji First in 2009 for military dictator Frank Bainimarama to use in the September general election.

    It seems the post code belongs to Khaiyum’s aunty Nur Bano Ali’s chartered accountancy firm BDO Zarin Ali. For the same post code is cited in documents relating to Latifa Investments, the family company owned by Aiyaz Khaiyum and his mother Latifa. Latifa Investments is 99 per cent owned by Khaiyum and one per cent by his mother. Nur Bano Ali is Khaiyum’s maternal aunt, sister of Khaiyum’s mother Latifa. Bano Ali is also the illegal regime’s pay mistress.

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