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He will not confirm or deny the report that soldiers were present on his campus to force one of his staff from the campus.

Heavy hand of regime censorship confirmed

April 23, 2014


On 4 April Freedom Blogs revealed that on Monday the 31st of March FNU lecturer Pita Waqawai had been sacked for revealing the facts about the ethnic composition of scholarships at FNU.  It was reported that two soldiers had escorted Mr Waqawai out of the University compound where his termination letter was delivered to him by the Manager Human Resources of FNU, Poasa Koroitamana.  Now Fiji Village have confirmed that he has been sacked, but no-one can say anything more about the report.  FNU Vice Chancellor can say nothing.  He will not confirm or deny the report that soldiers were present on his campus to force one of his staff from the campus.  He knows this is a job for the police, so why can’t he deny this happened.  His silence is confirmation of the original report.

Fiji Village: 23/04/2014 FNU senior lecturer sacked for misusing facilities



13 thoughts on “He will not confirm or deny the report that soldiers were present on his campus to force one of his staff from the campus.

  1. Naliva was one of the officers who marched the guy out of campus, the termination order came from King Pig himself.

  2. In the battle for political power it is perfectly legitimate to eliminate opposition whenever and wherever you can. Despite promising results of the Fiji Sun polls, our leaders still see considerable uncertainty surrounding the voting in this years elections. The liumuri factor is a strong driver in Fiji society and it could well be that censorship, intimidation of opposition and control of the electoral process by the Honourable Khaiyum will not be sufficient to produce the results that the AG wants and needs. So elimination of individual candidates becomes a necessity. Two former PMs have already been successfully banned from entering the race, the loudmouth Beddoes will be next, followed by the removal of Ro Teimumu. Our new constitution and the rest of the modern legislation drafted by the Honourable Khaiyum provides a multitude of legal avenues allowing the removal of candidates. In fact, even assassination is a clear option under the constitution as long as it is undertaken by the government. The immunity provisions are clear. So, instead of whinging everybody should join the winning team. Support our great leader Khaiyum and stop making silly noises.

  3. VC being silent over this matter makes him a corrupt leader but it is not surprising- where he gets his inspiration from.

  4. Yes it was certainly true. Naliva and Rokoura were the ones who went into the guys office and ordered him out. I guess that is another positive development for the one Fiji vision where all are Fijians and equal.

  5. Waqawai was not the only one. A couple of public servants also got sent home recently for circulating Waqawai’s email. Their marching orders were from the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama and executed by ‘Shadow’ aka Rokoura.

    Yes voters the intimidation, harassment by the regime and their cronies continues unabated.

  6. Bainimarama the sona levu trying to act like an angel in the blue bus but since 2006 thousands of children and women have been left without an income due these politically motivated sackings. Someone should do some research and highlights the impacts on families these bastards have dished out …..dou yavu SETANI

  7. Bainimarama’s leadership is based on force and treachery imposed on people..his screwing FNU lecturer on his releasing report on the treatment meted out on him by this Govt including sacking from his job and involvement of soldiers is just inhuman, uncalled for and brutal to say the least…we will simply cannot accept this to continue in Fiji IF we allow HIM WIN THE UPCOMING ELECTION.

    He is already breaking his own imposed decrees on election processes left right and centre..how can we trust this treasonous, unaccountable bully evil dictator who does not respect any law including his own decrees imposed on us to ensure his own winning and survival. NO WAY WILLL VOTE FOR THE UNCOUTH CRIMINAL DICTATOR.

  8. Send in the thugs in green to trash the opposition and snuff out the truth before it gets out into the open – welcome to the dictator’s paradise. What a prospect eh, certainly Fiji’s First!

  9. He was talking about “real” Fijians and “fake” Fijians. Thoroughly deserved sacking !!

  10. In a democracy Paad Maro Gandhaye; processes are followed. Oh I forgot, ASK and VB owns Fiji and its citizens

  11. Agree. Maybe this fake academic should have been given an opportunity to apologise and repent.

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