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You can have “policy”

Is anyone surprised that Frank’s big tour has produced questions from villages about the long-promised by never delivered village By-Laws? The By-laws were about to be delivered in 2010 when they were shelved without a proper explanation.

Since then, for four years, we’ve been told the by-Laws are on the way, but they never arrive. Now as Bainimarama tours villages people are asking: where are the By-laws you promised?

Deputy Permanent Secretary for iTaukei Affairs, Colonel Apakuki Kurusiga, has been pushed out to answer for Bainimarama. The hapless Colonel was forced to admit there have been a lot of questions about Village By-laws. People went through a long process of discussing By-laws and sending them to the Ministry for approval and implementation. They will not be happy to find out this was just going through the motions.

Kurusiga’s response was to advise villages to call a meeting under the turaga ni koro and discuss what they want to be observed by everyone within the village, like the dress code, the consumption of alcohol, respect for village elders, etc. They could then take a vote and agree on a POLICY!

But then what? Anyone can see that Kurusiga is just stalling. Why doesn’t Bainimarama just come out and say it straight: “We are all Fijians, there can be no law that applies only to iTaukei villages.”

At least the IAG who wrote the constitution should tell us if the Constitution would permit Village By-Laws, which apply only in villages, to have the force of law.

6 thoughts on “You can have “policy”

  1. If these dinosaurs believed that their village bye laws would actually be of any interest to any government it just goes to show how out of touch with reality they are.

    The law is the law and the law should apply to everyone equally. Should these villages and communities wish to try and impart their rules within their communities it is their own decision and at their own risk of killing off their culture as people are stifled and leave, but they can not have any force within the law of the land.

    Perhaps the first rules these village dinosaurs need to address is the total banning of women attending choir practice and leaving their children unattended and the cultural practice of traditional apology for any wrongdoing whatsoever as it leads to the expectation that it can be used after gang rape.

  2. What the dum wit dinosaurs of this illegal government were thinking at that time was to appease local village communities that that their way of life will be restored. What they did not know was how this was going to be done in the phases of progressive change to present day human rights laws and principles. It makes matters worse when a non-indigenous half schooled law officer who does not understand Fijian protocols and traditions setting the agenda and making up rules for this! The puppet permanent secretary is just the face to the ongoing fiasco and it is laughable seeing him not answering the questions directly……..oh what a mess!!

  3. Well…kerosene can never mix with water….the less substance/denser will always float to the surface. So is the nature of Policy making currently, especially for Public servant who became a leader overnight without experience except his (obvious)hate for I-taukei!.

  4. Kurusiga sa vei dani makawa tiko mai na qavota lala kei na jidamu wadu ka tu vei kemu. Muju sa mai vakamadua taki kemami na kai Kadavu. Muju jie butubutu wale ga nei Voreqe, muru vicai jidamu drasa!

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