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Playing the devils advocate. We must change the decree to avoid “Poll Blocking”


Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem said: “No time limit will be given to voters to cast their vote. We are not going to pressure anybody to quickly vote.”


The electoral decree needs to be modified to give the Supervisor of the polling booth the ability to put a sensible time limit on voting to avoid “Poll Blocking”.

Poll Blocking has been used as a weapon to negate  elections  in  South America. It is simply going into a booth to vote and staying there all day obstenstiouly trying to make up your mind. This would only require ten people, in a ten booth polling station, to stop the whole area voting.





4 thoughts on “Playing the devils advocate. We must change the decree to avoid “Poll Blocking”

  1. No matter how much noise is being made by the opposition losers, the crowning of King Bai as the lifelong ruler of Fiji is inevitable. The election process has been very carefully designed by Khaiyum and he has a very sophisticated toolbox at his disposal to ensure a clear majority for King Bai. On the rough end we have simple intimidation. Quite obviously, the votes of a certain polling station will be counted and villages that do not vote for Bai will be punished. There will also be some scary officers around the stations to “advise” voters. Then we have these beautiful provisions of the election decree which stipulate that nobody is allowed to discuss voting over the phone, texting or internet. Khaiyum has set up the infrastructure to listen to all communications and those who step out of line will be dealt with in the barracks. Then there is the mentality of cowardliness and subservience. The King has made it abundantly clear that opposition will not be tolerated and the lamusona gene will do the rest. The decree also has enough ammunition to shoot any serious contender out of the race: Forgotten to declare the bicycle of your grand son as an asset? Well, too bad, you have broken the law and you cannot stand. On the softer side, we have simple vote buying by the King. Sewing machines, power and water supply etc. The King has also made it very clear what he considers a level playing field. It is the field on which he can start his political campaign well in advance of everyone else, although he does not even have a registered party. There will be also lots of promises: A booming economy, the resurrection of the sugar industry, land being put to productive uses through 99 years leases etc. At the more technical side we have all the well tested tricks: stuffing ballot boxes, eliminating not favoured votes (the number has not been properly circled), simple manipulation of the electronic side by the click of a mouse etc etc. In a nutshell the best advise for the voters is to vote for Bai and reap the rewards of supporting the winning team.

  2. First of all a contradiction.

    Arse Kaium was quoted some weeks ago saying that each voter will be given 2 minutes to vote.

    Now sidekick Samimi is saying the opposite.

    Someone is going to get a smacked botty soon !

    And hence here are the mixed messages.

  3. But come on, it’s going to take half the dumb population at least an hour to decide which ‘freebies package’ they prefer.

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