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“Fiji can be so much better”


I was listening to a prospective politician last night and was blown away when he said “Fiji can be so much better”

This sums up our options at the poll.

Someone needs to step up and explain how they can correct the mess we are in  physically,morally and spiritually as a country.


37 thoughts on ““Fiji can be so much better”

  1. It will never be the politicians that can do this but only the people themselves.

    You can have the best politicians in the world but whilst you have a population where the majority have not yet evolved in areas such as education, moral values and social behaviour Fiji will remain a slum.

  2. Fiji is nothing more then a slum.The people get carried away by small things like free education and bus. The thugs are milking the taxpayers money and having a luxury life whilst majority live in slums below poverty line.

  3. Fiji’s dictator is desperate to win the elections and to stay in power or it will mean certain arrest and imprisonment for him and his group of corrupt, parasitic friends and family.
    Therefore, his illegal and megalomaniac AG, Khaiyum, has been working the system through his corrupt judiciary, illegal decrees, puppet electoral Commission, and his unqualified and inexperienced Supervisor of Elections who has not voted before in any general elections, to rig the elections in the dictator’s favour.

  4. With a great fanfare in Lau, FIJI’S DICTATOR, Bainimarama, announced he would register his party on 22 April. That day has passed by and no sign of a registration. Another missed deadline by Bainimarama.

    If SODELPA, FLP and NFP had delayed their registration by just one day they would have been de-registered. Bainimarama has delayed his registration and there is no consequence. Another case of – ONE law for Bainimarama another law for the rest.

    Confirming the news to FijiLive.com, the dictator said he was still compiling his list of required signatures.

    He needs 5000 signatures to register his proposed party – 2,000 from the central division, 1,750 from the western division, 1,000 from the northern division and a 250 from the eastern division.

    Bainimarama stated he was “still consolidating list of registered names and awaiting for forms from the islands.”
    Fiji’s fraudulent general elections – to save a corrupt, lying dictator and his parasitic group of corrupt family and friends

  5. It has to be a long term project i.e. to get us back onto even keel and towards realising our true potential as a country in terms of economic development and as a sustainable democracy. It’ll at least take a generation to build and sustain a culture of respect for the rule of law, for human rights and for democratic principles & institutions. We get these fundamentals in place, a couple of decades of free & fair elections under our belt, remove that political uncertainty that keep scaring foreign investors away then we’ll be able to register some decent economic growth and hope to god there’ll be half decent governments in place who’ll keep the poor and the vulnerable on their radar. But the one undertaking that can really speed up our reclaiming our potential or reclaiming our future is if all political parties (bar FB & ASK’s because they won’t) make a commitment in their election manifestos to abolish Fiji’s standing army. Every time we have a coup it drags us back 20 to 30 years in terms of lost opportunities in economic and democratic development. Let’s learn from countries like Costa Rica which have shown the world it can be done successfully, getting rid of one’s standing army. And like them we could one day proudly say that we have more doctors than soldiers.

  6. Agree but what choice do we have.

    Sodelpa: no, no, no.

    FLP: no, no, no:

    Nfp: nahi nahi nahi

    Pdp: no no no

  7. @ annon 10.35

    The problem with your opinion on the choice of parties is that it only represents your view, which does not amount to much (1 vote only).

  8. Dear friends and fellow citizens. Positive information provides education and inspiration for the mind, heart and soul. But information must stir us into mobility, for without action, very little can be achieved. Faith without action is dead. Thank you for the sharing and empowerment through these blog-sites all these years. Through your persistence, patience and goodwill, many of us here and abroad have been blessed by the information exchanges. Through this underground train, thousands have reached that destination called “MOMENT OF TRUTH’ Many sincere thanks to you all. Fiji will always remain indebted to you for taking the time, making the effort and risking a lot for the sake of sharing the truth, exploring the truth and defending the truth, freedom and justice. Only the truth will set us free. Education is empowering. Freedom is the very essence of what we are and connects us to God our Creator. Justice is fundamental to peace, progress and prosperity. It also reminds us of God’s character and provides direction and momentum in our lives.
    Having said that, I believe that we have reached a point where we must take action to remove this regime. More than 7 years have lapsed and they refuse to listen to us the people of this blessed land. I have often wondered how it is possible that a very small group of approximately 10 – 50 evil men and women have intimidated, terrorised, robbed, murdered, destroyed, traumatised, wounded, paralysed, lied, and threatened the rest of Fiji’s population. We have suffered so much already. But they continue to make us suffer more. They have robbed and killed, and they have shown not a single sign of remorse. They have written and imposed upon us a constitution, but that document only serves to justify their evil actions, consolidate their power and render them absolutely untouchable from the arms of the law. That constitution will confirm us as a nation of slaves and zombies. Sensing the need for the people’s support, they have planned, designed, implemented, managed, and controlled an election process to give them legitimate power to rule over us. As some of us see it, we have a very clear demonstration of electoral fraud or vote rigging played out right before our eyes. It is an illusion of hope, a masterstroke of an evil and desperate agenda to obtain the nation’s vote by stealth. Ladies and gentlemen, this election process is a sham, a scandal and a sure avenue to an even more brutal and ruthless dictatorship yet to be seen in Fiji.
    The way forward are many, depending on our perspectives. But one thing is certain, we will not have a fair and free election. The proposed election has only one goal. To vote into power the murderer, thief, torturer, liar, mental retard, coward and dictator, Voreqe Bainimarama and his friends and associates. If that is the case, then why should we play into their scam. Is there a better way? Is there a way of putting a stop to all these suffering, lies, corruption and criminal activities by the dictator? The simple answer is YES. But it depends on us the PEOPLE OF FIJI.
    The Appeals Court, politicians, academics, former military officers, former police officers, teachers, judges, trade unionists, journalists, foreign governments, regional leaders, ordinary citizens and various other people and groups have spoken out against this regime. But unless we the PEOPLE speak out with one voice, these group of criminals will never listen. I strongly believe that if we organise ourselves and speak with one voice, and send a clear message to our dictator and his evil regime, they will listen. Throughout the years of bondage and suffering in our own land under this evil regime, we have never done this once. A few people and groups have made the effort and we applaud them. But we must now, without fear and doubt, stand up to this regime and declare to them as a nation, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. IT IS TIME TO END THIS EVIL RULE. WE WILL BE FREE AGAIN. WE WILL HAVE JUSTICE AGAIN. WE WILL DECIDE HOW TO LIVE OUR LIVES WITH LOVE FOR GOD AND FOR ONE ANOTHER.
    I appeal to all of you, our fellow citizens, wherever you are. Let us come together. Let us stand together. Let us speak together. Together, we will remove the shackles that bind us. Together, we will eliminate the cancer that has decimated us. Together, let us fight against that enemy that has robbed us with impunity and threaten our future. Together, let us rediscover the power of the people when we are united and committed to a noble cause. To all our soldiers, policemen, prison officers, please know that your ultimate and most solemn duty is to protect this nation. I call upon all the public servants, business people, trade unions, teachers, nurses, doctors and health workers, the legal fraternity, bus and taxi drivers, workers in every industry, people of every community, village, settlement, island and location, and country. Please, let us unite to save our nation. Let us rescue our economy, restore hope, mutual trust, goodwill and happiness. Let us not wait to speak during the election. Without radical changes in the election framework, systems and processes, the election will silence our voice forever. It is now that we must act, not after the elections result is declared, because then we will have no reason to speak against the regime, for we have ‘voted them into power’ by agreeing to participate. What we need is to exercise our rights, as a collective, as the most powerful political group of free people, refusing to be enslaved and abused anymore.
    I request Mr Beddoes and the UFDF to work with the rest of our political parties to organise a petition to be circulated and signed by our citizens. From the schools. Colleges, universities and training institutions, to the hospitals and medical stations, churches, temples and mosques, let us join in and sign. From the factories, bus stations, marketplaces, ports and airports, hotels, resorts, restaurants, villages and settlements, tons, cities and suburbs, let us speak out to our dictators and the whole world and say with one voice, WE WILL BE FREE. NO MORE DICTATORSHIP. NO MORE SUFFERING AND MANIPULATION. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
    With the petition, we will march and tell this dictatorship, STEP DOWN AND STAND ASIDE. WE THE PEOPLE WANT OUR FREEDOM BACK. WE WILL RUN OUR COUNTRY BASED ON FREEDOM, LOVE, PEACE, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. We will tell Epeli Nailatikau, Voreqe, Khaiyum, Gates, Shameem, Nur Bano, Riyaz, Aslam, Francis Kean, Naliva, Rokoura, Aziz, Qorvis, Pryde, Kubuabola, Bole, Luveni, Tikoduadua, Pramesh, Maika Bolatiki, Delaibatiki, Kurusiga, Fiji Sun, CJ Patel, Tappoos, and their selfish associates, your time is up. It’s time to face the music. We the people have had enough. We will have no more of this nonsense.
    Organise well and done right, we the people will speak, we will march, we will take back our freedoms, rights and our country. The whole world will witness this. Other governments will now support us. God is already on our side because we are fighting for His cause. I welcome comments, ideas and suggestions. THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW. My fellow citizens, Fiji will be a better place because of your courage and positive action. We will leave behind a legacy for our next generations. We will also be glad to know that we have helped to eliminate the evil coup culture from our land and warn potential criminals and treasonists, that we the people will not tolerate the destruction of our values and the fundamental pillars upon which a life of peace, prosperity and happiness are built. Vinaka vakalevu. May God bless you all. May God bless Fiji.

  9. Tomasi – a good move. That will also show international observers that Fiji has been forced into an election that is clearly not free and not fair! In all its facets, this election is nothing more than a stage-managed scheme to secure Bainimarama the legitimacy he has been vying for over the years. That is why the election decree itself is so restrictive and democratically dis-empowering, and institutions that are supposedly tasked with supervising the election badly lack independence and practical power to enforce the provisions of the decree with integrity. The way things look, Fiji is in the middle of an animal farm election scheme and it ought to be resolved if the republic is to be avoided from going bananas!

  10. @Tomasi

    And why have the people not done this already?

    Why on earth would you even consider that this government would get voted in at September if there is such a vast majority who are going to support your idea?

    You are obviously not looking at the big picture.

  11. Obviously Tomasi has not got time to organise a petition as he wants someone else to do it.

    Perhaps he needs to get off his arse in between his sermons and do something useful.

  12. Totoka vakaoti Tomasi.

    E ra dau kaya mai Natuicake :

    ME VALA SARA ! !

    Au na maji e na gauna e lokuci.

  13. Thank you Kainoqu and Rocket. @ Reality and Anonymous. Timing is of the essence here. There is a time for everything under the sun, says the preacher of Biblical fame. I cannot or do not see the whole picture, you reckon. Well, consider this my fellow countrymen:

    1. The dictator is now a civilian, having vacated his Military Commander position a short while ago. He may still have some influence and spies and strings at the camp, but he is no longer the Commander. In terms of legitimate power and proper authority, he is less powerful today. Perhaps, that was why he wanted to be promoted as Rear Admiral after leaving Nabua. He must have felt the sudden loss of charisma, fear and respect by people even close to him.

    You see, the military was his power base. It was the power and force of the gun that he intimidated the Government for several years. It was the soldiers who stood by him when he took over the Government. It was not his but the power of the guns that gave him the courage to commit the tortures and murders and theft and destruction since he took over the reigns of power.

    2. You have to also factor in the fact that the army has a new Commander, and he may see things differently as time goes on. He may make public statements to convey the message that he is still loyal to his former superior, but who knows what is going on in his mind and behind the TV and radio screens. The new General must act like one, create his own aura and develop the private and public character of a strong leader who deserves the loyalty and respect of the military and the general public.

    3. The international community is also watching more closely, given the regime’s stated commitment to have democratic elections in September. Australia and NZ are showing keen interest and have made public statements supporting what they claim as good progress towards democratic rule. Voreqe is increasingly aware of how difficult it is to be a civilian and an aspiring politician.He must now walk with the people, including their chiefs, listen to them and convince them that he has what it takes to be in parliament, let alone be the PM. As Commander and PM, Voreqe was the emperor in the glamorous uniform. He is now the naked emperor, and his inner garments are being shredded everyday for the people of Fiji to see what a lousy, miserable, criminal and foolish retarded person he really is.

    4. Everyday and every week, through these blogs and more in the open media, people are talking, thinking, and discussing about who to vote for, where is Fiji heading, and who will best lead our country. People are swearing at Voreqe and Khaiyum and their evil and cunning activities. The impostors are being paraded before the public eye every single day and night. More people are speaking out. Most have realised that Voreqe’a claims about why he did the coup are all lies and he is a habitual liar and has a very forked tongue and never to be trusted. The truths are being uncovered. Voreqe is a murderer, a thief and a liar. He had to save himself from going to prison. All that has happened since December 5, 2006 were designed to save Voreqe and to hide that truth from the general public.

    5. This election is a very cunning and desperate attempt by the regime to avoid the gallows. They have designed and managed all facets of the election to ensure that they win. They would never allow an election if they could not guarrantee a victory for them.

    6. There is a new General at Fiji Police HQ. He is from South Africa. He is an unknown quantity in Fiji. He appears to be very serious about making the Fiji Police one of the best. His men and women will also try and impress him. He will want to impress Fijians and the international community that he is a professional and an excellent one at that. These are reasons why the regime and any prospective Government should tread cautiously on matters of law, even if we still have a corrupt and lame judiciary. Voreqe now has three generals to manipulate and contend with, namely the Military General Mosese, the Police General, and the General Public. But now, he does not have the army. He only has his few goons, a corrupt group of judges, legal minds, business people, and failed politicians and coup plotters.

    7. The election process is now well under way. Things are getting more clearer now. More information are coming to light. More revelations about corruption, nepotism, criminal actions and abysmal financial management by the regime are being made. More of our population are hearing the whole story rather than the one sided distortions by the regime. Information is empowering. Better decisions can be made based on sound information.

    8. In spite of the regime’s efforts to muzzle the press, control information flow, and brainwash the masses, more people are now sharing their experiences, the TV and radio and print media are beginning to gain more courage and inspiration from the blogs and websites. As the word gets around and the truth circulates, a strong current and positive whirlpool of information exchange is being generated, setting people free.

    9. As more people know the truth, it empowers them to think creatively, freely and soundly. They will begin to speak out and stand up and march and confront the impostors. Right now, this sense and mood by the general public is building, like the great body of water in a dam like Monasavu. At the right time, something will happen. It will spark the chain of events that will transform this nation from a cowed, intimidated, humble, obedient citizens into a powerful force for change and demand for an end to tyranny, the end of this evil regime. If you doubt this @Reality and other regime zombies, please learn from history.

    That answers your question @ Reality. The outcome of any process is determined by the process itself and by the actors involved. Just think about it for a moment. Why is Voreqe contesting the election? Very simple. Because he wants to stay in power.
    Why must he stay in power? Because he has only two options. Either stay in power or go to prison ( or face the hanging /firing squad). Better for him and his goons to stay in power. But why have the election? Why not just continue as is? No. They did try their best. They are still trying their best. But the people are seeing the light. The truth is being heard and known by more and more people. Even his soldiers have voiced their concerns. Ask Driti, Roko Ului, Ratu Isoa, Baledrokadroka, Tarakinikini, Tuatoko, Seruvakula, Waqanisau, Korovavala, Kadavulevu, and many other very senior officers. The military is divided and he knows he no longer has the loyalty and allegiance of his men. That is why must find another power base for a few more years of looting, murder, lying, and luxury living on taxpayer funds. The dictator is so desperate. The emperor is naked. The people now know the truth. They are now free. But they also know the election is another scam. Its another cunning strategy to help them stay in power.

    Now listen up and listen good. There are limits to everything. Even young kids learn this at a very tender age. But your leaders Voreqe,Khaiyum, Shameem and Gates have just realised this much to their dismay.

    For so long, we the people of Fiji have suffered silently. Some have died but there are thousands of walking wounded, suffering psychological, economic, financial, family, social and other injuries. We have reached the end of the road. We now know the truth. We have reached our limits. We are telling Voreqe and his regime to stand aside. Let the people of Fiji determine the future of this nation. We will have a proper election, in a free and fair environment. We will select our new leaders. We will restore hope and peace and mutual respect amongst our different ethnic and religious communities. We will work honestly and smartly to make our economy robust and healthy. A new dawn is coming.

    My fellow citizens, let us hope in God and love one another. God is faithful. Let us do our best and our God will do the rest. This evil regime must go. Let honour, righteousness, peace, love, prosperity and happiness find dwelling in our nation again.

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