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“The public debt becomes unsustainable,” Ms Deo said yesterday.

Public must query public debt, finance

Nasik Swami
Tuesday, April 22, 2014

IT is important for Fijians to know what public debt is and what it means to the ordinary citizen, says independent candidate and ‘Be the Change Campaign’ leader Roshika Deo.

Ms Deo explained that public debt was the total amount of money that a government owed and usually an indication of how much money it’s borrowing to spend on public expenditure and finance.

“We should ensure that the amount of money and the rate of borrowing are sustainable and we are able to service the public debt.

“When we start incurring public debt to finance public consumption that only benefits the current generation, the public debt becomes unsustainable,” Ms Deo said yesterday.

She said members of the public should be aware of the national debt per capita because when this increased, the likelihood of the government defaulting on its debt meant service obligation increased as well.

“The amount of tax revenue available to spend on other governmental services is reduced because more tax revenue will be used to pay interest on the public debt.

“This will result in people having a lower standard of living.

“It can also force people to pay more for goods and services, resulting in inflation.

“When the risk increases of our country defaulting on its public debt service obligation, our country potentially risks our social, economic and political power,” she added.

Ms Deo said as taxpayers, people should be asking and receiving information on how much the public debt of the country actually was, what the borrowed money was being used for, the terms and conditions of this debt, and most importantly how it would be serviced.


18 thoughts on ““The public debt becomes unsustainable,” Ms Deo said yesterday.

  1. This is something that the current government has been hiding for 8 years. The spending spree on token developments has got to come from somewhere and has to be paid.

  2. Public debt is around $7 billion the highest in the history of Fiji.This is due to nepotism, corruption and bad governance. Nepotism means wrong people with either no qualification or experience in wrong position with high salary. They are several examples of this in government and most of the stautory bodies. Corruption in this regard means that most capital expenditure projects are poorly managed and are inflated in price for “people ” to be paid. Most chinese projects are poor quality work and priced quite high. Road works are good example as seen during recent flooding.
    The cost of living is the highest in the history of Fiji with the price of food raising to more then 60% since 2006.
    The public has no access to auditor general’s report since 2006 which shows very poor governance and mismanagement of taxpayers money.
    The public does not how much the illegal P.M and illegal A.G. are paid in salary which every citizen has a right to know.
    This awareness needs to be created amongst our people.
    The so called free education and bus fare are given to the people to mislead them.Is it really free!
    I think in the interest of Fiji the time for a change in government is never as important as it is now.
    This illegal government has ruled for 8 years which is enough. We need new people who are qualified and experienced.

  3. We can only analyse the debt level per year and other indicators if the audited accounts of government are delivered annually by OAG . This is a major concern that voters must know of the lack of or OAG sleeping and not carrying out this role annually .

    I am aware that public account committee has been closed . who is OAG at moment ? must be vacant and to be filled after election.

    Our great neighbours Aust, NZ , EU, Japan, India, China and USA will help our new government to reduce the debt at the right time.

  4. Roshika
    Dont waste your time standing as a candidate my dear. Politics is a thankless exercise. No one will remember you after you lose and under the imposed voting system independants have no place. You better off using your time to look for a husband and starting a family. They will bring you more happinness than the voters of Fiji ever will.
    Best Wishes
    A Voter

  5. Roshika deserves our support. A relatively unknown political minnow but showing courage in asking questions that are supposed to be the norm but have become almost a sin to ask in Fiji.

  6. Avenal aka RadioPsycho,

    “Roshika deserves our support”

    Jeepers girlie are you in the same boat as this lying Indian cur?

    You know what you need don’t you?

    A tuki ni wavu up your nether region just might shed some light on your weakness.


  7. Mack
    You are in a dream world. I suggest that you check the debt level.
    What positive this government has brought? Nothing!
    This is most corrupt government in the history of Fiji….
    This is a Taliban government. Muslims are only 5% but they are running the affairs of the country lead by Khayium.
    The late N.Z. high commissioner Mr Green had rightly put it that it was a Muslim coup in 2006.
    Why people cannot freely speak in the country. These are all signs of Taliban rule.
    This is a result of we stupid and fool i Taukei who easily bought by money. .

  8. Anon you have negative and baseless allegations, why don’t you go to a police station or Ficac with evidence and report this matter so it may be investigated.Its an offense to spread false rumors

  9. What evidence do we need rather than the simple fact that there has been no Audited Report by the Auditor General. The reports have not been released by Papa Pig for the last 8 years.

  10. Those who want to know how this regime has plundered the coffers do not have to go far: The 200 million $ Nadarivatu hydropower project financed and built by the Chinese is the classic case. A dog of a project, the power it generates is even more expensive than diesel power. The project has been handled and approved by the PM’s office and everyone should wonder since when our PM and his staff have acquired expertise in this field. But then, 10% of 200 million is a lot of money even for Frank and Mr Patel.

  11. Graham

    The nadarivatu project was already approved in early 2000’s but got delayed because of the 2006 coup as EIB funding was not forth coming.

    As for it costing more than diseal, you must be high on drugs or just had too much pun pun.

    You make me laugh and sound a bit like Ratu sai.

  12. hahahahha Rt Sai i matamu……..so good that you heard it from someone now,ur a disgrace and you need to be checked.There is alot of rubbish coming from you.CONFIRMED LIALIA hahahahhahaha

  13. @mackey mouse

    What are you on about Macky Mouse? You must also be high from pun puning Bai’s sapo. The project was approved in 20000000 so what? It is Bai’s government who made the loan arrangement at exorbitant cost. Not to mention the project being managed from the PM’s office. No audit report to verify the breakdown of expenditure.

  14. This useless regime is the worst nightmare for Fiji! Nothing to be proud of and all their self acclaimed positive work is nothing more than a load of crap!! It is people like mack who dig for goods in the rubbish dump all their lives and tell the world it is the best way of life. He promotes that lifestyle to the rest of us – a lifestyle papa piggy and his sidekick bushlawyer have forced on the country. Mack doesn’t think Fiji people deserve better.

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