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Politicians to have only two weeks to promote their number before the election.

Take your time to vote: Saneem

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem.

National Candidate List by August 25
Voters will not be pressured to quickly cast their vote on voting day.
Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem said: “No time limit will be given to voters to cast their vote. We are not going to pressure anybody to quickly vote.”
The same applies for voters who will vote in advance of the polling day – pre-polling and postal.
On September 17, as voters entered their assigned polling stations, they will be given a fresh booklet of the candidate list, Mr Saneem said.
The candidate list – where each candidate running for a seat in Parliament is assigned a number, would be made public at least two weeks before September 17.
Mr Saneem said the booklet will come in B5 size (half of A4).
The onus, Mr Saneem said, would be on the candidates to promote their assigned numbers to voters.
He said their priority was the distribution of the candidate list on polling day.
Meanwhile, the ballot boxes that will be used in the general election are of international standard.
“These are United Nations standard ballot boxes and they are transparent,” Mr Saneem said.
“In the 2006 general elections, the ballot boxes were sealed with tapes and the problem with tapes is that with Fiji’s high terrain, they can lose grip or tear off.
“But for the 2014 general elections, we’ll be using tags. These are uniquely numbered tags,” he said.
“Each ballot box has six tags that will be used – after the tags are placed, the additional security feature in the 2014 general election is that the polling station kit is going to contain seals.”
Mr Saneem said there would be no spare seals given to any polling station or presiding officer.
“They (presiding officers) have to account for all the seals. This avoids the opportunity for any person to open the ballot box and insert any paper in the ballot box and then replace the seal.”


17 thoughts on “Politicians to have only two weeks to promote their number before the election.

  1. Saneem can you tell the people how many times in the day you speak with Khayium in a day and get his directives as what needs to be done!

  2. I wish all of you a happy election. The confirmation of Khaiyum as the great leader will show that Fijians love him dearly.

  3. Mack
    Yes Bai will win the election as he and his sidekick Khayium will rig the election. Saneem is their to ensure this happens. This is what will happen as i TAUKEI are not united.
    Say yes to Taliban rule.


    (More details to follow)
    (1) In 2007 Bainimarama had announced that the electoral system would be changed to abolish the race-based constituencies and that elections would be held in 2010;
    (2) He had lied he won’t stand for elections;
    (3) On 11 November 2009 Khaiyum had registered the FijiFirst domain name for Bainimarama but they cancelled the promised election;
    (4) On 17 Janaury 2014 Bainimarama said he will soon announce the formation of his political party to contest the election;
    (5) On 21 January 2014 Khaiyum extended the FijiFirst domain for Bainimarama in preparation for September 2014 general election;
    (6) Khaiyum gave Nanuku Resort & Spa’s post box code at Pacific Harbour – P O Box 555 – as proposed party’s;
    (7) The e-mail fijifirst2014@gmail.com has the Fiji flag and the Coat of Arms;
    (8) The Phone Number +679 3320016 is Khaiyum’s unlisted phone number

  5. UFDF is running scared of fiji first party.

    For all those who say the election would be rigged, then why are u fighting to stand.

  6. That would be elementary ‘Annon’. They are probably running to prove the extent of the illegal & treasonous regimes vote-rigging.

    Week after week new instances of biased electoral procedures come to the fore that will not be investigated by the regime and their cronies.

  7. Why the no action has been taken by Saneem on various breaches of the electoral decree by Bai / Khayium so the election will be rigged.
    We I Taukei to ensure that we say no to Tailban rule in Fiji.

  8. Nothing compared to what Bai did to the Fijian people.

    1. He destabilized the very foundation of the Fijian society by removing the GCC and declare war on the Methodist Church,

    2. He removed the FAB scholarship and replace it with the Toppers Scholarship which only 14 Fijian were qualified out of 600. Tell me how many Fijian students and is there any from your tikina, village or province.

    3. He is the caused of miseries to many thousands of civil servants knowing that the majority are always the kai Viti when he introduced 55 retirement age.

    He was not an elected leader and he is trying to change many things that we hold dear.

    I must tell you he is really scared now because for the first time he is now experiencing the real world and Kai Viti are not stupid to be fooled again by this man. The kai Viti are always emotionally attached to their Chiefs, Vanua and veiwekanis.

    Burebasaga and Tovata are already being mobilsed and Kubuna will soon join the two confederacies.

    He was trying to gain the sympathy of of the Tailevu Chiefs but KEROSENE and WATER can not mix as rightly stated by Ratu Vesikula.

    The message from his Chiefs is contained in the two letter word by Ratu Vesikula, FORGET IT or GUILECAVA.

    We all know that BAINIMARAMA does not have a base and that is why Indians will vote for FLP/NFP and Fijians/Kailoma (Vasu) will vote for SODELPA.

  9. Fiji’s two leading criminals, the dictator and self-appointed PM, self-appointed Rear Admiral and self-appointed Finance Minister, etc, Bainimarama, and his puppet master Khaiyum act above the law. But everyone else [who are not a part of their family or friends] must obey the illegal decrees that were forced onto them by those two criminals.

    What is also amazing, is that New Zealand’s PM John Keys and his Foreign Minister McCully, suggest that these illegal acts by Fiji’s two leading criminals are all part of holding Free and Fair elections. Unbelievable! What incompetent bloody wonders!!

    FijiVillage reported [29 March 2014] that Fiji’s megalomaniac Attorney General, Khaiyum, stated that any person who is holding public office, including civil servants and trade unionists, found taking part in political campaigns and electoral activity, will now be fined or even imprisoned. Khaiyum said this after two amendments were made to the Political Parties Registration decree.

    Please note that Civil servants include the Prime Minister and Attorney General.

    On Sunday March 30th 2014, Mick Beddoes lodged a formal complaint with the Sabeto Police. The complaint is against the dictator Bainimarama, the Fiji Sun, Dr Luveni, Razor, CJ Patel, Fiji Village and FBCL for breaching Part II of the provisions of the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) Decree No 4 of 2013.
    In particular:-

    3 (1) An association of persons or an organization shall not operate, function, represent or hold itself out to be a political party unless it has been registered as a political party in accordance with the provisions of this decree.

    (2) If any association of persons or an organization operate, function, represent or hold itself out to be a political party without being registered in accordance with the provisions of this decree, then any person who is a member of or holds office in any such association or organization commits an offence and shall be liable upon conviction to a fine of $50,000 or a term of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years or both.

    Now we await the Fiji Police to arrest these criminals who are in breach of Part II of the provisions of the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) Decree No 4 of 2013.

    Bainimarama – Fiji’s most corrupt PM

  10. Some people are dreaming.

    Frank has more than 25k signatures already. Don’t under estimate him or his party.

    For all those who think indians will vote for NFP or FLP, you are for in a big surprise. All indians will vote for fiji first. Nfp or FLP will get less 10% of indian votes.

    As for general electors, all will vote for Fiji first.

    50% of itaukei will vote for frank as well.

    So Fiji first will win 40 out of 50 seats.

  11. Watch the Regime Party get precedent coverage of their numbers in the Fiji Sunk and FBCTV during these two weeks.

  12. I Taukei and Indians – Hindus are not fools to vote for Taliban party.
    Bai/ Khayium have ruled for 8 years illegally.
    Now give others a chance to govern the country.
    Why these two want to hold on to power?
    Is the money they getting from everywhere too much to let it go!
    These two are power hungry and the i TAUKEI and Hindus will vote them out!

  13. Hindus will vote for Fiji First as they have no other option.

    FLP is dead and nfp is not fit or parliament.

    As a hindu, I can say that based on my interactions with others, hindus will vote for Frank and not any other party

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