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A Comment worth a post.

Friends and fellow citizens. Many of us are seriously concerned about our nation and the difficult situation faced by our families and communities across Fiji. Once upon a time, it was the Government we often look to for assistance, protection and support. That is no longer true today, since the current regime are no longer our representatives. They had taken the government by force, subject us to fierce cruelty and intimidation, murdered and tortured many of our citizens and engaged in many activities and actions that are dishonourable, shameful, unlawful and immoral. We are therefore worried not only about our present but also about our future.
As Mick Beddoes, Dr Narsey, Victor Lal and others have correctly said, there is something fundamentally wrong with our society today. After more than seven years under this dictatorship, we have not found enough moral courage and determination to remove them. This is understandable because of the very real fear and threat over our lives. Such is the fear generated by the actions of this regime that the press, the police, the universities, the trade unions, the churches, the NGOs, the GCC, and the provincial councils and all other bodies have been effectively silenced. One thing is certain. Voreqe is not the mastermind behind this. Only God knows who our enemies are, Sadly, many of them are our neighbours, relatives and fellow citizens.
It is in such a very difficult climate that we have been marched to a single day, single constituency, single vote election. A thorough analysis of all the decrees, structures, systems, strategies, and staffing on the proposed elections point to one damning conclusion. The election is a ruse. It is cunningly engineered to vote in Voreqe and his treasonous group into unfettered power and control over Fiji, its people, resources, institutions and wealth. Their illegal proposal for a constitution is supposed to give them this absolute authority and immunity.
My questions/observations for all parties and the general public are as follows:
1. Given the current political climate and the various aspects of the election known to us now, are we going to have a free and fair election?
2. If the above is not the case, then how can they guarantee that citizens will vote freely and that the votes will be accurately reflected by the results?
3. Why do we still think that the Police, Army and other institutions will attend to our complaints prior to the elections? If the police are paralysed and compromised today, imagine what it will be like after Voreqe has been declared the winner.
4. All the complaints being voiced against Voreqe, QORVIS, Fiji Sun, Police, Aiyaz, FBCTV, etc can be instantly nullified by a single action. Have an interim regime to manage the period of transition from now to election. There are several precedents for this and it is the best arrangement for Fiji.
5. If and only if the prevailing conditions are favourable and conducive to having a free and fair elections, then and only then can we expect a fair result.
6. I submit that this is impossible to have under Aiyaz and Voreqe’s watch. I ask you all to let us unite and seriously reflect on what is happening to our country. I believe we have enough love and respect for one another and our different ethnic communities. Our nation needs us now. Are we going to allow a few unscrupulous people to enslave our people and destroy our country?
7. The record of this regime is mainly characterised by force, selfishness, nepotism, murder and violence, corruption and a blatant disregard for the rights and welfare of others. Yet, are we going to trust them to conduct a free and fair election? I hope not.
8. It is time for us to stand up, speak or shut up and see our country suffer even more.
It’s a sad period for Fiji, but it is time such as this that leaders are born and when history can be rewritten. Prayers are good, but they are not good enough. We must decide and act now. After the election, it may be too late and the consequences may be more grave and tragic for many, including our next generation.

Vinaka  Tomasi


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  1. Tomasi I totally agree with you. The forthcoming election will not be free and fair. The problem today is one man, Khayium. Once he is removed everrything will be fine. He is power hungry man and must be removed at the earliest. He is above the law and can do whatever he wants with his illegal 2013 constutuion and decrees. He must be charged for treason.
    If we do not have an interim government the election will be rigged as all framework has been put in place by Khayium with the recent appointment of his cousin Saneem as SOE. .
    This illegal government has ruled for 8 years without the mandate of the people and has bought lot of problems to the people inculding the huge debt of $7 billion, unemployment, poverty, high cost of living, nepotism, corruption etc etc which are all evident.
    The Khayium family have build an empire in the 8 years of rule.Khayium has put in place all his people in position in government and other orgainsation from the Muslim community as his spy.This is typical Taliban rule in Fiji where people have no freedom of expression. No other Pacific Island countries have this type of rule.How long the people of Fiji will be suprassed for their basic right to live freely.
    Khayium’s removal must be given a priority. Otherwise he will ensure the election is rigged and he will be the A.G after the election.
    It seems Driti and Mara had tried to remove Khayium but were unsuccessful.

  2. First Khaiyum abrogated the Fiji Constitution, then he removed the GCC and the Methodist church leaders and now he attacks Jesus Christ – championing the type of evil and arrogance that has plagued the world with religious conflict and hatred!

    The article posted on coupfourpointfive points to a bleaker future for Fiji. The article at the top of the blog site is titled “HOW DARE YOU – On the Easter Weekend on Friday 29th, March 2013 can be remembered as the most saddest day for Christians in Fiji’s History”. Sources have confirmed that this article in C4.5 is correct.

    If so then it clearly suggests that khaiyum is looking to spread a nasty version of islam across Fiji, while his puppet Frank Bainimarama and his partners in crime, Pio Tikoduadua and Mosese Fisher, just stand aside and enjoy their 30 pieces of silver gained from illegal and corrupt deals.

    This is a very dangerous and arrogant move supported by Frank Bainimarama, who is running from the law and doing anything to save himself from going to prison.

    As the article goes, two days prior to Good Friday 2013, the Fiji Broadcasting Commission Television had advertised that there will be an Easter Special by a Muslim Cleric. This was endorsed by FBC’s illegal CEO Khaiyum and his brother the illegal and interim AG Khaiyum.

    At 2pm, on prime time TV, when Christians in Fiji had returned home from their usual Easter services, a Muslim cleric openly ridiculed Jesus Christ in front of the whole of Fiji. This was the khaiyum’s Planned Ester Special for Fiji.

    This is blasphemy and the type of nasty and evil Islamic approach that has led to wars and conflict throughout time. But here in Fiji the khaiyums are feeling superior enough to have our Lord Jesus Christ ridiculed on prime time TV and during our holy time. The khaiyums can do this so long as Frank Bainimarama is kept happy with his 30 pieces of silver.

    If a Christian minister ridiculed prophet Mohammed on prime time TV during Ramadan, then we know how this would turn out. It would lead to violent protests and reactions by Muslims like they have done so many times across the world, to the slightest insult of their prophet.

    But here in Fiji we have a muslim cleric with the audacity to ridicule our Lord Jesus Christ during our holy Easter weekend, while the stupid dictator Frank Bainimarama and his partners in crime just stand aside and do nothing.

    What this arrogant muslim cleric did is an insult to Christians across Fiji, in our villages, in our towns and cities and homes, in our communities and Churches, and in the police and the majority of the RFMF soldiers.

    The khaiyums are bringing a type of evil and hatred to Fiji that is practised by a few fanatical and arrogant clerics and their supporters. This is the type of Secular State that Frank Bainimarama wants for Fiji where arrogant muslim Clerics can stand up and insult Jesus Christ on prime time TV during a Christian holy day, so long as he Frank Bainimarama continues to receive more silver.

  3. Do not only blame ASK. Frank as leader is just a much to blame if not more. ASKs doings has legal macchinations. VBs is outright thuggery.

  4. I understand your frustrations but what exactly do you want done Tomasi? Do you want political parties to boycott the promised September elections, do you want a popular revolt to topple the dictator & his sidekicks, what do you mean by ‘you either stand up now or shut up’?, when you say ‘stand up now and be counted’ – are you thinking of mass civil disobedience, national strikes, armed insurrection against the infidel, which one is it my brother?

    Frustrations and the anger that comes with the realisation that we live in bondage is very important but it is only the beginning of a very long, difficult & often painful road to freedom. Talk to your friends, share your ideas with colleagues, join a trade union if you’re not yet a member or an opposition party (or form your own) and convince them to adopt your position and course of action whatever they maybe; you must organise & protest collectively against these injustices, only then can you give yourself a chance to remove your shackles and regain your freedom.

    If we organise, and you’re part of a collective then we shall overcome!

  5. The gloomy picture that Tomasi is painting lacks balance and wisdom. Firstly, Fijians like a strong leader, a chief with power and prowess, Fijians adore a strongman even if his boot is on their necks. It is simply a matter of national psychology. As the saying goes …’every people got the leaders they deserve. Secondly, there is the desire to gang up with the strong man in the hope that unearned benefits can be obtained by association with an oppressive, autocratic and kleptocratic leadership. This is why we have seen so much bending over, so much ass kissing and subservience in the last eight years. Now we are heading towards elections and there are only two possible outcomes of this: Either team Frank is confirmed or the RFMF comes out and makes sure that team Frank stays in power one way or the other. Surely, there will be many losers whinging and begging Australia and New Zealand to remove the bad boys from power. But nobody, not a single person will have the guts to protest. What if the so called UFDF called their supporters to the street demanding an interim administration to handle elections? What if the opposition parties clearly stated that they want to disband the military as a source of Fiji’s continuous problems? What would the RFMF do? No they won’t shoot, they have the same mentality as everyone else as so beautifully demonstrated by the cassava patch sprinter and his former sidekick Mara.

  6. Seems Tomasi that you don’t have anything constructive to offer . Your hatred seems to be overriding the truth . You seem to be blinded by what is actually happening in Fiji . The developments , the reforms , the improve education system , water , electricity , social welfare assistance , the improved economy as stated by moody grip and ANZ economists , road systems and many more . The world began with the condemnation of this govt resulting in setting up sanctions and conditions being laid . You must be one of those like the FDM who lauded the moves . But they have seen the changes and have excepted it apart from you and your disgrunted friends . Cava tale sa vo . Please get down from your high horse and walk the talk . Sa rauta mada na yalo ca tiko . Everything can change , people can change . Hope you are not one of those like the old and unqualified old politicians whom are just waiting for an opportunity to continue your corrupt practices and collecting your cheques from the bank . It will be a landslide victory ti VB in Sept election . Ke o warai ni taleitaka – liu taka na tayabe e Suva se join politics .

  7. Thank you all for your responses and contributions. My comments was a public appeal to everyone to rethink our current political situation. It was also an attempt to offer food for thought on the best way forward for us in terms of appointing our national leaders. Specifically, it was intended to demonstrate that the current focus on the September elections is misplaced and naive at best. This proposed election is engineered to produce one outcome. That is to elect Voreqe and his party into power and give them the legitimacy and respectability they do not have today. May I repeat. The major purpose of the proposed election is aimed at appointing Voreqe and his group as the lawfully elected Government of Fiji.

    Given the above, the question I posed was what can we do as a nation to stop this from happening? I offered some suggestions. The principal thrust of my earlier comments was that only an independent body of people with the reputation, skill and credibility can be entrusted to give us a free and fair election. With the support of all parties, trade unions, associations, NGOs, etc and neighbouring Governments such as Australia, NZ, UK, USA, India, and our PIC’s, this interim administration can be tasked to manage the transition back to lawful governance, democracy. and the full restoration of human rights, freedoms and justice for all.

    The support of neighbouring governments could include funding, personnel, resources and international security. Whether we like it or not, Fiji has been declared a war zone by the selfish and reckless action of Voreqe. Our own military and security have been involved in a war with our very own people, institutions,values and beliefs. We must now accept our reality for what it really is. We are at war and the casualties continue to increase in number and severity. It is time for us to take decisive action now.

    I am calling upon our leaders of all organisations, to get together and agree on a common plan of action. The goal is to demand the current regime to step aside, and allow a new interim administration to take over and take us into national elections. We will need to seek the advice and support of other governments. But we must be prepared to do whatever is necessary within legal and moral bounds to achieve our goals.

    The following can be considered:

    1. All political parties to meet and discuss this agenda and agree on what, where, how and so forth.
    2. Key people, organisations and NGOs must be involved in the consultations. This will include chiefs, religious leaders, university, trade unions, business/commerce and members of the general public.
    3. Mass media and public relations activities to pass on the message to the general public and the international /global audience.
    4. Peaceful marches and public presentations to be planned, organised and conducted.
    5. Appeal to all Embassies for support and advice.
    6. Demand for all current electoral decrees, structures, systems and staffing to be referred back to the people and approved.

    Because the political parties stand to benefit directly from this, they should be requested to lead and fund this move. Members of the public can donate to a specific Bank account. NGOs and foreign governments can also do likewise.

    I believe this the right thing to do. With God on our side, nothing is impossible. For those who doubt my sincerity and conviction, I will be there, in the marches and during the battle. “If God is on our side, who can be against us”

  8. Taukei i think what Tomasi is saying is that we want the Man with the gun to respect the will of the people and not make his own unilateral determination of what he thinks is best for all of us. In democracy people win and people loose but people ultimately respect the will of the people. The way to affect the change you want is to put forward your argument and debate it until you convince the people of it. Not by force of the gun. So no amount of developments delivered under this regime maybe is acceptable although it maybe palatable because it is built on disrespect of the people. To respect is give another honour that is they deserve and only from there can true brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind dream together and build together a better home.

    So today what can only be described as rigging of the elections with total disrespect of the electoral rules that they have setup to be followed, but where “some are equal but some are more equal then others” just continues this disrespect of the people of this nation. So to the regime i say you are not my brother or sister you are just a greedy, power hungry dictator.

  9. I agree with Tomasi and Koolaid.
    If the election is held under the regime it will be rigged and Khayium has set this in motion by appointing his cousin Saneem as SOE.
    They just want to ensure that they win to legitimsie all their illegal activities since 2006.
    The political parties must wake up to the realities and not to be hoodwinked by Bainimarma/ Khayium.
    So far it is evident that these group is more equal than other ciizens.
    I urge NFP, PDP, SODELPA and LABOUR to look at a broader picture of what is happening. The outcome of the election will be rigged to ensure that Bai/ Khayium will remain in power.
    Do not blame after the election.

  10. Tomasi and your group seems to be jumping to conclusions . FDM and your like stated that there won’t be any election but the machinery is working now . The only way to rid this govt is through election . Ni campaign vakaukauwa me Lusi na FIJI First . Kua ni levu ga na vakamacala ka warai na cakacaka . The international community will be monitoring the election as in the past so give them the chance . Cava ni leqataka ni na win ko VB . Ni cakacaka gona vakaukauwa ka kua ni levu na vakamacala macawa

  11. @Taukei – What Tomasi is alluding to is very clear from the way this election has been run. Staring with Bainimarama breaking his own rules first is not good proof that all men are equal. Using state resources for political campaigns and campaigning even before registering his party are obvious breaches that disqualify him from contesting the election at all! So what has the non-independent election commission done about this? I believe they don’t have the power to investigate and lock him up because they are merely carrying out his agenda of stage-managing the election to his benefit and ensure the legitimacy he has been fighting for all these years is finally acknowledged! Imagine having an election without Frank – can this happen in the current scheme of things? Frank has disqualified every likely opponent by charging them and making his corrupt judiciary lock them away from standing against him. Should he be given the same treatment from breaching the law himself? In any normal democracy that would be the case but unfortunately his animal farm allows him to do as he pleases. Now telling the people to work as hard as they can in the animal farm is quite ridiculous to say the least. The international community knows too well that Franks is desperate to cling to power and he will be steered and cajoled all the way, but his stage-managed election can simply become the rocks on which his ship runs aground, not the passage he assumes to give him his freedom…………..tik..tok…tik..tok!!

  12. Thank you Kainoqu, Koolaid and other friends. @Taukei and other friends and fellow citizens. I understand where you are coming from. There is a huge consensus that this regime will resort to anything just to hold onto power. The contractting of QORVIS is one element of a series of strategies to consolidate power in the hands of this band of terrorists. The ultimate goal is to win the approval of the people no matter how devious the strategy.

    You see, if you know QORVIS and organisations such as the CIA, and consider the events that have happened in other countries, you will agree that what we have here in Fiji is a very ingenuous and carefully orchestrated plan to legitimise this regitimise this regime through a national election which is designed, structured, staffed and operated to give Voreqe a landslide victory. This regime, given their record of 7 years, plus the involvement of external parties such as QORVIS and who knows who else, is capable of doing anything to win the election. The election is not necessarily what they want. No, no, no. What they really want so desperately is to obtain a cloak of legitimacy and respectability to the power and control they already have. This is why I am asking us to please let us not play under their rules. We need to change the rules. We must take back the control from the regime and refuse to be the subjects and victims of their evil game.

    As many of you are aware, the world has come almost full circle. People elected to positions of power have abused that power and have become a power unto themselves. . Powerful people and organisations hide behind their positions to engage in activities that are illegal, unjust and against the best interest of their nations. They have engaged in various destructive operations by creating false flags, and other clandestine activities to confuse the general public, distract the mass and disengage the population in order to achieve their goals.

    @ Taukei, please answer the following questions for us :
    1. Why would Voreqe and his band of terrorists want an election? Is it because they now admit their treason and want to let the people decide our national leaders? Remember, they have already drawn up their “constitution’ or get out of jail card. A blanket immunity has been promised by their constitution.
    2. All I am asking is for us to stop dancing to the music of the pied piper, exercise our God given right and demand that the regime stand aside. We must have an election that is fair and free. We will not have that under this regime. Let’s be realistic.
    3. In the next 2-3 months, if we are united and committed in a just cause, we can obtain hundreds of thousands of signatures on a petition that demands for an interim admin to take over and take us to an election. Taking part in an election holds us committed to and party to the results of that election, regardless of whether the election process are not free and fair. So what I am saying is that we must refuse to go to an election unless and until we are absolutely sure that the election is fair and free.
    4. What many of our people do not realise is that for more than 7 years now, the regime has effectively brainwashed many people and they are conditioned to think just as the regime wants the people to. This brainwashing and mind control is through control of information flow. Through a series of evil decrees, violent and cruel actions of intimidation by the military thugs and some police elements, and a muzzled press, the majority of our people have been misled and brainwashed.
    5. I believe that the best way forward for us as a nation will not come from the evil plans of the regime, for they have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that their interests are diametrically opposed to our national interest and their ways are evil, cunning, ruthless, and unscrupulous and void of any decency, love and justice.
    6. The other governments will only support us if we tell them to. Australia and NZ have assumed that we the people endorse what the regime is doing. They have yet to see a public and unambiguous expression of protest from us. I support Mick and others who are trying to hold this regime accountable. But that is simply not enough. They are still in power because we have allowed them free reign over us. When will we tell them “ Voreqe, Khaiyum, Enough is enough.”
    7. I have considered all possibilities within the legal and moral codes of conduct. The best way forward is for us the people of Fiji to demand an end to this regime and take back our freedoms, our rights and our honour in the most peaceful way possible.
    8. By his very treasonous action in December, 2006, Voreqe has declared war on us the people of Fiji. They are the most dangerous type of terrorists because many of us cannot see them for what they really are. This gives you an indication of the extent to which this country has been effectively transformed into a passive and indifferent people through mind control, misinformation and disinformation. It is sad to say that many of our people have become more like zombies, their minds dulled, their conscience rewired, their perspectives distorted, their vision clouded, their will weakened. They march to the beat of Voreqe’s drums and Khaiyum’s trumpet. The music sounds good. The uniforms look smart. The smiles appear genuine. The entertainment is great. But little do they know that all these are just a public show to get their vote. The end is something beyond their imagination. If only someone had warned them about that invisible enemy.

    How wrong the people were, including some of their chiefs and educated professionals. How very wrong they were. When the drums stopped beating, the band stopped playing. The dictator stepped onto the stage and announced, “OK. Now listen everybody. Thank you for your loyalty and support. From this day onwards, I will be your PM, President and Most High Chief. I make the rules. I give the orders. I control everything. No man can question my authority. No police force can prosecute me. No court can convict me. I am your Great Leader and Most High Chief for Life. Is that clear? Now everyone go and drink homebrew under the mango tree.”

  13. Tomasi , nearly everyone in Fiji have excepted the status quo apart from your group and the FDM . What have you been doing for the last seven years . Why don’t you yourself organize acts against the govt . Your lot have been harping about return to democracy through elections – now we are only 5 months away and yet you are trying to make conclusions and changing tunes . GIVE ELECTION CHANCE . Ni Sivia tale na vakamacala e na basika Mai na macawa . Instead of inciting other people , why don’t you take the lead . The reality is , election is the only way to decide who leads . Campaign vakaukauwa . New govt if VB looses can start the legal machinery against VB and co . Improving the lively hoods of people , reforms , improved economy , social welfare schemes , infrastructures developments and empowering grassroots root people. – do you still call that brainwashing . Sa rauta mada na yalo ca tiko . Get off from your high horse and walk the talk . Seems your kind are afraid that VB will win by landslide and you might miss out again on your bank cheque just like the experience of old politicians . Da masi ga vakalevu ka vakaukauwa like what everyone is doing for a good and fair election .

  14. People should accept the fact that there is an election coming up and people need to vote in it.It will be monitored by Foreign individuals and it should be fair to all of us Fijians.We don’t have to jump to the conclusion of this coming election but prepare to show your intentions during this election.we will accept the outcome no matter what.Make sure its a good one

  15. @Taukei and Mack. You people are so keen for us to walk into the election. You have avoided the tough questions concerning the preparation and elements of the election process. I will try and simplify it so more can understand.

    1. Why should we have an election? To appoint our national leaders/representatives.
    2. Why should we have an election that is not fair and free? Because we will not be able to choose the people we want as our leaders.
    3. Is the current election structure, process and systems sound and reliable enough to guarrantee a fair and free election? NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. It is stacked very heavily against other political candidates. It overwhelmingly favours Voreqe and his unregistered party.
    4. Why do people think that the current arrangements do not facilitate a free and fair election process and outcomes? It is not what people think. It is what we already know. Any good student and people with sufficient common sense can make conclusions based on sound observations. All the arrangements for the proposed Sept elections suggest that this election is designed to vote Voreqe into power. Everything else is secondary.
    5. Give examples and produce the evidence that the proposed election is a fraud and a ruse. The following are observations and evidence of a conspiracy to have the people of Fiji “vote” Voreqe into office:

    a. The unprecedent electoral decrees and the severe restrictions on political parties to freely exercise their freedom to organise, register their parties and candidature, to move around and speak freely, etc
    b. The very severe penalties and threat of heavy fines and gaol sentences imposed by Saiyad Khaiyum on candidates whom they will judge as law breakers who do not tow their line.
    c. The well orchestrated move to accuse and prosecute the two former PMs and other political candates who have demonstrated that they have the people’s vote and trust.
    d. The very complicated design of the ballot paper and the fact that voters will not vote for a person but to tick a number. Anybody who is well read and knows about computers is that the machines have brains that are designed to produce outputs based on the data and information we input and the mind of the computer. The computer brain is the software and programme. One can easily design and install a software programme to make sure that a particular candidate will win. It is even more simpler when the data inputs are numbers.
    e. Who controls the machines, computer software, counting, monitoring, declaration of vote results, etc Who makes the rules? Who judges whether candidates and parties are guilty of committing any electoral offense? Yes, you guessed it. Our very own god (dog) from Yavulo, Sigatoka, the inexperienced and mediocre lawyer who makes all the laws and rules the nation with his secret cabal. AS Khaiyum and Voreqe. They are absolutely and totally in control of every significant factor/part of this election. Now why is that so necessary for the people of Fiji? No, it benefits only one party will benefit from this strange and cunning arrangement, Fiji First Dictator Voreqe and Khaiyum. But wait, we are not done yet folks.
    f. How many polling stations? About 2000 as of today. But that might change without notice as time goes on. How on earth will all the registered voters of Fiji can converge on one of these stations in a single day, to cast a vote on a ballot paper which does not even have a name, a photo or picture of the leader of their choice?
    g. The ordinary voters are threatened with heavy fines and very severe gaol sentences if they have anything on them that will help them vote in the person of their choice. See Dr narsey’s article for more explanations on this and other issues.
    h. Imagine a party keen to have their voters get to the polling stations and cast their votes. Each party will have to send reps to each of the 2000 venues at the same time in the same one day to help their voters and monitor the process. Why the single day? Why the ominous threat on ordinary and innocent people (voters). Why stop the campaigning and voter education 2 days before the election? Why the restrictions and obstacles? I thought they wanted an election? Yes and No. You see, For Voreqe and his party, no problems. They are the Government. They have all the resources to be at the polling stations. They do not have to spend any personal money. The government will take care of that. No, they do not necessarily want an election but the result of an election. That is why they have thought about every obstacle to restrict candidates and voters and control every single process to produce the outcome they intended.
    i. Who will supervise the election? Saneem of course. Yes, Saneem is only the patsy, the fall guy perhaps. He is Khaiyum’s cousin. Two Australians will assist Saneem. But Khaiyum will control everything.
    j. Will the people be able to complain and protest against anything they consider illegal, improper, unfair, etc Yes and no. Yes, the police will hear you out but you will not hear anything from them. The police also belongs to Voreqe and Khaiyum. Even our friend from South Africa will have a rude awakening if he has not been duly advised about the goings on in our banana republic.
    k. What if people are able to vote and choose their leaders? Well, that ok. But they have chosen a number. The number goes into the brain of the computer. Suppose the brain is wired to respond differently to numbers voters press in the voting booths.
    l. For example, for every vote against Frank’s party, the computer is told to do something else. Similarly, for every 10 votes for NFP, FLP and SODELPA, the computer will say something else? Who knows what who will design the computer programme? We know who controls everything now. We know they desperately want a positive outcome for Fiji First. They will do anything to win. Remember Taukei, Mack and our friends who either naive, ignorant or are just plain stupid and zombie-like. Or you guys are regime lackeys who refuse to see reason and the dots. I have given you some dots. Now can you connect them? What do you see. May God protect and bless my Fiji. Vinaka

  16. May god bless the up coming election . Give us the strength to except the result even though it is against our will . Vukei keimami me keimami yalo vinaka tiko .

  17. @Taukei – To pray for strength to accept the result of something that is so fraudulent is like worshiping the devil and expecting God to accept it knowing very well it is against His will. We are all grown up to understand that faith goes hand in hand with action. When one knows the righteous and just way, one should not hesitate to bring that righteous and just way to the world. Tomasi is demonstrating that by telling us about the unjust, unfair and scandalous management of the Bainkikaiyum election. He is telling the obvious fraud that is happening – liberating news to the many who do not simply trust how the regime is running the election. But you have chosen to portray his view as devious and misleading and even gone further to ask God’s blessing for what is clearly a rigged election in the making! I certainly respect the entitlement you have for your opinion but I pity you for the hope that you have that God will bless what is clearly fraudulent. I don’t think God is in the business of blessing fraudsters because that demeans the righteousness and justice he holds. We should be wiser to perceive the Almighty in a more grown up way and not lower Him to our foolish standards! Furthermore some will certainly argue that Tomasi is highlighting some truths and confirming their suspicions about the scheming that has been going on behind the scene. Most people are enlightened enough to understand these things and it is pointless talking down the truth and hiding it from them. Frank and thugs have been doing that since their illegal coup and simply failed. The TRUTH is much more bigger and much more powerful then them and we pray that the truth sets Fiji and her people free.

  18. Vinaka and thank you Kainoqu for your wise words. We can only lead the horse to a stream. But we cannot force it to drink. I guess there are people who have fallen victims to the cunning and evil ways of the snake. But as you said correctly, our task is to share the truth with love, humility and sincerity. It is the truth that will set our people free from the evil clutches of those that seek to advance their interests at all costs, no matter how much suffering they will inflict on the lives of ordinary people and our small nation. I guess our efforts to win people’s hearts and minds to see the truth and accept it must go on, even though there will be people like Taukei who can see the truth, but will never accept it. Vinaka.

  19. Tomasi , sa kua mada na vaka donui koya vakai koya . Everybody in Fiji is praying for this govt , the election and the future of Fiji . Da veitauriliga ga , mass vakaukauwa me yaco ga Nona Lewa .

  20. @Taukei. I suspect you mean well and are sincere in your appeal that we must pray more that God’s will be done. In the same breath, you accuse me of self righteousness. I am sorry if I might have come across to you in that way. Let me assure you that I do not in any way condemn you for your point of view. All I am doing is to offer my own thoughts and observations based on facts and truths that one can easily discover. It is up to each one of us to make up our minds and decide what to do.

    Since you appear to be a man of faith, let me ask you the following Taukei:

    1. If I see a person drowning in the water, what would you recommend that I do? Do I jump into the water to save the person, or do I pray that God will save the person?
    2. Suppose you are my neighbour. We live in the same neighbourhood by the beach. Its a community where people care about each other. Then one evening, at about 10pm, a friend called to say that a tsunami was coming and our community would be directly in the tsunami. I must get out of their path asap. If you were me, what would you do?

    On the first question Taukei, I would immediately jump into the water to save the drowning person. That would be what God wanted me to do, because He had told me that I should “do unto others what I would want others to do unto me”. When we already know God’s will, we obey Him. There are times when God asks us to do certain things, but quite often, we rather pray, or wait for others to do it for us. This is one of the problems I see in our Christian communities Taukei. We think that God wants us to preach the gospel when what He really wants us to do more is to live the gospel.

    On the tsunami parable, the moment I would hear about the tsunami warning, I would immediately organise to evacuate my family. I would also warn my neighbours and make sure every family gets to a safe place and out of harms way before the tsunami hits. After getting to a safe place, I would then lead my family in prayer and worship for His grace, love and purpose.

    That is exactly why I am writing here in this and other blogs Taukei. The mass media used to be a place where we share our thoughts as a close communtiy. But this regime has taken that privilege away from us, just like they robbed us of our other basic human rights. Many of us witness many people and families drowning in problems not of their own making. We can also see a major tsunami coming and the rogues waves have already hit our family and national waterfront communities. Surely, you are not telling me and others to just forget about the people and communities and families. We must only pray more. God will answer our prayers. Is that what you mean Taukei? Am I being self righteous if I help that drowning person or try and help my neighbours? What would Jesus do in our situation? That would be my ultimate guiding principle Taukei. But thank God we don’t have to ask and pray for the answer. He has already told us what to do. He wants us to love one another and to do what is right, always. Imagine how we can transform our lives, our communities and our nation if we simply obey that principle. That Taukei is why Dr Narsey, Victor Lal, Mick Beddoes, Coup 4.5, Fiji Today, Fiji Democracy Now, Suli, Rt Sai, Kainoqu, Koolaid, and many others are trying to do. We realise that our nation is destined for greater things, but we have serious threats and real challenges. Our nation is drowning. More destruction is coming if we remain complacent and do nothing about it. Please join us Taukei. I think you are a person of noble intentions. Rather than closing our eyes to pray, let us get our protect our country and get our communities to a safer place before we suffer severe and drastic consequences of our inaction. Vinaka

  21. You know this is the same in any other field.
    You would think experience teaches us at least anything, but alas.
    Disagree if you will but the world changes, and we have no control over it.
    For instance, If only Barack had any balls to put Russian bear to his place, but it seems like it’s not happening, welcome world war.
    Awesome post, thanks!

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