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A very brave and unlikely statement…..”All voters to be well prepared”

All voters to be well prepared

16:53 TodayTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Apisalome Coka

The Fijian Elections Office will see that every voter is well versed with how to vote before Election Day.

Election Supervisor Mohammed Saneem says they will be providing booklets identifying candidates and their respective numbers before Election Day.

“Booklets will be distributed from our centres, we will give some to the parties but as you know we have to keep in mind our budgetary constraints, the key priority for us is to have that booklet available on election day and to have people informed as to how to go about negotiating their way into the booklet”

Saneem adds they will use every medium available to advertise all candidates making it easier for voters to identify who they want to vote for.“Before election day we will have a chart of all the candidates listed and we will endeavour to put it up in prominent locations, billboards, if you go to your screens, advertised in newspapers so once the National Candidates list is ready, it will be published in the newspaper and it will be a lift out so you can use it to identify your candidates and it will be available at our election offices around the country.

”The booklets containing the National Candidates list will be available two weeks before elections. –

See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19273/all-voters-to-be-well-prepared#sthash.7Kkx6ezX.dpuf


8 thoughts on “A very brave and unlikely statement…..”All voters to be well prepared”

  1. Nothing compared to what Bai did to the Fijian people.

    1. He destabilized the very foundation of the Fijian society by removing the GCC and declare war on the Methodist Church,

    2. He removed the FAB scholarship and replace it with the Toppers Scholarship which only 14 Fijian were qualified out of 600. Tell me how many Fijian students and is there any from your tikina, village or province.

    3. He is the caused of miseries to many thousands of civil servants knowing that the majority are always the kai Viti when he introduced 55 retirement age.

    He was not an elected leader and he is trying to change many things that we hold dear.

    I must tell you he is really scared now because for the first time he is now experiencing the real world and Kai Viti are not stupid to be fooled again by this man. The kai Viti are always emotionally attached to their Chiefs, Vanua and veiwekanis.

    Burebasaga and Tovata are already being mobilsed and Kubuna will soon join the two confederacies.

    He was trying to gain the sympathy of of the Tailevu Chiefs but KEROSENE and WATER can not mix as rightly stated by Ratu Vesikula.

    The message from his Chiefs is contained in the two letter word by Ratu Vesikula, FORGET IT or GUILECAVA.

    We all know that BAINIMARAMA does not have a base and that is why Indians will vote for FLP/NFP and Fijians/Kailoma (Vasu) will vote for SODELPA.

  2. We the voters are watching these other parties. So far none has spine to compete with VB’s First Party. They like to seat back. Personally I do not have anything to loose unlike the itaukais so it does not bother me if VB and Co runs the country for the next 20 years; the itaukais got to start helping themselves and stop being Lamusonas


    (1) In 2007 Bainimarama had announced that the election system would be changed to abolish the race-based constituencies and that elections would be held in 2010;
    (2) He had lied he won’t stand for elections;
    (3) On 11 November 2009 Khaiyum had registered the FijiFirst domain name for Bainimarama but they cancelled the promised election;
    (4) On 17 Janaury 2014 Bainimarama said he will soon announce the formation of his political party to contest the election;
    (5) On 21 January 2014 Khaiyum extended the FijiFirst domain for Bainimarama in preparation for September 2014 general election;
    (6) Khaiyum gave Nanuku Resort & Spa’s post box code at Pacific Harbour – P O Box 555 – as proposed party’s;
    (7) The e-mail fijifirst2014@gmail.com has the Fiji flag at the Coat of Arms;
    (8) The Phone Number +679 3320016 is Khaiyum’s unlisted phone number

    Increase Poverty and Unemployment by voting for the lying, corrupt dictator Bai/ KHAYIUM

  4. Bainimarma who has lied to the people since the May 2000 coup is now desperate to remain in power or it will mean prison for him and his corrupt bunch of greedy parasitic supporters that include his father and brother and their families, Shameem sisters, Vodafone, CJ Patel, Tappoo, Solanki, Punjas, and the more than 30 unqualified military officers and civilians who have been appointed to senior government roles. There are others who linger in the shadows. They are all dependent on the dictator retaining power and control over Fiji and it’s resources so that they can continue to rob Fiji like CJ Patel and its illegal acquisition of Rewa Dairy.

    So Bainimarama is trying desperately to fool the less educated of our people into thinking that he cares about them and to vote for him. Meanwhile, Bainimarama and his puppet master Khaiyum, have driven Fiji to its:
    highest levels of corruption
    highest unemployment
    highest poverty
    highest cost of living
    highest levels of crime, suicide and rape

    Be warned – the reality is that once Bainimarama/ Kahyium are elected [God forbid], by hook or by crook, worse evil will be released over Fiji.

  5. Seeto feared “Tongan Re-play of Violence” against Chinese in Fiji

    A month before the dictator had seized power in Fiji, Nukualofa, the Tongan capital, had gone up in racial flames, with many Tongan-Chinese businesses directly targeted, burned, and looted by angry Tongans. Seeto and the Chinese Embassy in Fiji were taking no chances.

    Dinger reported to Washington: “Seeto agreed with Fei that long-term Chinese residents will ride out the crisis, but said that more recent Chinese arrivals in Fiji, especially those with PRC passports or dual-citizenship, may pull up stakes more quickly. He noted with some disdain that the newly elected President of the Chinese Association (a New Zealand dual-citizen) was among those who have already left. Seeto has therefore once again assumed the de-facto presidency of the association. Seeto said that members of the established Chinese community in Fiji, numbering about 6,000, are accepted and well-integrated citizens of the country, and therefore feel relatively safe. Nevertheless, given the violence against Chinese in Tonga and the Solomons, the Chinese community must be prepared for the worst.”

  6. Bai is a liar and now acting like a credible leader – he used guns, lied, murdered and bribed his way to power. Tamata lasulasu sona levu drau vicai Tikoitoga

  7. Hysterical seeing the puppet election supervisor who has never voted in his life telling the public to be well prepared for the election! I sometimes wonder what planet Fiji is in when I hear people like this who do not have any living experience of participating, let alone officiating in election, lecturing people about the election. No where else but in the Bainikaiyum animal farm!!

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