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Unreported FNPF sale?

Yatule for sale: While Samoa’s superannuation fund is buying property, its counterpart in Fiji seems to be going in the opposite direction, at least this seems to be true for one of its properties.
The whisper is that Yatule Beach Resort, smack-dab in one of Fiji’s most beautiful beachfront has been sold for an undisclosed sum.
It sits on Natadola Beach, next door to the 5-star exclusive Inter-Continental Fiji Resort & Spa, both of which are owned by Fiji’s National Provident Fund.
The Fund would not comment publicly on the reported sale.
Yatule was built to house engineers and supervisors at the time of the construction of Inter-Continental, and has been running successfully catering for the family and youth market.



3 thoughts on “Unreported FNPF sale?

  1. One month ago I stayed at this place next to Intercontinental. It is the most beautiful place with the best beach in Fiji next to it. This place always has 100% occupancy and should have been developed further as it has enormous potential.
    Now who has bought it and the price?
    Was it advertised for public?
    Was there a need for it to be sold when it always had 100% occupancy.
    It seems this is another inside dealing!

  2. What else do we expect? The regime needs the money to keep things running. There’s no money in the coffers.They may need to meet the demand of a lender or prospective lender who would give the whatever they needed to remain in power. It’s survival mode folks. To hell with our freedoms, rights and the national interest. Their most compelling goal is to hold onto power by all means.

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