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Ex Fijileaks

FIJI FIRST: Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum had bought the internet domain name FIJIFIRST in November 2009 in preparation for general election in 2010; Now it is clear that Bainimarama/Khaiyum all along had plans to fight poll


By VICTOR LAL (More details to follow)

(1) In 2007 Bainimarama had announced that the election system would be changed to abolish the race-based constituencies and that elections would be held in 2010;
(2) Bainimarama had lied he won’t stand for elections;
(3) In November 2009 Khaiyum had registered the FijiFirst domain name for Bainimarama in preparation for 2010 election but they cancelled it;
(4) On 17 January 2014 Bainimarama said he will soon announce the formation of his political party to contest the election
(5) On 21 January 2014 Khaiyum extended the domain name in preparation for September 2014 general election;
(6) Khaiyum gave Nanuku Resort & Spa’s post box code at Pacific Harbour – P O Box 555- as proposed party’s;
(6) Phone number +679 3320016 is Khaiyum’s unlisted number and;
(7) fijifirst2014@gmail.com has Fiji flag and coat of arms!


19 thoughts on “Ex Fijileaks

  1. “Now it is clear they had plans to fight the poll all along”. Hold on. Haven’t you idiots been saying all along that they were never going to hold an election? The ground keeps loving beneath you but you always have another bullshit story up your sleeve. It’s time to accept the truth. You have the almost the same chance of winning the election as they have of finding MA 370. ZERO.

  2. Watcher be thankful Ur having an election in September,else you will be complaining in the same manner for a few more years

  3. What comes out is that Aiyaz Khaiyum is in clear breach of his own Political Parties Decree and bought the domain name and named it FijiFirst before registering the party – full stop!

  4. mackey mouse

    Why should we be thankful for an election that has basically been rigged by Papa Pig.

    The problem with you Mouse is that you are illiterate, so you keep guessing the meaning of what you read. Why else do you attack Watcher who breathes the same shit as you: Bai’s slipstream.

  5. Khayium is in breach of his own decree. This guy is the problem and mastermind. He thinks he is too intelligent and knows everything.
    The election will not be free and fair and will be rigged as I work at the election’s office.

  6. First first will win 80% of the seats. Just ask the people. Anti govt bloogers can chase their own tails.

  7. mack
    You are dreaming we i taukei are not fools we will take the sewing machine, brush cutter etc but vote for SODELPA. Mack you think we i taukei are so cheap that we will be bought for sewing chine and brush cutter. .,

  8. Khaiyum must be brought to justice for his crimes against Fiji. The only way he has been able to commit his treasonous acts is because of the protection provided by poorly led military thugs. The once proud Fiji military desperately needs to replace its current leaders with soldiers of courage, integrity and honesty. Where are they?

  9. This is the problem with making up rules to suit you as you go along! The fact the Fiji First was registered to exist electronically first even before it was legally approved to exist as a political party speaks volume of the scheming. The desperation in the ranks of the regime is always evident with such hiccups! Sometimes we just have to laugh at how they have gone about lying and deceiving citizens in their desperate attempt to hold on to power. They just can’t seem to get over the fact that they can’t continue to run away from the law forever!!

  10. Get rid of TALIBAN and put him in prison otherwise release all the prisoners.Khayium should be charged for treason without delay as the 1997 Constitution is still legal.

  11. Hold up. Aiyaz is not the main perp here. He has been given alot of liberty to do as he wishes on Bainimarama’s watch.

    So for those who think that alleviating one problem (ie Aiyaz) will save the day, it will not.

    Bainimarama created the chaos in 2000 hoping to milk the opportunity that it created and when it did not, he bided his time waiting to create the next crisis — which he did capitalizing the flimsiest of excuses (Qoliqoli Bill) in 2006.

    Let the long arm of the law reach as far back as it needs to in order for the nation to get some closure on the illegal & treasonous acts against its people. Only then can we move forward with the conviction that it must never happen again.

  12. Speechless, he likes to play attorney general but he planned to abrogate the highest law of a land, That is just dishonest and deceptive to the core. Not at all the kind of values we need in our leaders if we are to grow up.

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