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FLP doubts reported support by Fiji Sun.

The Labour Party’s northern manager, Surendra Lal, says he would be very surprised if cane farmers in the North were to support the Bainimarama regime considering the hardship and difficulties they have faced in the past seven years.

The Labour Party, which traditionally has had strong support among cane farmers, says according to its sources in Seaqaqa there may have been about 30 people when the regime leader visited, and most were shoppers.



6 thoughts on “FLP doubts reported support by Fiji Sun.

  1. The blue bus is nothing but a form of entertainment for the people.
    Tupeni baba had orgainsed in the last election music party and he never one single seat in parliament.
    People are not fools with what is going around. They will limuri Bainimarma as i taukei hate Khayium so they will not vote Bainimarma.
    Farmers will vote FLP. they know only Chaudhry looked after their interest and for this reason Khayium ensured that Chaudhry is charged and send to prison. Chaudhry is a bottleneck for Khayium.

  2. Surendra lal and his FLP master are for a big surprise.

    I am a NFP supporter but I know people will not support FLP this time.

  3. Surendra we all know how you gave your wife to be fucked by Mr Chaudary for a seat in Parliament and I want to tell you that I am are farmer myself and one farmer who has seen what true service delivery to the people really means.The whole Fiji Labour Party just cant match Frank

  4. @ mackey mouse

    Oh my: someone has gone off his rocker spewing filth. Just because he feels insecure that the dark hole (Bai’s arse) he inhabits is being criticized.

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