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China views Fiji land “not as accommodation, but to secure residency permits”

Many Chinese investors are beginning to turn their attention to overseas real estate markets during the domestic real estate investment downturn.

According to analysis conducted by the organizing committee of the Beijing International Property Expo, 15 percent of potential buyers said they would consider buying overseas properties.
However, due to the decline of the domestic livable index, island nations including Cyprus, FIJI,  Mauritius, Thailand and other emerging market countries were becoming increasingly popular with investors, mainly for their attractive scenery and low living and property costs.
In addition, more and more Chinese people are opting for overseas properties not as accommodation, but to secure residency permits.



12 thoughts on “China views Fiji land “not as accommodation, but to secure residency permits”

  1. The Fiji department of IMMIGRATION is the most corrupt government department in Fiji.. Corruption is rife in the Fiji Immigration. I went to collect passport only last week. I was surprised how locals were made to wait whilst chinese were quickly accommodated mostly by i Taukei staff..

  2. Fiji has become a heaven for chinese. It is very easy to get a residence permit. Once these chinese acquire residence permit they straight away start business mostly small corner shops, message parlour, restaurant, small shops as most do not speak English.
    The sad thing is they exploit the resources and never pay tax as most of the business they ran is on cash basis.
    Immigration department has no check and balance on these chinese.
    . .

  3. I wonder how chinese are allowed to work in several message parlours around Suva.
    On what basis they are given permit?
    What is the specialty of these chinese to work in massage parlour?
    I thought Fijians were the best massagers!
    In all chinese hair/ beauty/ massage centres are young chinese girl who I do not know on what basis are given permit? .
    In most these places no even a singly local is working!
    The director of Immigration should explain!
    This the price we pay for having “good” relations with China.

  4. Only Indians are hassled by FIRCA to pay tax under the regime. Wake up Indians and do not vote for Bianimarma. Chinesee never paying tax but have small business and farms but driving in 4 wheel drives and stay and big houses.
    Indians farmers are made to pay for sugarcane tax but chinese all FOC.

  5. Immigration department big scam of chinese getting residence permit and most ending up in farms, massage parlour and small business etc and making money and not paying tax. Go to Suva market and see the chinese. Now 60 % shops in Suva city is owned by chinese they have just come up setting up small businesses and putting locals out of business.
    How can they be allowed to set up small business?
    How much money or investment they have brought into the country?
    How many locals do they employ?
    Has reserve bank of Fiji verified their funds and the source?
    China government does not allow chinese to take out money from china so how they are allowed into the country and how they bring the funds?


  6. My investigation reveals that in one massage parlour in Suva they are 8 chinese girls from china working in two shifts.. Chinese girls distributing business cards regarding beauty parlour in suva city near MHCC.
    Can the CEO of Immigration explain.

  7. The Reserve Bank of Fiji needs to give explanation of this trend too.
    Can the Governor of Reserve Bank of Fiji tell the people if any of these chinese funds have be verified?
    On what basis these chinese are in the country when they do not bring any funds into the country?
    If Mahen Chaudhry has been taken to court why not these chinese?
    Chaudhry never took money out of Fiji but he was gifted by the people of India.
    Now these chinese can come do “business” without bringing any funds and no benefit to the economy. However,they bring more social problems to our beautiful culture. and tradition!
    This is the worst case scenario of foreigners coming and exploiting our people and country!
    Are we so desperate for these type of investors?
    What a mess we are in!

  8. why waste time on the Chinese trying to take advantage of opportunity to make a living.

    what have we done on the big crooks in Fiji ? thieves who stole native land, thieves who stole from NBF , thieves on agri scam , coup participators , etc , etc

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