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Bainimarama and his A-G have done no wrong and cannot be accused of or blamed for anything – like for example the human rights abuses and the denial of citizen’s rights to democratic freedoms including that of free speech and free press under their watch

In his letter titled ‘Foreign Policy’ in the Fiji Times (14/4) Christopher Griffin accuses Australia and New Zealand of ” seeing only what they wanted to see” in regards to the situation prevailing in Fiji under the Bainimarama government.
He even accuses “especially The Australian” of “distorted reporting” through “pathological character assassination of Bainimarama and his A-G”. [The two men who according to the democratic opposition in Fiji have been running the country through their diktats since the unlawful military takeover of 2006).
The way Dr Griffin goes on one could easily be led to believe Bainimarama and his A-G have done no wrong and cannot be accused of or blamed for anything – like for example the human rights abuses and the denial of citizen’s rights to democratic freedoms including that of free speech and free press under their watch].
The Bainimarama military dictatorship – which is what it really is almost 8 years since the coup – has not produced any Auditor-General’s report in that period.
With his “objective” way of seeing things in Fiji I wonder if Dr Griffin has noticed that?
Perhaps he prefers to gloss over such matters for reasons best known to him.
I am sure Dr Griffin is familiar with the phenomenon called blame shifting.
That is precisely what he is doing in his letter – defending the Bainimarama dictatorship and shifting blame onto others.
It takes moral courage to put the blame where it rightly belongs.
Dr Griffin does not demonstrate that courage.
Rajend Naidu
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15 thoughts on “Bainimarama and his A-G have done no wrong and cannot be accused of or blamed for anything – like for example the human rights abuses and the denial of citizen’s rights to democratic freedoms including that of free speech and free press under their watch

  1. Rajen Naidu is an old tape recorder who is still crying over split milk.

    You need to get more matured mate, when the whole Fiji is looking forward to elections in September, where the voters will get a chance to change the government, if they so desire, you are at it again – playing your old records….

    You may even have to eat your own verbal diarrohea, if the Fijian voters to chose the current government.

  2. Timoci, you seem to think that just because people will be able to vote in Sept that all will be good again in the world, or at least Fiji. But you cant be so blind or so arrogant to believe that the electoral process is not blatantly geared in favour of the ILLEGAL PM. How can anything be defined as democratic come Sept when the process to democracy is so flawed.

  3. The election will never be free and fair under the regime. The regime’s illegal A.G. cousin is already the SUPERVISOR of election with no experience and qulaification. He cannot even speak on the T.V.
    The election will be rigged.

  4. Rajen you have merit in what you said about the illegal P.M. and A.G.
    These two have kept the people of Fiji under siege for 8 years.
    Australia and N.Z. could have just lobbied not to allow Fijian soldiers on missions.This would have lead to the chance in Fiji long ago. However, these two countries never objected for the soldiers not to allowed on any mission overseas.
    These two countries are interested in doing business with Fiji as they export a lot to Fiji.

  5. i taukei get together before it is too late. Do not vote for Bainimarma as a vote to him is a vote to Khayium. We all have to get together and stop Khayium. He is the problem.
    8 years of illegal rule and suffering for the people is enough.

  6. Please, my fellow citizens. Open your eyes. The writing is on the wall. Try and see the dots and connect them. Disconnect yourself from the deception and evil influence of the regime. Stand away from it all for just awhile and think out of the box for a moment. Here is what we can consider:
    1. The regime must have the vote of the people. It is their only way out during the short and mid term.
    2. They will only have an election that they can win. That is why they have to engineer an election that will give them the win.Look at the key features of the election, from the institutions, office bearers, processes, duration, electronic voting, etc. No consultation whatsoever with the people. The same with their constitution.
    3. They have already given us sufficient evidence of that so far. e.g. Muzzled press, harassment, trial and convictions of key people, electoral decree, a weak and powerless electoral commission, a young, inexperienced elections supervisor, MIDA, police inaction, political campaign without a party using Government resources, Fiji Sun polls, etc etc
    4. The result must declare them winners. Otherwise they will not allow it.
    5. Victory celebrations for VB’s party already planned and a sham of a constitution that they will use to exercise complete control over anyone and anything without any accountability whatsoever

    It seems that we are caught between a monster and the cliff’s edge. However, we have a way out, and a peaceful one. Lets have an election that is fair and free, other wise , we must refuse to be deceived and fooled again. Enough is enough.

    I suggest the following:

    1. That all of us, the people who stand for truth, righteousness, freedom and justice unite and demand a free and fair election.
    3. We must demand that the regime step aside and allow an interim administration to manage the transition from dictatorship to democracy.
    4. The interim administration can be composed of local, regional and international people of high repute.
    5. Financing this could be from friendly governments and neighbours.
    6. Lets have a petition, organise a march or three, hand the petition to the lame President and make him earn his retirement support
    7. All of us must unite. NGOs, political parties, churches, schools, common citizens, trade unions, rural & urban dwellers,etc
    8. Have this covered by local and international media.
    9 Let us refuse to have the election unless it is absolutely free and fair. Otherwise, we will be playing to their grand design, just like moths in a spider’s web.
    10. In the meantime, let’s try an organise reeducation campaigns so that as many people as possible will know the whole truth about this regime.

    I strongly believe that if we allow the regime to continue, then no matter how hard we try, if the election happens under their control, we can only expect one result that favours the dictator. Is that what you want? Are we prepared to face the consequences of such a result? Vinaka

  7. Oh God, now he is posting his own unpublished letters here!

    Rajend, was this letter published anywhere?

    This is the problem with this website – anybody can just upload anything they want!

    Its time Peter Firkin took control of it again!

  8. censor
    This is true democracy not like your thug regime’s controlled media FBC and Fiji Sun.
    This is true democracy. People keep writing on facts and issues.

  9. If the letter was not published by either newspapers in Fiji because they are “lamu”: why not here? The important thing is to get the message across to the public.

  10. Rajen’s son worked for FLP.

    Rajen himself was seen as a one-eyed social welfare.

    He ran off to aust but found quickly that the whites did not like his black arxx. He misses fiji badly but can’t accept the fact that he made a wrong choice.

    He thinks he knows everything and is a dole bluger.

  11. Sorry folks. The letter under Anonymous 1.30pm 18/04 was mine. Apology to Rajend for taking the flak for it.

  12. Friends and fellow citizens. Many of us are seriously concerned about our nation and the difficult situation faced by our families and communities across Fiji. Once upon a time, it was the Government we often look to for assistance, protection and support. That is no longer true today, since the current regime are no longer our representatives. They had taken the government by force, subject us to fierce cruelty and intimidation, murdered and tortured many of our citizens and engaged in many activities and actions that are dishonourable, shameful, unlawful and immoral. We are therefore worried not only about our present but also about our future.
    As Mick Beddoes, Dr Narsey, Victor Lal and others have correctly said, there is something fundamentally wrong with our society today. After more than seven years under this dictatorship, we have not found enough moral courage and determination to remove them. This is understandable because of the very real fear and threat over our lives. Such is the fear generated by the actions of this regime that the press, the police, the universities, the trade unions, the churches, the NGOs, the GCC, and the provincial councils and all other bodies have been effectively silenced. One thing is certain. Voreqe is not the mastermind behind this. Only God knows who our enemies are, Sadly, many of them are our neighbours, relatives and fellow citizens.
    It is in such a very difficult climate that we have been marched to a single day, single constituency, single vote election. A thorough analysis of all the decrees, structures, systems, strategies, and staffing on the proposed elections point to one damning conclusion. The election is a ruse. It is cunningly engineered to vote in Voreqe and his treasonous group into unfettered power and control over Fiji, its people, resources, institutions and wealth. Their illegal proposal for a constitution is supposed to give them this absolute authority and immunity.
    My questions/observations for all parties and the general public are as follows:
    1. Given the current political climate and the various aspects of the election known to us now, are we going to have a free and fair election?
    2. If the above is not the case, then how can they guarantee that citizens will vote freely and that the votes will be accurately reflected by the results?
    3. Why do we still think that the Police, Army and other institutions will attend to our complaints prior to the elections? If the police are paralysed and compromised today, imagine what it will be like after Voreqe has been declared the winner.
    4. All the complaints being voiced against Voreqe, QORVIS, Fiji Sun, Police, Aiyaz, FBCTV, etc can be instantly nullified by a single action. Have an interim regime to manage the period of transition from now to election. There are several precedents for this and it is the best arrangement for Fiji.
    5. If and only if the prevailing conditions are favourable and conducive to having a free and fair elections, then and only then can we expect a fair result.
    6. I submit that this is impossible to have under Aiyaz and Voreqe’s watch. I ask you all to let us unite and seriously reflect on what is happening to our country. I believe we have enough love and respect for one another and our different ethnic communities. Our nation needs us now. Are we going to allow a few unscrupulous people to enslave our people and destroy our country?
    7. The record of this regime is mainly characterised by force, selfishness, nepotism, murder and violence, corruption and a blatant disregard for the rights and welfare of others. Yet, are we going to trust them to conduct a free and fair election? I hope not.
    8. It is time for us to stand up, speak or shut up and see our country suffer even more.
    It’s a sad period for Fiji, but it is time such as this that leaders are born and when history can be rewritten. Prayers are good, but they are not good enough. We must decide and act now. After the election, it may be too late and the consequences may be more grave and tragic for many, including our next generation. Vinaka

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