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Our new Police Commissioner?













General John George Fivaz joined the South-African Police in 1964 and underwent his basic police training at the Pretoria Police College. His duties over the span of his career include: patrolling, charge office duties, attending to complaints, crime detection, management, work study and police administration. He also commanded various units such as the detective branch in Harrington Street, Cape Town, the South-African Narcotics Bureau (SANAB) branch in Bloemfontein and Efficiency Services at Head Office, Pretoria. At the end of 1976 General Fivaz settled in Pretoria and became a member of the National Inspectorate of the South African Police. He was responsible for restructuring, decentralisation of authority and strategic planning.

In 1995, he was appointed National Commissioner of the South African Police Service by President Nelson Mandela. During this time, he faced the challenge of amalgamating the eleven police agencies of the past into one South African Police Service. He also had to manage the adoption of a new community policing initiative. He was also responsible for transforming the police service into an effective and democratic policing agency for South Africa. Furthermore, he also played a constructive role in the formation of the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Coordinating Organisation (SARPCCO) in order to enhance co-operation between policing agencies in the Southern African region.

His academic qualifications include a BAdmin degree, which he obtained from the University of the Orange Free State in 1976. Apart from that he is also fully qualified as a work-study officer and police administrator.

Key Current and Former Positions
  • National Commissioner of the South African Police Service
  • George Fivaz retired in January 2000.
Areas of Expertise
  • Policing
  • Transformation
  • Administration
  • Command

12 thoughts on “Our new Police Commissioner?

  1. Bainimarma and Khayium. have built not only their but the entire families empire.

    Check on the assets before 2006 and after. Khayium bought house in Vuncakeca, Namadi Heights. His Brother – Riaz also bought a house in the same place. They did not have anything before 2006.

    Khayium owes several properties now. Aunty nur bano ali is the medium through money is given to Khayium. All casino, mahogany, rewa diary, etc etc projects channeled through nur bano ali to Khayium.

    Wake up people and do not vote for thief’s and who has taken our constitution and replaced with an illegal one without the people’s mandate.

    Everything has been pushed on the people for 8 years. Typical TALIBAN RULE.

  2. Perhaps the illegal regime should also bring a South African in to lead the Fiji military and help it return to integrity and professionalism?

  3. Fiji first is a truely multiracial party. One just have to see the way people have put pen to paper to suppport its registration.

    Fiji first will win 40 seats while the other parties will share the remaining 10 seats.

  4. Go frank go. If people think that sodelpa or FLP will win the election, why the fear.

    Not fit for parliament NFP will not be there so biman can join his wife and family in NZ.

  5. Rajesh singh should first tell the people of fiji why he liumuried Ro kepa.

    He pretends to be a christain but bad mouths muslims because his niece ran away with one. Also he rents one muslims property but can pay the rent.

    This same rajesh lied on TV about giving his salary and back tracked the next moment.

    And this same rajesh was sleeping with his mistress while wife and kids were in NZ.

    His bro, yogesh is another conman making a kill of the poor fijians.

  6. I agree rajend that Fiji First will win a landslide victory in the elections.

    Sodelpa is running scared with the grassroot taukei support for FF. This just reflects what Frank has done for them as compared to SDL where the elite just helped fill their own pocket.

  7. I must say that I have never seen a more desperate support for a party like sodelpa which will be lucky to win 5 seats.

    Why would a lay fijian vote for Sodelpa if the lease money will be taken back and used by the chiefs for themselves.

    Frank may be an illegal PM now but he will be legal soon. The rest of the world will be shaking hands with him come post september 17.

  8. RATU

    It is the same person singing the song of illegal Bai using different name.
    Bai is desperate like. Khayium. They know that if they loose their way is to Naboro for treason.Khayium is planning to rig the election with Saneem.
    i taukei will vote for SODELPA and not to Bai and Khayium.
    Lease money is a small thing compared to i Taukei being rubbished by Bainimarma by insulting the chiefs to go and tree homebrew under the tree.Now Bai is going back to them. Khayium for destroying the GCC and all i Taukei institutions.
    Not forgetting taking control of LAND.


  9. The new commissioner will be used by Bainimarma and Khayium and will be send if he does not obey them. For this reason a foreign. Ravi Narayan you are not fit as you have passed your retirement age.

  10. Funny, that pro IG has taken this anti regime site.

    They should not bother as they definately will win as sodelpa sapota’s will know soon what happened to svt.

    First first and iam a proud non taukei. All my hindu relatives, friends will support frank. ASK is just a servant to Frank. He is a good worker. Works 7 days and sacrifices wife, kids, family.

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