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Frank in breach of the Electoral Decree..

Lets keep it simple


It is a breach of the Electoral Decree to ask people to vote for you if you are not registered as a Party or an Independant.



9 thoughts on “Frank in breach of the Electoral Decree..

  1. How can the breaching of an illegal decree be illegal? There is no law in Fiji and there is no judiciary. There is Khaiyum, Aunty Nur, the RFMF brass and a few hangers on who have become very, very rich in the last six years. The rest of the population has decided to bed over to facilitate being rooted. This is what Fiji is, a very unsavoury banana republic governed by the whim of Khaiyum. And no whinging about the thugs breaking their own rules will change that.

  2. Realism vs Idealism
    It is futile and unrealistic to expect a free and fair election under the current circumstances. The only way we can have that is to have a caretaker administration which will be responsible with managing our transition from this illegal dictatorship into a democracy.

    Here are the reasons:
    1. The regime does not want to relinguish power. They will only do so if they are forced or persuaded to.
    2. VB and his crew are very aware that if they lose the election and a new Government assumes control, they will be held accountable for all their actions, regardless of the immunity decree and the worthless constitution they have designed.
    3. Should they engage the military to intervene if they lose the election,then they will take this country to an even worse situation. But they will do so if they have no other means.
    4. VB and his crew know they are under siege, and the pressure will increase as more people become aware of the whole truth.
    5. Their power all along has been based on force, intimidation, terror, fear and vengeance. One of their major weapons is ignorance and total control. Public dissemination of information (truth) is what they fear most because when people know the truth, they are empowered to make the right decisions.
    6. A caretaker government to manage this transition phase will put an end to the disinformation and misinformation. The brainwashing will slowly cease and people will be finally free because the truth will set them free.
    7. It is very idealistic and unreasonable to expect the regime to suddenly allow people to finally hear the whole truth. This is why they will continue to pretend and go through the motions and create that illusion of a free and fair elections.

    May I suggest that all the parties get together and organise a public referendum or petition. We must demand that the regime step aside and let a transition administration takeover and take us to the elections. Unless we have that, it is very unrealistic to expect the murderers, liars and robbers to suddenly change into decent law abiding citizens for the sake of an election they would rather not have.

    As for the transition government, perhaps we could have some locals and and overseas people from our friends from UK, Aust and NZ, etc. Perhaps the funding for this exercise could also come from our kind neighbours and others who really care about our nation. This would be much better use of foreign aid. Instead of pouring money into an election that is heavily stacked against the people of Fiji.

  3. Why Ravi Narayan is taking so long to investigate!
    In Fiji we have two laws – one for Bainimarma and Khayium and another for normal people.

  4. A thug who to save himself from corruption charges made the 2006 coup.

    Yes, for a clean up but this clean up is for his pocketing of corrupt monies in large millions.

    The waila city one billion dollar project is one scam the casino scam is another.

    The thug is raping the nation and receiving corrupt monies from abuse of power.

    no public tender is called for anything just a little ad called expression of interest. this no tender but crooking.

    this thug must be arrested and put on public trial for corruption.

    Bai& kaiyum has already won the election before September & if they loose then it will be like Mugabe in Zimbabwe..they will make another bullshit decree & to have votes recounted so they manipulate the votes or steal other partys votes & declare themselves winning by a close margin..we really need a caretaker govt now to oversea that all is fair before september..One day Bai & Kaiyum,your days will come & are numbered!! keep on stealing guys.

  5. Complete thuggery are all in this people mind,if you read through all their comments ,its just so much hate and very big loosers

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