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Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama tries to backtrack to avoid prosecution for campaigning without first registering his party.

PM: I Am The Only One

SOCIAL WELFARE MINISTER clarifies she has not applied, nor been nominated

Market vendors with the Prime Minister in Savusavu. Photo: Siteri Taleitaki

I am the only confirmed candidate in my proposed FijiFirst party at the moment, Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama,” told villagers of Nasinu, Vanua Levu, yesterday.
The villagers had asked Mr Bainimarama about the other members of his proposed party, after village headman, Ponipate Savunacagi, had also asked him if the Minister of Social of Welfare, Dr Jiko Luveni, was a confirmed candidate.
The Prime Minister also said Dr Jiko Luveni was used as an example after villagers from Ono-i-Lau had questioned him if members of his Government would be likely candidates for his proposed party.
Also confirming these clarifications was the Minister of Social Welfare herself. Dr Luveni said: “I have not submitted any application nor was nominated. We’ll just have to wait when nominations are done.”
Dr Luveni said she was willing to be a candidate for the proposed party and hopes to carry on the work.
“But I will definitely apply once the party comes into place,” the minister said.
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said members of his proposed party would be people who were willing to serve the people.
Mr Bainimarama is in Vanua Levu to collect 1000 signatures to help register his proposed FijiFirst Party. As per the Elections Decree, he needs to collect 5000 signatures – 2500 from the Central, 1500 from the West and 1000 from the Northern divisions – to register his proposed party.
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37 thoughts on “Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama tries to backtrack to avoid prosecution for campaigning without first registering his party.

  1. Opps. Mistake there illegal PM dude. You’re a nominee of your proposed party you only a candidate once confirmed by the Supervisor of Elections and his office. He stated this only this week. Quick, someone file another complaint with the police.

  2. Filing these complaints against our great leader is not without a downside. Mick is already feeling the heat and this heat will be turned up very soon. The best way forward is that we all support Khaiyum and his RFMF and hope to snap up a morsel from their banquet.

  3. Voreqe has appointed himself as PM for the last 7 plus years. He has pretended to be the Minister of several key ministries, including Finance, Strategic Planning, Lands and Fijian Affairs. He has been paid huge sums of money through devious means and ways from various sources. He has read out statements at the UN and other regional and international fora. He has been projected as a very capable,sincere, hardworking and honest person by his image makers.But what is the real truth about this person?

    As a Minister, many of us have wondered how he has been able to keep up the charade all these years. He is the greatest fraud ever to appear in the Fijian landscape. But the fraud has turned into a monster. Now, because he desperately wants your vote to legitimise his hold on power and obtain some degree of acceptability, he has morphed into a kind and caring leader. Beware the Biblical warning: “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

    Many who know him well saw a person who is very proud, arrogant, foolish, uncouth. uneducated, selfish, unscrupulous, evil and lacking in basic courtesy and good manners. This is no surprise because his family, educational, social and religious background have formed the person that he is today. While various factors have contributed to making him the monster he is today, one of the greatest factor was his military commander’s position and the resulting events of 2000 and 2006.

    As a student, Voreqe was below mediocre. His mind is worse than simple because ignorance has been substituted my pride and arrogance. He had a what we know as an unteachable spirit. At RKS, he reads comics rather than the standard language and literature texts. He speaks more than he listens. He is arrogant, unwilling to learn and never admits his weaknesses. This explains his limited range of vocabulary, and his tendency to swear more when he is pressured because he lacks the discipline and the proper words to express himself.

    At Marist, things were a lot worse because unlike at RKS, he was no longer confined to a boarding school with a very strong emphasis in discipline and good citizenship. In a boarding school, discipline is enforced at various levels. But at Marist, VB must have enjoyed his freedom to “just do it”.

    In a way, many of us feel very sorry for him, because all these weaknesses are now being paraded in the public arenas, here and around the world. But I feel more sorry for Fiji, for we have have such a pitiful character as our so called leader. I have read what the leaders have been reported to have said about him and Fiji. But imagine what they must have been saying outside the halls and conference rooms. He was traumatised because of his narrow escape from the CRW bullets. He knew Andrew Hughes was on him because of the murder and torture he ordered. He did not want to admit he was wrong. He took power by force. He has done whatever is necessary to hold onto power. But he knows, he cannot run from his guilty conscience. There is no peace for the wicked.

    The military uniform, the promotion and the power that comes from these, combine with his pride, arrogance and ignorance, combine to give him the VB complex that has characterised his life. But things became rapidly worse because of his actions in 2000 and 2006. He is travelling a road that leads to great shame and trouble, for himself and also for us. If we allow him to be a part of a new government, then we can expect even worse things to come. If a restrained animal can wreak havoc in our lives, imagine what a monster will do when it is free and given unlimited power to do whatever it likes?

    Let us be warned. Take time to seriously consider what is happening in our land. It is not about elections. It is not even about electing a new government. Our greatest and most important task is to decide what kind of nation we want to be. Much of that depends on the quality of people we choose to lead us. It also depends on what we do with people who resort to force and other devious means to take away our right to decide for ourselves, and our right to speak on matters that affect us deeply.

    For the last 7 plus years, we have allowed a group of selfish and unscrupulous people to make decisions for us and run our nation. Most of their decisions and actions have caused us misery and problems of various kinds. If the election takes place, we must make a bold and unequivocal statement. But if the promised elections do not take place, then we must also decide to do whatever is necessary and within the moral and legal bounds, to free ourselves from this evil regime.

    Enough is enough. We shall not allow ourselves to be victims of evil and forcibly ruled by men and women who believe that might is right, and the end justifies the means. Never again must we allow our children and succeeding generations to suffer the consequences of decisions and actions by a few people against the interest of so many. We must be bold enough to take the stand for what is right, and good and honourable. Our children will have the opportunity to learn from history. We can change Fiji’s history by taking that bold stand. We owe it to ourselves and to our next generation. God expects us to stand up for what is right, true and honourable.

    Have faith Fiji. After the night nigt comes a new dawn. May God help us make the right decision and take the appropriate actions wherever we are. I appeal to all our soldiers, all members of our security forces, our public servants, the private sector, the judiciary, communities, settlements and villages. It is time to speak up. It is time to stand up. Let us stand up and save our nation.

  4. Tomasi

    That’s your view.

    Ask the thousands of the poor who think its the best thing that has happened.

    The outcome of the elections will prove one of right. I will be the first to say I was wrong if the results are otherwise.

  5. Tomasi , you ask the poor , the disadvantage , the low income earners , those who cannot or find it hard to pay school fees , parents who are now saving enough from paying school fees to improve their lively hood , pregnant women from the Lau group , the interior of Vitilevu who now can travel freely to give birth in major hospitals , the new pension scheme for those over 70 yrs , the hard working cane farmers whom are now over the moon with the new cane payment ( dream to them ) , the opening of new infrastructures like rods , bridges , health centers new and refurbished schools to cater for a more educated Fiji , the scholarship programmes for the disadvantage , and the list goes on . These are facts . Sega ni tadra se ka ni vosa walega . You may say more on his character but the reality on on the ground seems to be over riding your hatred . You know the truth . You know the reality on the ground . Seems Beddoes syndrome has also inflicted you because nothing constructive to move Fiji forward has ever come out from you . Walega ga Qo report na police station . Kua so mada na yalo ca . Let’s join hands to move Fiji forward . Why don’t you join mick or form a party to go against you old boy .

  6. Tomasi doesn’t need to ask the poor. Just the sheer horror of seeing the poor being marginalised in health-care services during the height of the dengue pandemic said more than those riding that gauche vote-buying blue bus can ever promise.

    It’s OK for them when they’re not slumming it and can enjoy superior health services on tax-paid dollars at Suva Private hospital or have the instant option of evacuation at medical institutions abroad.

  7. Taukei, I agree that Voreqe’s regime has done some good. Surely, infrastructure development has happened in various places. But may I ask you, how do you you measure the performance of a government? How do we judge whether a government is good or poor? Government is more than just giving goodies to certain people or communities for short term gains. It is more than just the development priorities and how these are translated into practical projects on the ground? We must be balanced and be very careful when judging whether a government is good for us.

    In case you have forgotten Taukei, here are just a few tips that would help us make a balanced and accurate judgement on Voreqe’s dictatorship:

    1. The regime is illegal, immoral and an absolute blight in Fiji’s history. Voreqe took power by force, not to help Fiji but to save himself. That was the main and compelling reason for the 2006 coup.
    2. In the process of assuming illegal power by force, many people were tortured, a few have been killed, the Police and the security forces have been severely compromised, poverty has multiplied, unemployment has increased, national debt has doubled, our FNPF funds have been stolen, Fijian Holdings Ltd has been taken over, people’ s basic human rights have been robbed, medical and other social services have deteriorated, two bridges in Suva have been closed, Christian church activities have been restricted, new laws have been imposed unilaterally without any consultation, the Fijian institutions have been demolished, the control over some native land has been moved to Voreqe’s office, etc etc, etc I can give you a very long list Taukei.
    3. Nobody knows how much and where our Government funds are being spent. That has never happened in our national history. Now that the election is supposed to happen in September, Aiyaz has closed the Public Accounts Committee.
    4. Voreqe and his crew are being paid by Aiyaz’s aunt, Nur Bano Ali. Where else in the world do you see that? Why do we even have that?
    5. Murders, torture and other serious crimes are actually being committed by members of the security forces with the explicit orders and approval of Voreqe
    6. Our judiciary has been severely compromised. Former judges and officials have confirmed that the judiciary is controlled by Aiyaz
    7. No more public prayers to God. Fiji is no longer a Christian nation, so it is now by Government decree, you can worship the demons and the devil and whatever else you want. Jesus will no longer have the monopoly over our land, our Government, our nation and our destiny.
    8. Voreqe, his associates and their families have been the major beneficiaries of this regime. His family has been abundantly rewarded at the expense of hundreds of thousands of people.
    9. The people’s constitution has been “abrograted” and a new one has been written by a few unknown people and imposed on the people. The major thrust of the regime’s constitution is to pardon them for all the past and future wrongs, no matter how evil and destructive their actions are. This will be the new constitution of the new Fiji according to Voreqe, Khaiyum, Gates, Shammeem, Nur Bano and company.
    10. The so called national elections is under their control. All the decrees, processes, appointments, computer software and hardware, including the counting of votes, etc give Voreqe the overwhelming advantage. In fact, you can ask Voreqe this: The victory celebration has already been planned. Why do we think he agreed to have an election if he will not win?

    So overall Taukei, if we open our eyes and think about the above, we can see that this regime has failed the moral, spiritual, economic, political, legal, international and Christian principles, standards and codes of conduct. Inshort, Fiji is worse off today than we were in 2006 and it will take us a long time to pay for the consequences of Voreqe’s illegal actions and decisions since 2006.
    Yes Taukei, if you see the whole picture and honestly appraise the performance of this regime, you will conclude that in spite of the various positives, Voreqe’s regime has been a very ruthless, selfish, murderous, thieving, arrogant, lying, treacherous and dangerous experiment that Fiji cannot afford. The costs to our nation, both in the short, medium and long term far exceeds the little benefits we have gained as a nation. But you see Taukei, persepectives depend on where we stand and the lens we use. For Voreqe and his close family of conspirators, they have benefitted beyond measure. This, at the expense of the great misery and long term scars and wounds to our nation. Please take the time to reconsider your stand in the light of what I have outlined above and what many other citizens have raised.
    Its not about our feelings and emotions Taukei. Objective assessments must be made on such a vital force in our lives. Finally, it is my personal conviction that the best government for us is one where God’s purpose is supreme and where love for one another, right, fairness, justice, freedom are protected and where all of us are free to be what God wants us to be. In short, as a colleague reminded me, I want a Government and a nation that is Christ centred, people-oriented and Bible-based. That is a formula that engenders unity, peace and progress and invites God’s blessings and favour for our families, our communities, and our nation. Vinaka

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